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This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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 |Borderlands OC| Naira {W.I.P}

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PostSubject: |Borderlands OC| Naira {W.I.P}   Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:30 am

||Basic Information||


Twenty-eight as of Pre-Sequel!
Early thirties in Tales from the Borderlands


Freelance Graphic Designer, Hyperion employee stationed at Helios

Preferred Equipment
Firearms: pistols, assault rifles, shotguns - Naira prefers weapons that pack a good punch but can also be quick on the fire, the exception being shotguns
Shields: nova or absorb shields
Grenade Mods:
Melee: gauntlet



Hair Color and Style
Her hair reaches down past her shoulder blades and is rather wavy in nature. She has a habit of rarely brushing it, instead combing her fingers through it and giving her a rather untamed look. Naira’s bangs are long and frame her face, often falling in the way of her eyes. It’s a mousy brown in color.

Green eyes obscured behind a pair of glasses. She looks younger without her glasses on.

Skin Tone and Complexion
Medium colored skin tone, she has a rather clear complexion. She gets tan lines during warmer months, when she’s more active.

A scrawny girl, she’s a bit underweight for her height and is a little self-conscious of it. She’s all bony elbows and hips and collar bone. She has a rather average figure for her height however, standing at about 5’4”.

Clothing Style
Naira tends to pick clothes she is comfiest in and look good. While often times adorning a simple pair of baggy jeans and a tighter shirt with a jacket, Naira has been known to dress to impress if she so feels like it. Warm colors draw her in though she tends to avoid the color orange when she can help it. She prefers boots over any other sort of footwear available to her.


Tales from the Borderlands - Naira has some heavy scarring along her right arm, hidden away behind a long glove and her melee weapon. This was acquired during the events in the Vault of Borderlands 2.


Playful and rather easy-going, it takes some work to really get on her bad side. Though easily-annoyed she’s not really one to hold a grudge unless it’s serious in her eyes. Naira holds her opinions close to her and will not go against them without good reason. Due to this she can be rather rigid in her ways and can be quite pushy when dealing with others.

Though she is easy-going, she’s a reserved person and usually opens up only to those she views as a friend. Because of this Naira can come across as cold and dismissive of others who don’t fit this criterion. Sarcasm also helps to play a part in that appearance. Naira is not lacking in confidence, however, and this can often delve into the side of cockiness leading to getting into spots of trouble now and again.

At times Naira can be rather naïve and a little too trusting. This coupled with her lack of holding onto grudges for longer than a day or two can lead to trouble.

She enjoys listening to music as she works and is often not seen without her music player on her person. When working she often tugs her hair back into a sloppy ponytail if it’s distracting or annoying her. Oftentimes Naira can be seen playing with her hair, combing her fingers through it or twisting it around her fingers.

Music and drawing are high up on her list of enjoyments. She has boxes and folders of sketches and finished drawings as well as half-filled sketchbooks. A long time hobby was made into a freelance job as she pursued graphic design as a student. She has quite a sweet tooth and will often not turn down sweets if they are offered to her.

A sense of adventure is instilled inside of her, leaving Naira to grow restless quickly. Because of this she enjoys traveling and seeing new sights.

Sudden loud noises easily grate on Naira’s nerves and leave her high strung if she’s bothered or stressed enough. Traitors are also something that grind Naira's nerves and she reserves no patience or mercy for. If she even thinks you're a traitor then she will keep an eye on you no matter the difficulties and consequences in doing so.

Stubborn to a fault, Naira will often reject many things that deal with more intimate feelings for others. Likewise, her stubbornness often leads her to putting off difficult choices in a bid to make the one she feels is right for her and follows her opinions best. Despite this, she can often bite off more than she can chew, confident that she can handle it only to end up in over her head.



Lilith, Moxxi, Roland

Love Interest
Handsome Jack or Rhys

||Background Information||

Pre-Sequel!/Borderlands 2 history:

Tales from the Borderlands history:

-The coat and gauntlet that Naira take to wearing in Tales from the Borderlands timeline are a callback to Drakengard 3's Four.


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PokéPartner :
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PostSubject: Re: |Borderlands OC| Naira {W.I.P}   Thu Mar 26, 2015 4:37 am

Added some more tidbits and her history.

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|Borderlands OC| Naira {W.I.P}
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