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Gently Entangled

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 [Dark Souls] Sable [Oc Sheet]

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PostSubject: [Dark Souls] Sable [Oc Sheet]   Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:09 am

----------- • Basic Information • -----------



Origin and Meaning

Slavic - meaning "black".








Pyromancy (later on)

----------- • Appearance Information • -----------

Hair Color and Style

Her hair is black, as her her name, but is tipped at the ends. She typically wears her hair in pig tails, hanging loosely at her back. Her bangs are rather messy and hang in front of her face.

She wears a small hair piece of a star in her hair but otherwise, her style is not too over the top.


Sable's eyes are a dull green and are round.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Her skin tone is rather fair if not a tad tan from working outside during the summers. She doesn't look too pale  despite being inside on some days.

Her complexion is typically fair if she takes care to wash everyday.

Height, Weight, and Figure

Sable comes at about five foot seven and is a normal weight for that height.

She's not exactly curvy but she's in a healthy middle. She skinnier than she actually is, often opting to wearing larger T-shirts that cover what figure she does have.

Clothing Style

During the day, Sable wears anything loose. She prefers it this way so she might feel comfortable.

Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings

She has an old scar on her elbow from a bicycling accident. She also has one running down her leg from being scraped hard by a horses hoof.

Her ears are pierced but she often forgets to put ear rings in.

She has no tattoos.

----------- • Personality Information • -----------


Sable is typically the soft spoken and easily skittish sort. She grew up in a comfortable life but later on, had to work to make it through in her life. Due to this, she can be a tad impatient and often under stress. She hates being as such, however.

Most underestimate her stubbornness, however. When she sets her mind toward something, she will do her best to push through and make it a reality. Likewise, when it's a concept she'd defending, she does very much the same.

Outwardly, when she is used to someone, she is friendly. She loves a good joke here and there. Fond of laughing, she tries to make those she cares for laugh as well.

She is also a naturally curious sort. While she might stay on the side of caution, when she's curious of something she will look into it. Until she is throughly satisfied, she rarely gives up on the object or person she is curious of.


When deep in thought, she can get broody and sometimes down. Due to this, she tries to stay active so she might not ruin her own mood.

She toys with her hair and in turn, likes it to be toyed with.

Sable gnaws on her lips so often, they have become chapped. She has to use lip balm on a regular basis.


She often takes up to reading when she's bored. She loves doing as such, especially so when it's a lore or mythology she knows little of.

She likes to star gaze. The lights on the streets are often on and so often that she can not enjoy doing so however.


Being put under pressure. She doesn't handle it well, growing nervous and stressed when too much is on her shoulders.


Sable is often too curious for her own good. There are times when she's also in over her head due to it.

She doesn't handle stress well and is often expressing it in normal habits such as gnawing at her lips or pacing. She had a difficult time expressing her problems, feeling she doesn't want to bother anyone else with them.

Sable can be stubborn to a fault. This can be difficult for her to get over and even difficult for her to forgive others. She has to fight against her own stubbornness to do so.

----------- • Relationship Information • -----------





Love Interest


----------- • Biographical Information • -----------


Sable grew up in a comfortable life though later on, had to work quite a bit just to keep up in a struggling economy. Often overly stressed, she has been seeking a better job to bring in a little more income.

She often goes to her friend for help and a distraction from her thoughts. This has helped her on many occasions, simply putting off her troubles for a time.

It was on one such occasion when they stumbled across a half of an old amulet. Neither had got a chance to inspect the old thing before a large, shadowy hand reached out and grabbed them.

Sable was unsure of what happened. However, when she woke she found herself in a land she knew nothing of. Here, she is struggling in a new way. Simply trying to stay alive was now what was most important.

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[Dark Souls] Sable [Oc Sheet]
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