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This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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 |Borderlands OC| Naeva {W.I.P}

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PostSubject: |Borderlands OC| Naeva {W.I.P}   Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:53 am

----------- • Basic Information • -----------


Origin and Meaning
French: Born at Night



Preferred Equipment
Elemental Weapons - preferring pistols of that caliber
Elemental Grenade mods

----------- • Appearance Information • -----------

Hair Color and Style
Her hair is a light brown. It is cut short and close to her head. One side is shaven. Her hair lays on the right side. A top her head, she normally wears a hat to shade her eyes from the sun.

Her eyes are rather round and a dull lilac in color.

Skin Tone and Complexion
Naeva is a pale girl. When she tans, her freckles can get worse so she tends to avoid long amount of times in the sun light. More days than not, she wears a hat to help avoid this small problem.

Her complexion is normally fair as long as she takes care to wash her face every day.

Height, Weight, and Figure
Naeva stands around five foot, six inches and is a normal weight for her height. She has broad shoulders, making it difficult to find and wear clothing made for women. She's in between on her figure, neither slender nor plump.

Clothing Style
Naeva throws together whatever she can find. Most days, she decides on the most comfortable thing she can stand. She likes to mix things up on occasion, throwing in a scarf here or there.

----------- • Personality Information • -----------

Naeva is a rather chipper and friendly type, though is also cowardly. She is intimidated easily by others, especially those with an air to them. She often avoids issues that might start fights.

Despite this however, to those she warms up to, she is very friendly. She loves to crack jokes, typically using a dry sarcasm to do so.

She's rather laid back when around people she's comfortable with. Often times, some express this drastic change. Naeva has gotten used to people a little better with her job. Inwardly, however, she still has difficulty dealing with aggression.

Despite how short her hair is, she often toys with it. She twirls it between her fingers when she's bored or in deep thought. She also has a bad habit of chewing on her lips, causing them to become raw at times.

Naeva likes to read and listen to music. She also has a penchant for star gazing even if the sky is blotted out with lights. She's picked up learning to play the violin and often times toys with that in her spare time.

She dislikes loud or startling noises and avoids them if she can help it. She hates being put on the spot or feeling as if she's being pressured into something.

She tries to see the good in everyone. Due to this, she can be rather naive with some people's intentions. She doesn't express if she's upset or angry well. Often times, she merely remains silent as if punishing the person who slighted her.

----------- • Relationship Information • -----------


N/A at this time

Love Interest

----------- • Biographical Information • -----------

Coming Soon

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|Borderlands OC| Naeva {W.I.P}
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