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 Lord Of The Rings OC

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PostSubject: Lord Of The Rings OC   Tue Mar 10, 2015 6:43 pm

Character Chart (will have pictures added at a later date)
Character’s full name: Margaret Cheryl Stafford
Reason or meaning of name: Margaret is English Derived from Latin Margarita, which was from Greek  (margarites) meaning "pearl", probably ultimately a borrowing from Sanskrit  (manyari)Saint Margaret, the patron of expectant mothers, was martyred at Antioch in the 4th century. Later legends told of her escape from a dragon, with which she was often depicted in medieval art. The saint was popular during the Middle Ages, and her name has been widely used in the Christian world.  Other saints by this name include a queen of Scotland and a princess of Hungary. It was also borne by Queen Margaret I of Denmark, who united Denmark, Sweden, and Norway in the 14th century. Famous literary bearers include American writer Margaret Mitchell (1900-1949), the author of 'Gone with the Wind', and Canadian writer Margaret Atwood (1939-).
Cheryl is English and an elaboration of CHERIE, perhaps influenced by BERYL. This name was not used before the 20th century.
Stafford is from the English place name Staffordshire, which was adopted by the man who lived near a river or creek at a crossing point, which was called a ford. The particular crossing point was a "stony ford", or "ford by a landing place".
Character’s nickname(s): Midge, Mae, Maggie, Peggy
Birth date & place: August 21, 1990 Taos, New Mexico, United States of America
Weapon(s) of choice: Marine Corps Martial Arts [MCMAP] (This includes hand to hand combat, knife fighting, training and fighting with a Empty M-14&/or M-16 with a bayonet on the end). (loaded) M-14/M-16, & 9mm
Abilities: None before appearing in Middle Earth, Once in Middle Earth she can have wings and do small basic magic. (Later in Middle Earth Gandalf and Lord Elrond come to the conclusion that she is a Fae [type of fairy])
Physical appearance
Age: 25
How old does she appear: late teens
Weight: She is underweight at 112 pounds (healthy weight would be 120pounds) [this is without her wings out]
Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Body build: Slim, Athletic legs, no upper body strength, B cup breasts
Shape of face: Oval
Eye color and Shape: Golden brown
Glasses or contacts: glasses before Middle Earth, once in Middle Earth it seems that her eyes have been magically corrected
Skin tone: #2 Alvina 
Distinguishing marks(include scars, tattoos and piercings): Freckles, Small barely noticeable mole directly under left eye, Tattoo on shoulder blade (Her sons hands overlapping with his initials in the middle), Scar on right hand between the index knuckle and the middle finger knuckle it is angled and goes slightly up the middle finger, basic one hole ear’s pierced.
Predominant features: Eyes, and high cheek bones
Hair color and Length: Dark brown (color similar to that of Lord Elrond and his children) Pixie hair cut with long bangs swept to the side
Physical disabilities:  N/A
Usual fashion of dress: 
Favorite outfit: 
Fashion of Dress In Middle Earth: Note there are slits in her tank top and long sleeved green shirt for her wings to slip through when she wants to bring them out to fly.
Good personality traits: Loyal, Kind, Caring, And Protective
Bad personality traits: Over protective, curious, at times quiet/shy and others loud when upset.
Mood character is most often in: When alone usually sad, With others much happier and depending on the situation can be serious or funny.
Sense of humor: Usually depends on her mood! Sarcasm, dry, witty it all depends on what’s going on around her.
Character is most at ease when: With ones she can trust.
Most ill at ease when: Alone or with those who wish to cause harm
Depressed or sad when: Alone
Character’s soft spot: Children
Is this soft spot obvious to others: Yes
Biggest regret: That she didn’t drive her son to school the day he died instead of his father.
Minor regret: Choosing to hide her true feelings from others.
Biggest accomplishment: Other than having her son while she did College and joining the military.
Past failures she would be embarrassed to have people know about and why: Her failed marriage, because back then she wasn’t as confident in herself and so she was a pushover to which her ex-husband had then taken advantage of. And because she was abused she doesn’t want to be pitied.
Character’s darkest secret and does anyone else know: When she was a teenager she was raped, Yes her best friend. 
Drives and motivations: Loved one’s (family, friends, etc.)
Immediate goals: Catch up with a friend and enjoy self on trip.
Long term goals: [before Middle Earth] To further self in career and have a family.
How the character plans to accomplish these goals: (I.G.) Plans to go on trip with a friend and not let the little things bother her so she can enjoy herself on the trip. (L.T.G.) To put in for an officers package to further career and to date an look for that special someone.
Hometown: : Doesn't claim since she moved around so much when she was younger. Claims to be from NM but lived most of her life in different parts of Texas, then moved to Missouri after high school.
Type of childhood: Fun yet sometimes strict.
First memory and why: Sitting in Grandpa’s lap while he smoked his pipe.
Most important childhood memory: Grandpa’s funeral (he died when she was 5), because she lost her protector
Childhood hero: Grandpa
Dream job: Actress
Highest form of Education: College Degree - Associates in Business Administration
Religion: Christian (NOT a Bible thumper or a Holy roller. Very understanding and excepting of others)
Currently living with: No one
Pets: none
Religion: Same as mentioned in past
Occupation: Military Reservist Currently a Religious Program Specialist Petty Officer Third Class (Is basically the Chaplain’s Secretary/Body Guard)
Mother: Melody Cheryl Stafford (Sherry)
Relationship with her: Great
Father: Joel Eugene Stafford Jr. (Jes)
Relationship with him: Rocky
Siblings oldest to youngest: Brother-Joel Eugene Stafford the 3rd (Gene), Sister-Carrie Dell Stafford (Carrie), Sister-Sarah Elizabeth Pace (Sarahbeth)
Relationship with them: Brother-Great Sister’s-Rocky
Spouse: Divorced-Will Wright
Relationship with him: Rocky
Children: Camden Reed Stafford (Cam, Reed)
Relationship with them: Great (deceased)
Other important family members: Grandpa- Papa Jr (PJ) great relationship (deceased)
Color: (Depends on mood really) Usually Blues, Greens, Red, and Black
Least favorite color: Some Yellows, and Some Pinks
Music: Loves all kinds
Food: Would be easier to name what she doesn’t like, such as cabbage, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower
Literature: Sir Author Conan Doyle, Jane Austin, Cathrine Coultre, etc.
Form of entertainment: All kinds of games, going out weather its to the bar, to eat, movie theatre, theatre or to just talk at a café, and tv and movies at home. Working out etc.
Mode of transportation: Train, and Plane (she hates to drive but will do so.)
Most prized possession: Tattoo on right shoulder blade.
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Running, Martial Arts Training, Hiking, Art, Crafts, etc.
Plays a musical instrument? Piano
How he/she would spend a rainy day: Depending on her mood and how its raining reading writing, art, or even running if its just a light sprinkle. And even going out to a café for coffee and free wifi.
Smokes: No is allergic to cigarette smoke so never tried it or anything else even if she’s not allergic to smoke from cigars or pipes(tobacco is different in them than cig’s)!!
Drinks: Socially
Other drugs: N/A
What does she do too much of? Spending time alone when unhappy and thinking about the past.
What does she do too little of? Having fun
Extremely skilled at: Hand to hand combat and knife fighting
Extremely unskilled at: Sewing and men (lol)
Nervous tics: Bites tounge or lip, Plays with hair, Fidgets, Thumb twirling, Feet Shuffling, Looking around like a paranoid person, and eye twitch.
Optimist or pessimist? A bit of both for it really depends on what it is and the situation. Most of the time she is a Optimist!
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert
Daredevil or cautious? In the middle again depends on the situation.
Logical or emotional? More emotional at times but knows when to be logical to most at times she seems one or the other. Again depends on the situation and subject matter.
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat? More like Methodical and Messy at home but in work life Methodical and neat. There is never anything disorderly even in her mess it is in an orderly one.
Prefers working or relaxing? Working for she has a hard time relaxing fully.
Confident or unsure of himself/herself? Depends on the situation there are times where she may seem Confident yet on the inside she is unsure of herself.
Animal lover? Yes
How she feels about herself: Truly she at times hates herself though pretends all is well on the outside. This is most likely due to the loss of her child. (Child died in a car crash while she was at work and the child with the father. Hints why she hates cars)
One word the character would use to describe self: Crazy (In a good way)
What does the character consider her best physical characteristic? Her eyes
What does the character consider her worst physical characteristic? Her nose she feels that its funny looking
How does the character think others perceive her: Happy
What would the character most like to change about herself: Her sadness
Relationships with others
Opinion of other people in general: Some are great and some are ignorant.
Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others? She usually shares her true opinions but usually hides her true emotions.
Person character most hates: No one she was taught love the sinner hate the sin!
Best friend(s): Name of before middle earth will be added later [Once in Middle Earth] Bilbo, The whole fellowship, Lord Elrond, Lady Galadriel, Haldir, Faramir, Eomer, etc
Love interest(s): (Depends or yours cause I can change mine) Legolas, Boramir, Haldir, Eomer
Person character goes to for advice: Gandalf, Aragorn, Lord Elrond, Lady Galadriel
Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: The hobbits
Person character feels shy or awkward around: Love Interest(s), Steward of Gondor, King of Rohan and his family
Person character openly admires: No one
Person character secretly admires: Love Interest(s)
Most important person in character’s life before rp starts: No one really

After rp starts: (Once in Middle Earth) The Fellowship really and her Love Interest(s)

If you are interested in Roleplaying with me message me and/or check out my characters in the roleplay character hub or the following link :)
"Gunner Jenson I swear if you do that one more time... Ugh!!!" *Shakes head with a small smirk* <-- Please follow the link and vote in the poll at the top :)
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Lord Of The Rings OC
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