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 Once Upon A Time character sheet: Aimee

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PostSubject: Once Upon A Time character sheet: Aimee   Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:10 pm

Name: Aimee Sparrow



Nickname(s):Aims,Aim,True bride

Fairy tale from: Fitcher's Bird( link to story: )

Personality:Aimee is brave and quite smart.She can in even the most dangerous situtins.She is flirty and playful when she sees a guy that she finds attractive(which is a lot.)She can be serious if the situation calls for it not when her attention is on  an attractive guy though.She isn't forgiving towards those who hurt those she cares about.Aimee is also, pretty funny and jokes around a lot.Despite how she immature and lazy she seems she is a hard worker.But due to the pressure of having her family believes otherwise, she becomes a play than work person in peoples eyes.Aimee hates talking about work and about fate.Those two things she hates, work because she states that "It is more amusing to have fun."Well,with fate her thoughts on it are that it is horrible to thinkone does not have control.So she says"It's better to believe there is no such thing.Then someone can truely feel free."

Aimee doesn't believed in true love.She has this belief that thinking that true love exists can only hurt a person in the end.That is better to just enjoy dating around and if one finds a person they love to just be with that person until they no longer wish to.So yes she is skeptic about true love.Not believing that someone can love someone foreverAnother thing is 
miracles,she doesn't believe in those either.She is afraid of losing people she loves.So she distances herself by not telling anyone everything about her.There is also,this feeling of not knowing what exactly she wants.

Aimee is a giant flirt and is perverted.This can lead to her being insulted or hated by girlfriends who are dating those she flirts with.This can happen a lot but some people don't mind because they know their lover wouldn't go with her.Some guys don't like her thoughts on dating well some do.So that doesn't mean she gets a lot guys.This can cause a lot of bad men to be attracted to her.

She does think or say perverted things sometimes.This can cause a room to be silent or everything t get awkward.However,some that know her understand that is just her or just think she's joking(or find it amusing/funny).

Aimee has a darker side to her that carves attention.That is the good kind because of her sisters overshadowing her.Of course,her perverted thoughts.But she also,wants to get a lot of money.Belivin that she get whatever she wants with that.She is prideful can be overly so sometimes though hides this a lot.Anger and hate are things she admits she has.But she doesn't like showing those sides to others out of fear of losing those dear or could be dear.

Beliefs:There is no such thing as fate,true love or miracles

Goals/dreams:To he back the things that were once lost,heal the ache inside her heart

Enchanted bio/past:

Aimee grew up the youngest sister in her family.She has two older sisters and a father.Her mother left them with her father and never came back.The most dangerous thing happening in the place the sisters wanted to go was serial killing.This was done by a guy that there were only rumors about.

Here was this strange better that was on the streets kidnapping girls.This better kidnapped one of her sisters.Aimee didn't do anything figuring that it was probably a joke.But after a while her thoughts drifted o it just being that her sister left home.However,the same happened to the other sister.This didn't make Imee go out to search for her.Her thoughts of it being a joke or her sister just running away with a guy.Because she beloved in fate and true love.Stuff like that back then.Also,she was very lazy.

After days of her other sister not returning this was when she finally figured out that something was up.Yes,she was dense as could be back then.So she goes looking for her sisters.However, she doesn't truely understand what has happened to her sisters.

She on her journey runs across the evil queen.The evil queen knew her particment because even stated that both her sisters went missing.Even stating where for her thoughts.Though the evil queen said hpshe'd help Aimee refused.The evil queen tells her"That it will be too late.You are a fool for refusing when I offered my help."The reason she refused being because she didn't want to get involved with dark magic.Soon desperate to find her sisters.Rumplestilskin came to her.He offered her amagical campus that would help her find whatever she desires to fin.He also,offers her advice.She accepts his deal.

This being because she was desperate.Rumple's advice being to hide something fragile when entering a room.She would not understand his meaning until later.She soon found a cottage where someone sneaked behind her and knocked her out,This was the better.He throated that she had to be his bride or something unfortunate would happen to her.However,what she wasn't sure.So she agreed thinking that this had to be where her sisters were so not accepting would make it impossible to find them.

There would be no wedding for days for he had to leave.He gave her an egg and told her to take care of it and to never get a bit of it dirtyed.It was made so it could never be cleaned.Also,to never open a certain does that he showed her.So understanding Rumple's words followed his advice.She hid the egg somewhere safe and looked inside the room.Seeing her sisters and other women dead inside the room(killed brutely.)She then shut the door andsaw the bbetter had returned home.He had not seen her open the room.She gathered the egg from it's hiding spot.He call led her his true bride and they were soon married.He gave her a sack of gold as well.She snuck out dressed as a bird.She managed to trick him and sneak out the bodies of 
her sisters.Then told the king where the murder was and seduced him into burning the better alive.

She gave Rumlle what he wanted.But she never truely got back her sisters.
She then went on a jounry to heal her heart.In this journey she met Snow.She decided to help her because she wanted revenge just like she had.Also,she thought this might help her.But it didn't and then she was stuck in the spell the queen cast.

Allies:Snow/Mary,Red/Ruby,Victor Frank Stein/Whale,Rumpe,Neil,Henry,Emma

Enemies:This depends if they hurt someone she she cares about

Possible Crush(s)/Love interest(s):
Dr.Whale/Victor Frankenstein

Storybrooke counterpart:

Name:Amy Bluebird

Occupation:Works as a bartender at The rabbit hole

Bio/past:Like the others her memories are different. The changes between both of pasts being the time peroid .But also,being that instead she was surprise to pick her sisters up because they didn't have a ride.The two then being killed by a killer.Then her coming to save them and being able to get her revenge by having the police come.The killer then being killed by the police for not putting his gun down.


Relationships with characters(exact details  about this will be posted at a later date:

(I'll edit this more when I have time.)

Yanderes,Yangires,Murder oh my!
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Once Upon A Time character sheet: Aimee
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