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 [Uta no Prince Sama OC] Hiroko Shimizu

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PostSubject: [Uta no Prince Sama OC] Hiroko Shimizu   Thu Feb 19, 2015 2:00 am

Name: Shimizu, Hiroko

Nickname(s) [within her group of people]: Hiro-tan (Kazuki), Shimizu (Akihiko), Hiro-kun (Chikako), Hiroko-kun (Nori).

Age: 16 (18 during Master Course)

Birthday: August 2nd

Horoscope: Leo

Class: S

Track: Composer

Personality/Background: Hiroko is a girl that lives in quiet. Or prefers to anyhow. Never has she had much interest in going outside. She’s always stuck to working with music. However, she grew up with professional dance lessons, as well as instrument lessons – specifically piano, cello, and flute. She grew up with music deeply rooted in her life. Her mother was a TV Personality – an Idol, and her father was her mother’s manager who fell in love with her over the years. Hiroko likes to recount these stories through her music, finding her parents found love to be a sweet memory that she believed was reflected in her mother’s passion.

She has a deep desire to show that she has the same passion for music that her mother had when she still worked in the industry. Deciding to go apply for the Saotome Academy was a major step to her.

She rather enjoys singing as well, and while she’s passionate about composing, she wants to sing songs as well – though being an idol isn’t her aim, so singing for her is completely a relax and recreation thing.

With her, when she’s relaxed, she can be a social butterfly. “Just see people in their greatest lights, Hiroko. Lock onto their smiles, find them, don’t be afraid. Do this, and everyone will be a star to you.” A phrase she lives by, her mother’s words on how she got past any stage fright, any social interaction, “Remember, even if they seem harsh, a little kindness, an outreach, can go a long way.” It’s never in the chat up a storm sense, but in the way where she is not afraid to make conversation, though she spends the beginning of a relationship being rather professional in her drive.

Hiroko is rather fond of cute things, taking the time to make sure her out-going outfits are cute.

While composition is her course, she does work with choreography as well. She is fluent in Japanese and English.

Looks: Hiroko stands at about 5’4” and has a slender build with a small bust size. Her legs are well toned from her dancing. She has medium length light brown hair and brown eyes. She typically keeps her hair tied back, leaving pieces to frame her face, and wears it in either a bun or a ponytail. Clothing wise, her outfits are fashionable cute – and then there are her cutely coordinated relaxing outfits and dance outfits. 

Roommate: Nakamura Nori, A Class

Compose and helps choreograph for: Her partner from the Graduation Audition, Nakamura Nori, as well as her former S-Class Classmate, Yamamoto Kazuki. She works with Yukimura Akihiko and Miyamoto Chikako, two former students of Saotome Academy that had been part of the business. They decided it would be fun to form a group with their kohai in the Master Course, so the four of them sometimes sing together as “Rhythmic Climbers”

Family –

Father – Shimizu Toshio; manages a number of idols in the business.

Mother – Shimizu Yoishie, (formerly GRACIA), a retired idol who hit high popularity. She retired after one last concert following the birth of Hiroko, since this was around the time Toshio was picking up his ability to accept more clientele.

Brother (Older) – Shimizu Seiichi, 20 years old. Going through law school.

Brother (Younger) – Shimizu Shinji, 14 years old.

Extra - Rhythmic Climbers isn't a full time group. A majority of their concerts are separate, or spent with duets between the "Base Two" Nakamura Nori and Yukimura Akihiko, who had the idea to put the group to trial, and the "Rising Two" Yamamoto Kazuki and Miyamoto Chikako, who take their turns being the loudest motivators in the group.

Also, because of the effort Hiroko puts in to keep the group working, he considers her an icon of the group - thus is his dubbing of "-tan". Hiroko thinks it's silly and childish, but does nothing to stop it.

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[Uta no Prince Sama OC] Hiroko Shimizu
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