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This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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 || One Piece OC | Kyrin Asari ||

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PostSubject: || One Piece OC | Kyrin Asari ||   Fri Nov 14, 2014 10:14 pm


Full Name: Kyrin Asari [kuh-I-rin a-shur-E]

Nickname(s): Rin

Epithet: Nurse Lady

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Blood Type: AB

Place of Birth: The East Blue

Occupation: Medic

Dominant Hand: Right

Pirate Information:

Crew: Straw Hat Pirates

Job: Nurse, Tailor

Devil Fruit: N/A

Weapon of Choice: A weapon made by Usopp, consisting of four knives connected by metal plated ropes. Held in the center where the ropes meet.


Favourite Colour: Magenta

Loves: Butterflies, the moon, happy endings

Likes: Sailing, the ocean, dancing, salads, parties, reading, sushi, sashimi

Dislikes: Being teased, most vegetables, when people refuse medical attention, being disregarded because she’s young

Hates: Being useless, people who use others, cruelty

Fears: Losing people close to her, not being able to save someone,

Hobbies: Reading, practicing and studying medicine, practicing with her knives

Habits: Playing with her braid when nervous or shy, biting her cheeks when working, moving her ankles or toes when she’s bored

Talents: Guessing, doctoring, making friend’s, sewing (she can make clothes if she wants to).

Bad At: Judging a person’s character, physical combat, anything that requires a lot of physical strength,

Allergies: Pollen

Allergy Symptoms: Sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes

Fun Facts: She can’t hold her liquor… at all.

Personality and Past:

Personality: Kyrin is considered a sweet young woman, even if she is quite quirky, and sort of on the quiet side. She can be a bit shy, but even once she’s warmed up to someone, she doesn’t often speak unless spoken to. Kyrin has a cheerful demeanor and almost always has a smile on her face. However, when she’s not happy, you’ll know it; she wears her heart on her sleeve. Though she does try to be a realist, she’s prone to be optimistic in some situations. She’s very easy-going, and good at just rolling with the punches and taking things as they come. Well… most of the time. The only time when she is in any way demanding or over insistent is when she’s completely terrified, or sometimes when she’s angry. There is one big exception to this rule; Kyrin very is easily flustered. She’s often seen snapping at people when they say something that flusters her, though it’s just about always comical. It’s not uncommon for her friend’s get her flustered on purpose to watch her reactions.  She’s also usually very level-headed and calm, even when staring a dangerous situation in the face, or seeing something that could easily be considered frightening or shocking. Kyrin especially feels relaxed on the Straw Hat crew because she truly trusts her crewmates, and knows she can depend on them. Kyrin tends to trust easily, though, something that can easily get her into trouble as she’s not the best judge of character. She’s easy to manipulate. This quickness to trust people stems from a deep love and care for people. She is very empathetic, and absolutely cannot not help someone if they need her, even if she hates them, or doesn’t want to help them for whatever reason. Though easily used by people with less than pure motives, Kyrin is considered rather loveable amongst openly kind-hearted people, and befriends them easily. Because she comes across as sweet an innocent, it comes as a surprise to some that she isn’t at all squeamish about much of anything. She claims that she wouldn’t be much of a doctor if she was. Another thing that comes as a bit of a surprise to most is that she is not bashful. If flirted with, Kyrin will either not notice it, or flirt back, though she always does so innocently, and usually subtly. Kyrin forms infatuations very easily, and very quickly in respect to people, however she doesn’t usually allow her feelings to go any further than that. Though she doesn’t always seem like it, Kyrin is very intelligent, but more so book-wise than street-wise. She learns quickly, and is naturally pretty intuitive, especially when it comes to health and medicine, which she seems to have a knack for. She does tend to be perceptive as well when it comes to her friends. Despite that, she can be painfully oblivious sometimes as well. Unless a situation calls for her being a little rougher, Kyrin is also usually pretty gentle. Kyrin seems to be rather passive, but she’s actually a very passionate person, especially when it comes to things she’s decided to do. For example, she’s very passionate about the medical field, and helping people who are sick or injured. She doesn’t often give up, and she’s got a fighting spirit. Sometimes this can be a bit of a problem though, as she sometimes doesn’t know when to quit, and can end up doing more harm than good because she’s not willing to stop when she should.

Past: Kyrin was born at sea, in her father’s ship The Lucky Leopard, on the waters of the East Blue. Her father was a poor, small-time bounty hunter. Without enough money to keep a home anywhere, and no family to leave her with, he hadn’t any choice but to take his wife along with him, even if it was dangerous; he was too stubborn, and refused to give up his boat, or the life at sea he’d wanted all his life. The two didn’t have much, and that did cause arguments, but the two were not overly unhappy. Things did become more difficult after Kyrin was born, but they loved her none the less, and took care of her to the best of their ability. They lived this way for ten years. Things were beginning to look up, and Kyrin’s father got a burst of overconfidence. He went after a higher bounty pirate, one that was quite out of his league. He was killed in the process. The frightened Kyrin and her completely devastated mother sailed off, hidden, hoping to avoid the pirates did they spot his boat and try to loot it. They managed to sneak away unnoticed, and ended up washing up on the shores of SyrupVillage. Though they didn’t have much money, the tattered girls were welcomed with open arms, especially after the villagers learned that Kyrin’s mother was a doctor. They gave her a place to practice medicine, so long as she promised to pay rent on it. Kyrin and her mother worked there for quite some time, though they weren’t overly busy; no one on Syrup Village was really too sick, aside from getting colds, flus, and cuts or minor infection. After about a year, Kyrin began to settle into life not only on Syrup Island, but on land in general. It was about then that she really met Usopp, and got to know him. The two became close friends, though she never did join the Usopp pirates. She spent most of her time at the office with her mom, trying to learn more about medicine and healthcare. About a year later, when Kyrin was twelve, her mother got a nasty cut. She got an infection from it, and they didn’t have the proper medicine or equipment to deal with it at that moment; they’d run out, and the shipment hadn’t come in yet. Before their order had come in, Kyrin’s mother died. This was devastating for her daughter, but she had the support of her friends, and all of the villagers. One of her mother’s close friends, a kind old widowed woman, took Kyrin in. After about two years Kyrin took over her mother’s old shop. The death of both her parents, especially her mother’s, had cemented her lifelong desire to become a doctor even more. She was determined to help people, and do her best so that no one would have to suffer through that pain if she could help it. Up until Luffy and his friend’s arrived on their island, that was how things were; Kyrin running the doctor’s office, selling medicines, and whenever she was busy she’d spend time with Usopp and his little band of ‘pirates’ either listening to tales of Usopp’s adventures, or telling true ones of her own time on the seas. She helped the group out with fighting off the Black Cat Pirates, even if she was admittedly a little hesitant to believe Usopp at first, and really wasn’t a lot of help during the fight. Luffy decided to take Kyrin with them partially because he’d come to the conclusion that a doctor might be a good idea, partially because she’d expressed distain at the idea of Usopp leaving without her a possibly getting sick or hurt, but mostly allowed her to come along because he liked her spirit, and came to consider her as his friend.



Father: Ouju Asari [ooh-jew] – Ouju was Kyrin’s boisterous, optimistic, danger-loving father, a bounty hunter who always instilled hope in his family. He was kind and generous, but he did tend to be a bit secretive, and didn’t talk much about anything serious, especially not with his daughter. Still, the two often spent much time together, running about and playing aboard the ship they called home. Ouju was a tall man, and he was very thin. He had tan, olive skin, bright auburn eyes, and shaggy, but fairly short turquoise hair. He was killed at age 33.

Mother: Amoranni Asari [amor-anny] – Amoranni, often shortened to Ammora, was Kyrin’s mother. She came from a well-off family of doctors, and other similar professionals. She rebelled against her parents to marry Ouju. She was a quiet woman, especially after he died. She grew bitter easily, but she was still kind. She was very nurturing, and honest. Though she often acted irritable, she was happy to be able to help people. Interestingly enough though, she hated being a doctor. She was a very petite woman, with wavy, shoulder-length black hair, and brown eyes.

Adoptive Mother: Titania – An elderly woman of about 73 years or age or so, she took Kyrin in after the passing of her mother. Titania was a close friend of Amoranni, and had been a confidant of sorts to the younger woman. Kyrin already knew Titania very well by the time she adopted her, and already saw her a sort of grandmotherly-figure. Titania supports Kyrin heavily, and Kyrin takes care of Titania as best she can, helping whenever she can or is needed.


Best Friend Overall:

Usopp: The two have known each other for years, since they were both eleven. Usopp always loved to hear stories about Kyrin’s time at sea, and Kyrin did enjoy many of Usopp’s stories. They have an almost sibling-like relationship. Usopp is kind of like an elder brother to Kyrin, in a way, and he is a little bit protective of her. In turn, she cares about him a lot, but she also loves to tease him when she sees an opportunity.

Other Closest/Best Friends:

Luffy: Luffy was someone who Kyrin instantly liked. It took only about a day for her to grow infatuated with him. Of course he didn’t really notice this at all, but he did think she was nice. He especially came to like her, and think ofher as a friend when she finally decided to believe Usopp and come to their aid during their battle against the black cat pirates. Kyrin continues to be rather fond of him, though he’s completely oblivious, and honestly kind of indifferent to that fact. Kyrin has complete faith in Luffy, and he sometimes has more faith in her than she has in herself. She thinks his quirks and oddities are just plain fun, generally, and the two get along well. They often talk; though when they do Luffy often the one doing most of the talking.  

Chopper: Kyrin has a great respect for Chopper. She also admires his knowledge in the medical field, and enjoys learning from him. The two work together, and are thus together pretty often. The two get along very well overall.

Zoro: The two aren’t seen together all that often on the ship, but they do get along well. They’ve developed a mutual trust of each other, and each other’s skills. Zoro often likes to tease Kyrin if the opportunity presents its self – and it often does. The two do make a fairly good team, though. Kyrin does often find herself lecturing Zoro about taking better care of himself.

Close/Good Friends:

Nami: Kyrin quite likes having another female around on the ship, and is often seen around Nami. Though the two are very different they still get along well, and when Kyrin does share her view or opinion with Nami it’s often because she has a valid point and she knows that Nami will see it. The two get along very well, and have a mutual respect for eachother.

Sanji: The two get along fairly well. It isn’t uncommon for him to flirt with Kyrin, which she admittedly kind of enjoys, however usually he focuses on Nami whenever she’s around, which Kyrin doesn’t really mind either. The two have had rational and normal conversations now and again though, and actually get along quite well. The only times they don’t get along so well is when Kyrin makes a brief comment about Sanji’s smoking, though she doesn’t do that too often.

Robin: Kyrin decided to trust Robin right away, figuring that she could if Luff could; or at least that she might as well. They don’t spend a lot of time together, and when they do it’s often spent quietly, reading or other relaxing pursuits. However, the two seem to get along quite well.

Franky: Though Kyrin had mixed feelings about Franky at first, thinking of him as rather weird and holding a bit of resentment for what he and his friends did to Usopp. Still, it didn't take long for Kyrin to warm up to the cyborg. Though the two spend comparatively less time together then with the other  Strawhats, they seem to work well together when the situation calls for it.

Brook: Kyrin actually found Brook pretty cool at first, though a little unnerving. Still, she grew to rather like the skeletal man very quickly. She is often seen around him, and loves listening to him play his music. She often likes to sing along as well. Kyrin seems to find Brook rather funny, and usually ends up laughing when she's with him.


Nojiko: Though the two didn’t know each other for long they got along quite well. Kyrin hopes that they run into her again at some point.

Kaya: Even as a doctor, Kyrin was not allowed to help Kaya, though she did often sell medicines for her. Because of this she never really got to know Kaya until the events on Kyrin’s final day in Syrup Village. However, both from what Usopp told her, and what she seen from her, Kyrin quite likes Kaya. She likes her even more since she wants to be a doctor.

Vivi: The two become very close while Vivi travels with the Strawhats, and Kyrin still finds her thinking about her royal friend fairly often. She hopes to see her again at some point.

Acquaintances: -


Dislikes (One sided): -

Disliked By (One Sided): -

Doesn’t Get Along With:

Marines: Being a pirate, Kyrin and the marines aren’t exactly on the same side. Though it’s usually just a general unspoken sort of rule, and Kyrin doesn’t really have anything against the marines as a whole. However, after meeting some of the marines, and more specifically he captains, she doesn’t think of them as being as great as she had thought of them as being when she was a child. In fact, she’s found herself hesitant to trust the marines, that hesitance growing stronger the higher up in the organization they are.

Anyone who opposes her or her crew: Pretty self-explanatory… if someone is overly deceptive, or really hurts someone close to her, they would likely become more of an enemy, especially if they were remorseless.


Kuro: While posing as Klahadore Kuro was always very civil and kind towards Kyrin, however he always found her her deeply irritating. Perhaps his deception of her is part of her reasoning, but Kyrin very much hates Kuro. A personal kind of hatred, rather than a more passive knowledge that he is a bad person. Her main reasoning for this, though, lies in what he did to Kaya. Kyrin hates that he hurt such a kind girl so much, and without remorse. She really hates him, and he thinks her a great irritant and a nuisance.

Rivals: -

Romantic relationships:

Love interest of (One Sided): -

Love Interest(s): 

Monkey D. Luffy




Height: 5’1

Weight: 128lbs.

Chest Measurement: 32E

Body Type: Pear; in comparison to other women around her, (and in the OP world in general) Kyrin’s chest is average, if not a little on the small side. She has wide hips. She grows more in her torso than her legs, so she has a long torso, and legs that are slightly on the shorter side. Though she’s become somewhat toned from her work on the ship and the adventures she goes through with her crew, Kyrin’s muscle tone isn’t really all that prominent. Her arms and legs aren’t all that thin, but they aren’t large either; just somewhere in the middle.

Bone Structure/Size: Medium

Clothing Style: Kyrin likes loose-fitting, light clothes. Her iconic look is a knee-length pair of oversized jean shorts with a few patches where they’ve ripped. She wears a diagonally striped cloth in her belt loops, mostly a light off-brown colour, with thinner fuchsia stripes. Her shirt is the same fuchsia colour. It’s a sleeveless, collared blouse. There are a series of buttons up near that collar. A few inches above her bellybutton the fabric of the front of the shirt separates, leaving her belly exposed. She wears flat brown sandals on her feet that wrap around them several times, and have a strip around her ankle.


Face Shape: Heart

Features: Kyrin’s features have often been described as ‘cute’. They’re mostly rounded, giving them a youthful, if not childish look. She has a small, rounded button nose, and rounded, semi-thick, pale red lips. She has high cheekbones.

Skin Tone: Fair; she skin has a pink undertone, but she’s prone to tanning rather than burning, luckily. After beginning to travel with the Straw Hat crew, she becomes slightly tan.

Complexion: Kyrin’s complexion is smooth, unblemished by freckles or other marks, except for one small, dark beauty mark near the base of her right ear.

Makeup: Though Kyrin has a bit of affinity for dark eyeliner and mascara, she doesn’t really want to spend what money she has on it, so usually doesn’t wear it.


Hair Type: Kyrin’s hair is almost ridiculously thick, and very stiff. It’s quite problematic, and Kyrin constantly finds herself fighting with it.

Natural Hair Colour: Turquoise

Current Hair Colour: Turquoise

Hair Length: Long; if it’s just let out, and Kyrin’s managed to get it straight, it falls to about an inch below her shoulder blades.

Hair Style: Usually, just wanting to get it under control and out of the way, Kyrin ties up her hair in a tight braid. She has spiky bangs, with two longer strands that hang out by her ears. She also has one stubborn cowlick on top of her head, located a bit towards the left.


Eye Colour: Brown

Eye Shape: Slightly circular

Eye Size: Slightly large

Brightness: Her eyes don’t really standout initially of their own accord, but have a deep quality about them if someone does find themselves looking into them.

Expression: Kyrin’s eyes always have a sort of mischievous tint to them, but don’t usually display her emotions, unless she’s completely terrified or shocked.

Eyelash Length: Medium



She has one scar across the bridge of her nose. She got it shortly after moving to Syrup Village by bashing her nose against a cupboard while climbing around in the kitchen, trying to grab something from the top shelf.

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|| One Piece OC | Kyrin Asari ||
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