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Gently Entangled

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 |Inuyasha| Sachiko

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PostSubject: |Inuyasha| Sachiko   Fri Oct 24, 2014 8:44 pm

||Basic Information||





Hair Color and Style
A mousy brown in color, Sachiko’s hair is wavy and reaches down past her color bone. She seems to prefer that it stays layered to make it appear thicker in appearance though it tends to get rather bushy if not tended to well. Her bangs fall into her face and frame it, leaving Sachiko to often push her bangs out of her face though it’s a failed endeavor as they merely fall back into place seconds after anyways.

Gray eyes which are a little wide for her face. They’re usually narrowed in thought or irritation or gazing at nothing as she daydreams.

Skin Tone and Complexion
She’s a pale girl who has to keep her face washed to avoid getting a bad case of black heads along her nose. If out in the sun for long enough she tans quickly.

Standing somewhere between 5’3” and 5’5” Sachiko is a petite girl with bony hips and elbows. She has a hard time keeping weight on and so is a scrawny one, giving her a rather fragile appearance, a thought that she hates. She has a moderate bust size for her height and weight. Sachiko feels that her scrawniness detracts from what appeal she might have appearance-wise however.

Clothing Style
While she has a fondness for frilly, showy clothes she feels that no one expects her to wear such clothes and typically wears simpler clothing. Baggy pants and form-fitting tops are usually her MO though she has a fondness for jackets and boots as well. She does sometimes indulge in her like for girlier clothes, feeling a little on the self-conscious when she does however.

Sachiko seems to like wearing necklaces and rings as well.

Her ears are pierced, two on each ear lobe.

A stubborn woman, Sachiko has a tendency to remain steadfast with what she’s set her mind to. With people she’s comfortable with she’s a rather playful and happy person unless she feels she’s being mocked. Usually she results to verbal retaliation though she can be quick to upset and will often storm off in a huff to be on her own. Sachiko is hardheaded to boot and will often refuse help unless she has no other options left to her. Because Sachiko tries hard she can often overwork herself or lose sight of others around her.

Sachiko can be immature at times, being picky about things she wants or likes and generally feeling hurt if she feels she is being ignored. All the same she can be rather rude and sarcastic and can be rather aggressive to those she doesn’t like or is angry at.

Affection can be difficult for her to show, feeling that she must live up to a tough image that others expect of her. Because of this Sachiko will quickly grow embarrassed if she feels others are seeing a more tender side of her and fears mocking because of it. Sachiko hates the idea of appearing weak and puny though many seem to pick up on teasing her about such things due to her petite appearance. Sachiko has a penchant for getting lost in thought or daydreaming as well.

She often plays with her own hair, especially so when thinking or bored.

She has a soft spot for people playing with or stroking her hair though rarely does anyone try to, perhaps put off by the tough front she shows off. Cute things have a soft spot with her as well as the idea of romance though she tries not to let it show often. She enjoys music of all sorts, whatever sounds pleasing to her she’ll listen to regardless of genre, as well as fantasy or horror stories.

Though rather personable Sachiko has times when she wishes to be alone, to ‘recharge’, and she greatly dislikes when people intrude on these times without warning. Loud noises are often off-putting to her as well.

Because she is stubborn Sachiko will often keep her troubles to herself even if they become detrimental to her health. She can also prove to be quite moody and perhaps quite fickle, oftentimes leaving people wondering what she has in mind for herself in the future or just walking on eggshells when she’s in a sour mood. This can leave communicating with her during these times difficult, especially so if she’s upset.

Sachiko has a tendency to grow sensitive and upset when she feels others are ignoring her, which can lead to her growing a little childish and trying to gather their attentions again. Due to this she can get a little competitive with others, sometimes getting in over her head.

Many times Sachiko might say one thing but mean another or her actions will contradict her words. This is her way of trying to defend herself, to hide away her shyer side though it only ends up confusing others. Naivety is also something she can be accused of as much as she hates to admit it.


Ginta, Hakkaku

n/a at this time

Love Interest

||Background Information||

As the youngest daughter out of four siblings Sachiko is a little spoiled, at least as spoiled as a poor family can provide. Because of this she is used to getting her way when she summons up the courage to ask for something and can appear a little snobbish because of it. While she cares for her family she’s not particularly close to her siblings though she does look up to her older brother and wishes to be successful in life and do the things he could not to make him proud.

While she hadn’t gotten along with her parents at a young age she’s grown to care for them more as she grew up and matured. Because of this she has no long-term plans to really move out, finding herself content with how things are in life, living with her parents and working on her life bit by bit and just doing the things she enjoys now. Because of this she doesn’t seem to worry much about the future, at least not to others.

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|Inuyasha| Sachiko
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