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 Borderlands Character: Helena

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Wandering Leo
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PostSubject: Borderlands Character: Helena    Wed Apr 01, 2015 8:18 pm

----------- • Basic Information • -----------



Pre-Sequel: Twenty-Nine

Collector/Dealer, Hyperion Infiltrator


The Remnant


Helena uses her advanced gear to temporally cloak, any damage given will result in a critical hit at the loss of her cover.

"Not a trace.”

"Keep your eyes open.”

"Looking for someone?”

Someone To Watch Over Me- {Aid}
While finishing off an enemy or closing her cloaking device Helena can usurp health points from the enemy. These health points are then distributed throughout the team.

"Look no further, I got ya.”

“A little something to hang on to!”

“Take your fill.”

Now You See Me-{Passive}
Helena can use her cloaking device to project herself around the enemies from all directions causing them to become confused and disoriented. Her projected self can only be dismissed if Helena takes damage.

"Missed me, missed me!”

"Over here good-lookin’!"

"Hit me with your best shot!"

All’s Well That Ends Well-{Offense}
Helena projects a shield around herself that turns her into a juggernaut. With her shield activated she can literally charge into enemies head on with little effort on her part. However, the more enemies she takes on the weaker her shield gets till it is completely depleted, leaving her defenseless.


"You vs. me, come on!"

"Die, monster, die!"
----------- • Appearance Information • -----------
Hair Color and Style
Helena has an undercut that’s brown in color with fringe that is swept past her eyes. The underside that’s shaved is a lighter shade than the rest of her hair.

Her eyes are dark brown and heavily lidded.

Skin Tone and Complexion
Helena is very fair but with a blotchy complexion and freckles littering her face and chest. She has a wide assortment of scars ranging from scratches to knife marks.

Height, Weight, and Figure
Helena stands at five foot four and weighs around 130, she tends to carry fat in her stomach. Her arms are toned while her legs are muscular, what she lacks in upper body strength she makes up for in lower body strength.

Clothing Style
Helena prefers clothing with very cool color schemes and boxy silhouettes. Her outfit of choice would be a neutral tang top under a bomber jacket with cargo pants tucked into a pair of boots. On her wrist is a cloaking device of her own design that adds to her bulky appearance. She has a sheath on her hip that she wears indefinitely and is rarely seen without it.

Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings
Helena has a wide assortment of scars, most are scattered about her back and stomach. Most are covering her hands. She has a large gash in her side that never healed right, giving her skin there a pink and puckered appearance compared to the surrounding area. Most noticeable on her are three scars down the bridge of her nose.

----------- • Personality Information • -----------
Helena could be described as charismatic, eccentric and naïve. She carries herself with an air of “don’t talk when I’m talking” and “did I ask for your feedback?” If there is one thing she hates more than conflict it’s being talked over. Though, she’s been known to go on and on whether anyone’s listening or not. Given her trade in fine, stolen and rare wares most just shut up and deal with it. 

With an outlook permanently set on the bright side of things, it takes a lot to grind her down. But don’t mistake this chipper outlook for naivety, undermining an enemy is a tactic that’s rarely in the oppositions favor.

However, while Helena is great in a scrape, long term fights wear her down far too easily. She uses her wits and façade gullible nature to put down her enemies before they even get too close. Her eye for tinkering has also helped keep up a decent, and deadly, barrier between her and that big ol’ world out there.

All in all, Helena is a kindred spirit eager to see as much of what she can in this vast void of space. If she gets to make some money off of folks along the way than that’s just the cherry on top.

Helena seldom removes the sheath around her waist, which has become frayed throughout the years, and is constantly nicking her hands on her knife because of it.

Helena enjoys scavenging immensely, she has a special place in her heart for travel and exploration. She's also a lover of star-gazing and hoarding collecting moonstone.

Helena hates being rushed and operates poorly under pressure. She can grow very frantic in quite spaces alone but doesn't seem to mind them when with other people. She also has issues with being used, despite her trade demanding so.

That gullible facade of hers has gotten her cheated on in more dealings than she'd like to mention. Sometimes, she gets so caught up in the act that she doesn't notice when the tables get turned. 
Besides this, she tends to only see the best of an individual and can be easily manipulated.

----------- • Relationship Information • -----------
Janey Springs

Love Interest
----------- • Biographical Information • -----------
Helena was raised on Elipse within the Dahl mining colony where her parents worked. From a young age she’d always been interested in that vast void of space that surrounds them all and took to studying the stars and other space related doodads at the spaceport of Concordia. During The Cracking, Helena was visiting Concordia and was oblivious to the whole event till word came that she lost both her parents. Helena was heartbroken and became dangerously reclusive, avoiding all other refugees.

That is, till someone wanted something and was willing to pay a pretty price for it. Helena began scavenging as much of Elipse as she could to turn a profit and reunite people with what they’ve been missing. During this period of her life, Helena was a wraith upon the moon only ever appearing when she had dealings and remaining hidden when she did not.

Once Hyperion started taking interest in Pandora and started building the space station Helios did Helena resurface from her somber hidey-hole for good. She took great interest in Hyperion then and joined the ranks officially as an infiltrator. Though, word of mouth says if you need exotic goods that may or may not be permitted on the space station just give her a ring.

It was a decent living for a while, but with all things in Helena’s life, it went South real fast.

This Kooky Dame
Literally A Single Opossum In A People Suit

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Wandering Leo
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Super Mod

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PostSubject: Re: Borderlands Character: Helena    Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:27 am

Got Helena all updated!

This Kooky Dame
Literally A Single Opossum In A People Suit

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Borderlands Character: Helena
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