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Gently Entangled

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 Free! OC [Kazumi Yamamoto]

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PostSubject: Free! OC [Kazumi Yamamoto]   Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:28 pm

Full Name:
Yamamoto Kazumi [Kazumi Yamamoto]

Nicknames: Kazu-chan, Yama-chan

Fifteen-Sixteen [First Year]

School: Iwatobi High School 

Date Of Birth:
August 12

Astrological Sign:

Blood Type:

School Position: 
Girl's Tennis Team Member [First Year]
Girl's Tennis Team Regular [Second Year]
Girl's Tennis Team Captain [Third Year]

〖 P E R S O N A L • I N F O R M A T I O N 〗

Personality: Considerably, Kazumi is a rather happy person, expressing happy, outward feelings and trying to be one of those all-inclusive people. This also leads to the fact that she has a good-sportsmanship mentality. She tends to be rather protection oriented; she needs to feel safe, as well as make others feel safe, to feel right about functioning onwards. Thus she uses every bit of caution she can to make sure she does not get injured, as well as try to comfort and cheer others up.

Kazumi tries to be someone who doesn’t let her emotions get the best of her, trying to smile in the face of defeat, trying to not lash out at others, trying not to start bursting out into tears. Yes – therefore, she tries to smile and lighten up the mood around her; she ends up making out to be a huge motivator – she has a natural knack for bringing[/forcing] people to bring out their greatest potential. Another thing is that she is loud, and tends to be rather set on leading others.

However, when her emotions come out, they come out in large spurts; take it or leave it; she’s a teenaged girl with emotions. She is one to remember – with her honor and her ways of taking up a challenge, she makes it hard to forget her. This also means that she makes herself know to others. In this reasoning, she can come out as an obnoxious female who should just get out of the way, but she won’t let a challenge go without giving it a shot. Yes, what really makes Kazumi jump is a challenge. Whether this be for better or for worse, only she knows.

And even then.

Yes, she is one to take a challenge as soon as it is posed, as long as it doesn’t seem to put super important things at risk, but she does rush into it without thinking, so this may or may not be the actual case. And because of how she pushes on taking a challenge, or putting challenges on others, she can sometimes come out as someone who also loves attention.

In retrospect, Kazumi is a happy, stubborn female who tries too hard to take on any challenge, and often can tire herself out fairly quick. She is also persistent, a quality that is both a virtue and a curse.

Habits: Giving others nicknames [short hand form of their name usually, will stick for life], challenging others and herself, drawing on napkins or papers when she’s bored. 

Hobbies: Kazumi dabbles in, aside from Tennis, art, as well as other sports [though she’s not as serious about them as she is about tennis.]

Talents / Skills: Kazumi is strong-willed and talented in never giving up. She is a positive motivator, and keeps a safety check on who she can. She is good at art as well. She is energetic and has a good solid work ethic, as well as a “Don’t Knock it Before You Try it” attitude. 

Weaknesses / Flaws: When major change is brought on, she will literally cling to someone or something and not let go until she’s used to it. Her obnoxiousness causes unwanted attention and the way she overexerts herself is a weakness. Power is also a weakness of hers. She does swim as part of exercise because of this. Swimming can be good muscle training, for the legs and arms, which can help with power. 

Likes: Aside from the fact that she just loves to take up a challenge, Kazumi is a huge fan of looking at art, as well as painting and drawing her own works. She also enjoys playing video games. She does enjoy swimming, but never competitively (unless challenged, of course)  She absolutely loves more natural tasting snack-foods as well as simpler meals. More importantly, the feeling of being safe and happy 

Dislikes : More than anything, Kazumi hates when people give up on what they’re doing, or stopping and just not wanting to continue.

She dislikes a lack of motivation, as well as the nature to be some pester-some person. She also dislikes the tastes of anything greasy. She feels like greasy food slows her down and hinders her progress. Also, she really, really hates having to write academic essays and letters [because she can never figure out how to exactly word what she means, and is bad at it because of it]. Breaking her bones is actually a fear of hers – the recovery process actually does not scare her (it’s a challenge, trying to get better). She’s scared of getting injured in general, however, since pain is not a safe feeling. This is also because she fears not being able to get up and keep fighting on towards challenges. She’s also, secretly, afraid of huge, sudden change.

〖 A P P E A R A N C E S • A N D • A T T I R E • I N F O R M A T I O N 〗

Body: Kazumi has semi-muscular arms and legs, trained and maintained for her play. She has a slender body-type otherwise, small-built, but not petite. She has dark, mocha-brown hair and chocolate brown eyes that are slightly slanted and almond shaped. She is about 5’3”. 

Hair: Before Kazumi really got into sports, when she was a young child, she had longer hair, straight and not a bit wavy. She would sometimes put her hair into a ponytail, or pig-tails. Now it’s above the shoulders, too short for tying back and slightly wavy. 

Skin: Paler peach skin tone, though it tends to be tan, from her consistent outdoorsy play. 

Attire: Uniform is standard school uniform.

Standard Everyday Outfits – She likes to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, just in case a challenge should come up. This is why she always wears some kind of sports based shoes.

〖 B I O G R A P H Y / H I S T O R Y • I N F O R M A T I O N 〗

As Kazumi is the youngest of four siblings in her family, she was always treated as the baby of the family, as well as being the only daughter, she was protected. But, she was put into consistent day-care with her brothers, the one closest to her age being six years older than her. Kazumi was born in Tokoyo, but soon, her family moved to where they live now, when she was a small age of three. And still, her brothers were set to watch her (though her eldest wasn’t always the most watchful.) Now, her home that she lives in has her mother, father, brother Ayumu, and her in it. Ryouichi and Hideki, the eldest and second eldest brothers in her family, have all moved out.

Kazumi found her love for sports in elementary school, where a friend introduced her to tennis. It was something she ended up playing all the time. She tended to find a lot of pool parties though – and got used to swimming and enjoyed it, because swimming seemed to be popular in their area.
Come middle school, she would be found clinging to her friends, not liking how ‘different’ middle school seemed to be from elementary. And the same thing happened in high school. 

〖 F U N • F A C T S • A N D • T R I V I A 〗

Favorite Food ⇢ Nori, Onigiri, Sushi

Least Favorite Food ⇢ Anything greasy

Favorite Deserts ⇢ Chocolate

Least Favorite Deserts ⇢ Spicy Chocolate Donuts

Favorite Drinks ⇢ Tea

Least Favorite Drinks ⇢ Strong Coffee, anything bitter

Favorite Colors ⇢ Purple, pink, and yellow

Least Favorite Colors ⇢ Darker shades

Favorite Seasons ⇢ Spring and Summer

Least Favorite Seasons ⇢ Winter

Favorite Animal ⇢ Koi Fish, Rabbit

Least Favorite Animal ⇢ Doesn’t have one

Favorite Genres of Music ⇢ Classical Music, J-pop

Least Favorite Genres of Music 
⇢ Rap

Father’s Occupation ⇢ Business Salesman of Many Kinds, Often does odd jobs, travels a lot

Mother’s Occupation ⇢ Artist, Stay at Home Mother

Family ⇢ Father, Mother, Three Older Brothers[Yamamoto Ryouichi, Yamamoto Hideki, and Yamamoto Ayumu] and Two sisters-in-law. A decent sized extended family

Best Subject ⇢ P.E., Art

Worst Subject  Language Arts/Writing

〖 M I S C E L L A N E O U S • I N F O R M A T I O N 〗

Popular / Favorite Quotes :

“Are you up for the challenge?”
“I’m always ready to take on a challenge!”

“There’s no fun or adventure to life without a few challenges to push you in the right direction. That’s why challenges are the best!”

Friend: She has a good friend, who was born very close to her, who she calls "Hiro-tan." Hiroki is a very important friend to her, basically. 
((ALSO oh gosh she's also interested in swim she's old I need to fix her up a little bit but yay! I'll get to it later ;; ))
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Free! OC [Kazumi Yamamoto]
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