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Gently Entangled

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 Final Fantasy character sheet:Destina

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy character sheet:Destina   Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:28 pm

Weapon(s):Glass sword and magic

Magic:Dark glass shards that can injure and if a good number of shards wound a person/stay in a persons body for a certain time can make someone speak the darkest desire/thoughts of their hearts.

Alliance:(Final Fantasy 6)The empire later to Kefka,(Dissidia)Chaos

Occupation:Works for the empire and then with Kefka.In dissidia she is a chaos Warrior.

"Don't act all high and mighty!You've got darkness in you as well.I'll expose that ugly side of you.Let's see if your still such a hero."

"Everyone has an ugly side.They just don't show it.It's disgusting to care about anyone.So why do I want someone to love me?"

"Don't look at me like that?!I'm not trash, you are!You're just as ugly inside as I am so don't act like you're better then me!"

" a horrible emotion.But I crave it so much.Is it wrong to crave it so badly that your willing to do anything to get it?".

"Glass reflects who we truly are.So here I'll help you in destroying yourself."

"what's more amusing then watching others destroy themselves?Destruction is needed to clean this filthy world.So I'll help destroy everything...yes I don't need to destroy.Everyone here will destroy themselves."

Crush/love interest(s):Kefka

Past:Destina had a normal life.With a mother and father and a older sister.She had friends and was cheerful However,one day her sister attacked her.This being stated by her sister by that she is attacking her out of envy and hate.Her sister taking her eye from her and causing the glass to crash to the ground .Which  the glass further cut the skin under her eye scaring it.This event being what changed her.Since her sister never acted like this.So because of this she felt the need to expose peoples ugly sides.

After her injures got healed enough she left her hometown.Then going on a journey of self discovery.This getting her a chance to acquire magic and then woking for the empire.After then working for Kefka.



Voice(the blonde with the red ridden*Kaede*):

Yanderes,Yangires,Murder oh my!
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Final Fantasy character sheet:Destina
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