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Gently Entangled

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 |Shaman King OC| Ayasha

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PostSubject: |Shaman King OC| Ayasha   Fri Apr 03, 2015 1:07 am

||Basic Information||





Preferred Equipment
Combat bracers

||Spirit Allies||

Ram: Maska
Lambs: Muna and Tawa

A ram, two lambs

Maska – Ayasha’s original spirit ally, he guides her in anything she might need that he holds knowledge in. An old spirit, he is a rather gentle soul though does still hold onto his age-old stubbornness and temper. He is not afraid to butt heads if need be to get what needs to be done, done.

Muna – The white lamb of the pair, she is often spotted bickering with Tawa. She is a shier individual, and one who prefers to remain with few loved ones that out with many others. Because of this she often remains near Maska, Tawa or Ayasha’s side. She is usually quite gentle though Tawa can manage to bring about her more agitated side from time to time.

Tawa – The black lamb of the pair, Tawa frequently argues with his sister Muna. He is a more outgoing little spirit, a contrast to Muna’s more withdrawn nature. Because of this he’s often the one prodding for Muna or even Ayasha to do things despite how uncomfortable it might make the other party feel. He is naïve, however, with a lot left to learn about the world.


Hair Style
Her hair is wavy and pink in color, her bangs long enough to frame her face and often fall in the way of her eyes. She prefers to keep it layered, to make it appear thicker and healthier than it might actually be. She tends to keep it worn down with only a headband worn to keep it in check. It reaches down past her shoulders.

Golden eyes, which have a sharp, stubborn look to them.

Skin Tone/Complexion
She’s got a somewhat tanned complexion, made even darker during the summer months when she is out and about. If she consumes too many sweets and doesn’t take care to keep her face washed properly she breaks out easily.

She is not a very intimidating individual, weighing in at one hundred and twenty pounds and standing at 5’4”. She’s rather average-chested and her hips and elbows are rather bony.

Ayasha has three earrings on the right earlobe. She has an armband tattoo along her upper right arm and the lower forearm of the same side. She has a golden hairband she frequently wears which is often used as a medium for Maska in fights.

Clothing Style
Depending on the weather Ayasha can be seen sporting a pair of jeans or shorts. She prefers comfy clothing though ones that she views as fashionable as well. Because of this she tends to pick warmer colors that she thinks suit her personality and skin tone, usually red. She does not like wearing longer sleeves, however, and avoids it when she can.


Ayasha is a stubborn, fiery individual though she’s not typically very outgoing. It takes time for her to open up to others, especially so given her history. Nonetheless she has a temper and is easily annoyed though she has an inability to hold grudges without immense cause for such things. Because of this she can be a little too forgiving to those she views as loved ones and perhaps even a little naïve at times.

She enjoys new challenges and experiences, especially those that give her a rush of adrenaline. Because of this she can be a little reckless, usually at her own endangerment. She is very bad at hiding what she feels, wearing her heart on her sleeve. Even still she has a hard time speaking her mind on occasion, especially so when something is bothering her. Because of this it can be hard to solve any problems Ayasha might be experiencing.

She tends to explore new areas when she can, collecting odd tidbits here and there. Fussing with her hair and headband seems to be common with her as well, though whether she realizes she does this or not is questionable.

Ayasha enjoys collecting pretty or interesting rocks and bird feathers. Music and dancing are also things she enjoys though she isn’t very experienced with the latter and tends to sit out any such occasions where she can dance. Instead of with either her talent lies in drawing and so she takes to doodling, often keeping a sketchpad and loose sheets of paper in a bag at her side. Someone playing with her hair is also something Ayasha enjoys immensely.

Loud noises and crowds are off-putting to her and things she tends to avoid if possible. She does not typically enjoy being watched as she draws either, finding the situation awkward when it happens and will often stop if she feels she’s being watched. If someone looks down on her abilities will earn her instant dislike as well.

Ayasha is a stubborn individual and will not give up unless forced to or breaks down entirely from the effort and stress. Ayasha does have a kind heart and can sometimes give too much to those she loves if they ask her of it. Because of this she can easily be used well beyond her means if she is not careful. Getting her to come out and admit her problems and her more intimate thoughts and feelings on people an things can be like pulling teeth, which means she can grow quite frustrated with herself for it.



Those who would oppose Hao or abuse her friends

Love Interest
Hao Asakura


Born from parents without abilities to interact with spirits, Ayasha was regarded as a freak in her home as she frequently interacted and befriended such beings instead of other children. Being rather withdrawn as a child this did not help matters, her parents trying everything they could to force her out of the “imaginary friend stage” as they saw it. It wasn’t until Ayasha heard whisperings when she was just thirteen-years-old that her parents were planning on sending her away for evaluation and mental aid did she pack a small bag and run away from home.

Woefully unprepared to live on her own she was accompanied by one of the spirits she’d befriend in her younger days, a large ram named Maska. Even still, with his aid, it was a rough month on the run before she ran into Kalila and the two have been traveling together ever since.

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|Shaman King OC| Ayasha
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