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 Once Upon a Time [April O'Hare]

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PostSubject: Once Upon a Time [April O'Hare]   Sat Feb 28, 2015 3:44 am

Enchanted Forest Information

Name: Leverett March

meaning: Leverett means 'young rabbit' and March helps bring her name together to be a pun on the term March Hare

Age: 22

Nickname(s): Lev/March Hare

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Queen of Hearts

Appearance: Coppery colored hair cut short to her neck with bangs going straight across her forehead. Her eyes are brown and her skin is a creamy white color with a light dusting of freckles across her cheeks, nose, shoulders, and arms. She wears for the most part a plain cream colored dress with a red apron over it and black shoes.


Lev is a kindly, well mannered young lady working in the palace of the queen of hearts. Her main job is basically to ensure that the Hatter makes the portal hat and doesn't go too crazy while doing so. She is very polite when faced with the right company, and is very aware of her place in the society's hierarchy.

When she is among people of her own social class though, her mild manners melt away and she becomes a bit of a nut. Lev has a habit of thinking really hard and running her mouth when she gets lost in thought. She has no brain to mouth filter among people of her own class, and her ramblings tend to annoy those she comes into contact with.

She's very intellectual, and comes up with some very interesting social and philosophical theories that she likes to share with The Hatter. Not that he can really grasp what she's saying. He's always a bit preoccupied with 'making the hat work'. Lev enjoys spending time with him, even if he is mad.

She is also a hopeless romantic. When she like someone, she really likes them. And when she falls in love with them, she falls hard. Her affection drives her to be incredibly selfless, even if it winds up hurting her in the end. She puts the well being and emotions of those she cares about above her own, and more often than not gets the short end of the stick for it.

Relationships: She is good friends with Hasel Muscardin (The dormouse and Guard to the Hatter's rooms), and has a crush on the Hatter.

Bio/History: Lev's family is well known for making tea. Exactly how they do it is a family secret, but their drinks gathered a large reputation in Wonderland for being able to make the drinker feel calm or content. Rumors also say that drinking the tea brings up one's fondest memories, and that according to the person drinking it, each cup tastes different. This is achieved by unintentional magic. When Lev makes a cup the feelings she has are communed into the drink by a kind of magic she is unaware of while she creates it. Basically, its made with love and you can taste it.

Naturally, the Queen of Hearts wanted a monopoly on that kind of luxury good, and Lev was brought into the palace to live as the Queen's own personal March Tea Maker. The rest of her family was executed, because the queen refused to allow anyone but herself to be able to partake in this kind of luxury goods. However, the queen's cruel actions tainted Lev's tea, and because of the resentment she had for her, Lev was unable to properly make the drink for a long time. The only reason she was kept alive was because if she died, the secrets to the March Tea died with her, and the queen was too selfish for that.

The Queen's rule for no one but herself drinking the tea was given an exception when the Mad Hatter was taken into the palace after being abandoned in Wonderland by Regina. His madness caused his work habits to be erratic, and although he got things done, he wasn't getting them done enough for the queen's taste. That's where Lev came in. The Queen wanted her to calm him down when he dove too far into madness, and whenever things looked to be getting out of hand she would be brought in to have tea with him. What the Queen didn't expect was for Lev to fall in love with the Hatter. Because of her affection for him, she was able to successfully brew the tea only for the Hatter.

The Queen didn't exactly like that very much, and despite all her previous reasons for wanting to keep Lev alive, decided that she might as well be executed because she disliked the thought of someone as lowly as the Hatter being able to have something she herself could not. So Lev was imprisoned and awaiting execution. Her life was spared only because of Regina's curse.

Fairytale: Alice in Wonderland

Storybrooke Information 

Name: April O'Hare

meaning: Her name is basically one big pun on the term March Hare.

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Affiliation: The March Hare (The Bar/Cafe she owns with her half brother Dorian Maus. She is the bartender there)

Appearance: Her copper hair is longer now, going to the middle of her back with her bangs swept to the side and held in place by two green hair clips. Her eyes are the same warm brown color, but her skin has a bit more color to it. Her freckles are still there as well. She wears casual, slightly hipster type clothing when she isn't working. She usually likes to wear loose flowy dresses that are paired up with an olive jacket and black boots, or jeans with a black tanktop and red flannel. When she's behind the bar its a white shirt with a black vest and black slacks to give off the classic 'bartending' feel.


April is just a bit more jaded than her wonderland counterpart. Her false memories have her recalling taking an academic break, when she realized that she wasn't sure what she wanted to do with her life, and was almost done getting a degree she realized she didn't want. She's still kindly and well mannered while working, but off the clock she's a bit rougher around the edges.

As a bartender she's good with people, and good at managing drunks. She's charming when she's working, and always knows how to keep a good conversation and how to keep her customers thirsty (or in some cases how to cut them off when they drink too much) but her specialty has always been making a good cup of tea. Her half brother Dorian runs the cafe during the day with his roommate Peter White because of his Narcolepsy, so that means April needs to keep up with the bar. She doesn't mind it so much, but dealing with drunks (no matter how good she is at it) can get a bit tiresome and repetitive.

April is still very smart. She could do anything that she sets her mind to, and if someone were to actually speak with her they'd find that she has a lot of interesting thing to say. But her dry humor and scathing wit can be a bit off putting to people. Despite her ability to tone it down while she's working, April doesn't exactly keep her morbid sense of humor at bay when dealing with people before her shift at the bar. She's cracked some pretty bad jokes that made quite a few people uncomfortable, so Dorian (being the only one who can really put up with her) is her only really good friend.

Despite her off putting words, April is a sweet girl. She is genuinely concerned for the people around her, and if someone is having issues she does want to help. She treats her patrons like family, and knows when to cut them off and get someone to help them out of the bar. She always makes sure they have a way to get home safely before letting them leave, and makes the really bad ones eat some bread and drink some water before she sends them on their way.

Relationships: She really wasn't one for relationships before the curse broke, but she does fancy Jefferson afterwards.


According to her curse memories, April was born in Boston where her mother and half brother all lived in a small, one bedroom apartment. Her mother had recently gone through a divorce with Dorian's father because of her affair with another man that brought April into the world. From what she could recall her mother was a hard working woman who always wanted the best for her children.

So after two years of barely scraping by, she returned with the two of them to Storybrooke so they could live with her parents while she made the commute into the nearby city for her job. April and Dorian would stay with their grandparents, because it was almost impossible to leave Dorian on his own with a two year old, despite himself being five years older. He had Narcolepsy, which meant that there were times where he would simply black out and not remember falling asleep. He always needed someone to watch over him because of that, and it just wasn't safe to leave two little kids on their own anyway.

In Storybrooke the siblings met a boy named Peter White, an Albino with a fascination with pocket watches. He and Dorian became good friends, and April soon joined that friendship. It lasted all throughout her childhood, until April left for Boston University after high school. She switched her major once before she realized that she had no idea what she wanted to do, and was almost completely done with a degree she didn't even want. So she dropped out. Or, as she put it 'took an Academic Hiatus'. Around the same time her mother passed away, and since she needed to return to Storybrooke anyway she just made a full time home there.

Dorian and Peter had opened a Cafe that doubled as a bar when night came around. Dorian would work the day shift with Peter, but Peter had night school and Dorian still had issues with his Narcolepsy so April took the night shift.

After the curse broke April realized that she had been stuck in Storybrooke for twenty eight years without aging, and that none of her memories beyond Storybrooke had actually happened to her.

This is a work in progress. What is written here is subject to change. Below this is a log of edits I made for personal reference.

EDIT: 3/5/15 Changed her Enchanted Forest Past a bit to make it more cohesive

Everyone, all of us, comes together

And now there's a family of hundreds.
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Once Upon a Time [April O'Hare]
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