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This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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 |AC Sheet| Elda |Revamp|

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PostSubject: |AC Sheet| Elda |Revamp|   Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:54 pm

----------- • Basic Information • -----------






24 years old




Poison (later on)

----------- • Appearance Information • -----------

Hair Color and Style

Her hair is cut to her shoulders. She is a fair blonde, her hair normally maintained and brushed well. 

She has a slight wave to her hair which has been a constant annoyance throughout her life. More or less, Elda had learned to accept it's there even if she fusses with it from time to time.


Her eyes are round and full of emotion. Her eyes are dark brown in color.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Elda is a pale girl compared to most. Due to this, she has been described as sickly despite being nothing of the sort. Elda has more or less accepted this over time.

Her complexion is normally rather fair as long as she takes care to wash her face during the day and evening.

Height, Weight, and Figure

Elda stands at about five foot five inches. She's about normal weight for her height, if not a little underweight. Due to this, she takes care to eat a little more if she is able to.

She has slender figure though, it's often missed by the larger dress she wears. 

Clothing Style

Elda wears a large, bright blue dress. The dress is decorated with bows and frills. Typically seen as a bit of a girly, girl, Elda grew quite fond of the dress.

Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings

No notable scars or tattoos. No piercings

----------- • Personality Information • -----------


Elda is quiet and often likes to be left to her own devices. She doesn't care to be interrupted in her work. When her train of thought is broken, it often displeases her. She shows outward annoyance and sometimes snaps at those who would brave breaking her train of thought.

She isn't what one would call brave. Elda breaks under pressure very easily. Due to this, it is very easy to sway her decisions. 

If she feels as if she's been cornered, Elda will fight back, mostly with sharp words. This is the most she can find herself doing in terms of 'putting up a fight'. She can only manage so much being as small as she is.


She is quick to deny anyone who really likes her, believing that they are merely saying such things to find their way into her bed.

When she's nervous or frightened she paces in attempts to calm herself down. If she finds she can not move otherwise, she fidgets constantly. 

She's always fussing with her hair.


Her flowers and her arrangement. 


Pushy people, those who can't take a hint, overly loud noises, the city guards.


She has it in her head that no man can really like her. Given the circumstances of the area, she is very well aware that men favor sleeping with women than having a stable relationship with one. This has made her doubtful and untrusting of most men.

Elda is weak both mentally and physically. She can not defend herself physically so she tries to find easier ways out simply by accepting whatever might come her way. This short coming has placed her in many unfavorable situations in the past. 

----------- • Relationship Information • -----------





Love Interest


----------- • Biographical Information • -----------


Born in a family with wealth, Elda had learned at a young age how to be a proper lady. This has effected her personality in many ways, often times to the point of causing her great trouble. 

She was to marry but not wanting anything to do with an arranged marriage, Elda ran off from home. She refuses to come back. Having hid away for several months, she now owns a flower stand, selling arrangements for those who wish to impress their loved ones.

Her business gathers some but not many. Due to this, she lives a rather poor lifestyle. Her home isn't much, merely off to the side of her shop. She is doing her best to make due.

Regardless of these faults, she tries to remain optimistic and happy. She genuinely enjoys the work she manages, despite no real wealth being placed into it.

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|AC Sheet| Elda |Revamp|
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