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 ALIENS OC -Meghan Carol Hudson (Hudson's sister)

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PostSubject: ALIENS OC -Meghan Carol Hudson (Hudson's sister)   Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:10 pm

Character’s full name: Meghan Carol Hudson
Character’s nickname: Meg, Midge, Fox

Physical appearance
Age: 26
Weight: She is Underweight at 110 pounds (healthy weight would be 120 pounds) 
Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Body build: Slim, Athletic legs, B cup breasts.
Shape of face: Oval
Eye color and Shape: Golden Brown
Glasses or contacts: Glasses foir reading (computers, etc)
Skin tone: Pale with small dusting of freckles.
Distinguishing marks(include scars, tattoos and piercings): Freckles, Small barely noticeable mole directly under left eye, Tattoo on shoulder blade, Scar on right hand between the index knuckle and the middle finger knuckle it is angled and goes slightly up the middle finger, basic one hole ear’s pierced.
Predominant features Eyes: High cheek bones
Hair color and Length: Dark brown almost black, Pixie cut with bangs.
Physical disabilities: N/A
Usual fashion of dress: will add
Combat outfit: will add
Outfit she arrives wearing: will add

Extremly loyal, kind, protective, cautious, soft-spoken unless angered(which her brother excells at) or around the few people she is comfortable being herself with. Can be overprotective, curious, at times quiet/shy and will sacrifice herself for others if she knows they can help others better than she can. Is good with statistics and may relay on them a little too much.
Sense of humor: Usually depends on her mood! Sarcasm, dry, witty it all depends on what’s going on around her.
Character’s soft spot: Children, and after meeting the Marines Hicks.(FYI HICK IS HER LOVE INTEREST)
Is this soft spot obvious to others: Yes
Regret(s): Not being able to help more people on Hadley's Hope. Coming to Hadley's Hope in the first place.
Biggest accomplishments: Finishing college and become a scientists for the company, learning knife fighting from her older brother and learning sword fighting in her down time.

Drives and motivations: Loved one’s (family, friends, etc.)
Homecountry: The Americas
Type of childhood: Fun when with her mom. Her dad was very strict. Her brother was fun and yet a jerk.

Current location: Hadley's Hope Garbage chute, LV-426
Currently living with: Newt
Occupation: Scientist

Mother: Marry Elizabeth Hudson
Relationship with her: Great
Father: James William Hudson
Relationship with him: Rocky
Sibling: William Hudson
Relationship with them: Great
Nickname for sibling: Will, DA

Color: (Depends on mood really) Usually Blues, Greens, Red, and Black
Least favorite color: Some Yellows, and Some Pinks
Music: Loves all kinds
Food: Would be easier to name what she doesn’t like, such as cabbage, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower
Literature: Sir Author Conan Doyle, Jane Austin, Cathrine Coultre, Edgar Allen Poe, etc.
Form of entertainment: All kinds of games, going out weather its to the bar, to eat, movie theatre, theatre or to just talk at a café, and tv and movies at home. Working out etc.
Most prized possession: Knives from her brother for she always has one hidden on her person and a necklace from her mother.

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Running, Studying most anything Scientifically, Daydreaming, knife and sword fighting, small arms target practice, helping the children on Hadley's Hope learn and even playing games with them such as hide and seek in the vents and garbage chutes.
Nervous tics: Bites tounge or lip, Plays with hair, Fidgets, Thumb twirling, Feet Shuffling, Looking around like a paranoid person, and eye twitch.

If you are interested in Roleplaying with me message me and/or check out my characters in the roleplay character hub or the following link :)
"Gunner Jenson I swear if you do that one more time... Ugh!!!" *Shakes head with a small smirk* <-- Please follow the link and vote in the poll at the top :)
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ALIENS OC -Meghan Carol Hudson (Hudson's sister)
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