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Gently Entangled

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 ||Free! OC|| Yukimura Junko

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PostSubject: ||Free! OC|| Yukimura Junko   Wed Mar 04, 2015 8:03 pm

Birth Name: Yukimura Junko
Nickname(s): Jun
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 18th
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Heritage: Japanese
Class Year: 3rd year
Occupation: Vice President on the student council
Junko is considered to be slightly on the tall side with her height, and her weight is average for her age. Body shape is between pencil and petite shape. Her hair is a dark brown color and reaches to her bust; bangs are out grown and face-framed, brushed to the left. Luckily, her hair is easy to style and isn't such a big hassle to work with. Her eyes are a slight almond shape and a brown color. However Junko hates her light tone skin because it's rather sensitive. Her skin gets easily dry and burns under the sun when she forgets to put on sun block, along with being sensitive to a lot of products. When it comes to fashion, Junko doesn't have that great of fashion sense. She wears whatever appeals to her and finds comfortable. She'll go from casual to dressy, her style just varies. She does wear makeup, nothing intense, just to cover up any blemishes and to just look decent when going out into the world.
Too mature for her age would be the first to come to mind about Junko. Being brought up into a strict household, Junko is a "stick in the mud" and too serious for her own good. She was taught to never back down and as a result, Junko can be quite competitive and isn't so much of a coward. She isn't afraid to be blunt with her opinions when asks, but she rather chooses not to say anything. To spare the drama and one's feelings, if you will.

Stepping away from the negative aspects of Junko, some positives would be that she is a good listener. It is rather easy to lean on her when seeking advice—albeit poor to giving comfort—Junko is willing to help friends (not so much as strangers) if they ask for her help. Another positive thing would be that Junko can be rather understanding and accepting when you get to know her. These aspects show when Junko is with friends or around the people she cares for. Her soft side shows only around these people. One wouldn't say that she acts motherly towards her companions, a good friend?

Habits: Wringing her hands (mostly her pinkie finger) or takes a jog when frustrated.
Quirks: Is ticklish around her neck and under her chin and instantly falls asleep in cars, tends to be a heavy sleeper.
Talents / Skills / Hobbies: Cooking || Piano || Photography
Likes: Movies, Working, Night time, Cats, Reading, taking pictures, morning jogs, children, sweets, math, and science.
Dislikes: Needles, Swimming (because she can't swim), admitting her mistakes, being easily embarrassed, undressing in front of people, awkward situations, people sneaking up behind her, heights, and pressure.
Fears: Needles, heights
If you ask any student who went to the same school as Junko, they wouldn't have told you much. They would have said she got good grades and was rather quiet most of the time. She had friends of course and even they wouldn't tell you much. Her life wasn't that exciting as most, very focused on schoolwork and pleasing her strict parents.

There was a point in time when Junko became rebellious, she hung out with the wrong crowd and was a bit of a bully. 
However, due to always getting into trouble, it became a burden on her parents and her grades. Do to the reputation she had build, her family decided to move when she was thirteen—while scolding Junko and having her change herself. That was until her mother passed, did she finally grow out of it and took responsibilities seriously. She became too mature for her age, dropping childish acts and being more serious.

Onto explaining her fear of water, it was rather another students fault. When learning how to swim, she was pushed in as a prank and almost nearly drowned. From then on, she refused to even dip a toe in a pool or ocean or have anyone stand behind her when near deep water.
Now in her second year of high school, Koto had decided to at least run for class president and was surprisingly elected.
||Miki Yukimura; Mother; 45||: Deceased
||Sasuke Yukimura; Father; 47||: Junko and her father have a rather wavering relationship. He is usually the cause of her stress and pressure, the man only wanting a good life for his daughter. They tend to argue sometimes.
||Natsuki Yukimura; Brother; 8||: Junko adores her brother to no end. You could say Natsuki has her wrapped around his little finger. She would do anything for him.
||Spuds; Blue Russian Cat; 6 years old||

((woooooow my character is rather old, I shall touch up on her later. ;;;;;; ))

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||Free! OC|| Yukimura Junko
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