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Weekly Prompt
This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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 | DBZ OC Sheet | : Celia {Revamp}

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PostSubject: | DBZ OC Sheet | : Celia {Revamp}   Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:01 pm

----------- • Basic Information • -----------





----------- • Appearance Information • -----------

Hair Color and Style
Unless she's at work, Celia's hair is normally rather messy and unkept. She hates messing with it and has a habit of playing with it. She prefers to keep it down, lacking the time and patience to fuss with it.

Bright, round blue eyes are normally what greet people when Celia first finds someone new.

Skin Tone and Complexion
Celia is a rather pale girl compared to most. Growing up in the north, where the winters are long and overcast, she doesn't get a lot of sun in the first place. Celia rarely minds this as she burns very easily.

Her complexion is normally very fair as long as she takes care to wash her face daily.

Height, Weight, and Figure
Celia is about five foot six inches and is a decent weight for her height. Her figure isn't exactly curvy or feminine. She is constantly frustrated in trying to find clothing that will fit her figure, typically finding clothing for men rather than women.

Clothing Style
Much like her hair, Celia's style of clothing is very loose fitting. She prefers her clothing to hang off her a little, feeling more comfortable than having anything tight on her body.

She is often mistaken for a boy due to this. Celia has more or less turned that fact into a joke.

(Ignore the fact that she has nine tails in the above picture. I tried to find the one I used beforehand but could not go through two hundred pages of dreamselfy to get to it. She only has one and this will be updated accordingly when something is drawn up.)

----------- • Personality Information • -----------

Celia is logical and optimistic at the same time. She likes to look at the bright side of things but tries to keep a level head. Disappointments in her life has left her a little more than cautious in the sense that things could be too good to be true. She naturally tries to find logical answers for certain happenings.

This does not mean that she doesn't delve into what could be possible. She very much likes to see the evidence behind most things. She wants to see what it's like and believe it.

Due to this, she can almost end up childlike when something does exist, excitement more than just ebbing through her. It gives her a little hope that sometimes, unbelievable things do happen.

Celia would never harm anyone intentionally. She hates fighting, even hates arguments or raised tones. They make her uncomfortable and as such, she does her best to avoid them.

If she were to hurt someone unintentionally, she would feel rather guilty for it. While it might be a minor occurrence, she'd rather patch things up quickly so no one has any ill sought feelings. Celia just wants them to be happy.

She can be rather blunt and sarcastic when she's not happy with a situation, pointing out the right way of going about things rather than what had happened beforehand. Due to this, some can consider her catty. Celia has no intention of calling those people wrong, very much aware that she can be catty and bitter.

Despite all of this, she is an anxious and rather soft spoken young woman. She has had trouble with panic attacks in the past and due to this, tries to keep things calm for her well being. Too much worry or too serious a situation can set her off easily.

She plays with her hair almost constantly. Either when she's in deep thought or just bored, her hands automatically go to her hair to toy with.

She stuffs her hands in her pockets when she's uncomfortable with a situation or to stop them from shaking. It's normally a dead give away that she's not well with the atmosphere around her.

Sweet and salty foods, reading, star gazing, painting, writing and receiving hand written letters, her hair played with, music - specifically techno or electronic or anything featuring a violin, easy going atmospheres.

Sour and spicy foods, anger or yelling in general, uncomfortable atmosphere, awkward silences, feeling down, pessimism in general.

Catty and bitter, she can hold a grudge against those who have slighted her. Often times, Celia simply tries her best to avoid the person or situation.

Overly nervous and a worry wart, she tends to make herself sick when she's fretting over someone too much.

----------- • Relationship Information • -----------



Love Interest

----------- • Biographical Information • -----------


Growing up poor, Celia has had to work for everything she has. It has made her a bit of a spastic when it comes to financial issues. She does her best to try and quell this but it's very difficult for her.

When she finally moved out, she stayed with Monica and together, they pay for an apartment.

The first time on their own, most of their days are filled with work. Whenever they can get a break, they spend it lazing around and trying to just catch up. Neither has much spare time as it is anymore.

Playing a game one night, a bright light blinded both the girls. Now they are within a world unlike their own, brought there by a whim and a wish. Claimed to be warriors, the two must fight for the past, present, and future to ensure that history will go on as it should.

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| DBZ OC Sheet | : Celia {Revamp}
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