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 Attack on Titan OC: Ashaani Wrynn

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PostSubject: Attack on Titan OC: Ashaani Wrynn   Sun Apr 05, 2015 9:07 am

Name: Ashaani Wrynn
Species: human
Birthday: June 13
Birthplace: Wall Sina
Current Residence: Survey Corps HQ
Sexual Orientation: straight
Marital Status: Its complicated (with Erwin Smith)
Language(s) spoken: English
Life-Long Dream: To free herself from the walls shes lived behind. 
Goal(s): To find peace
Affiliation: Survey Corps
Former Affiliation: 
Grad. Rank: 7th
Grad. Path: Survey Corps
Status: Alive
Rank: Ashaani is one of the medic team leaders while she assists with fighting in the front lines when she is needed. She also serves, at times, as Erwin's second oppinion. (unofficially) 
Like(s): singing, writing, watching thunderstorms/rain, horse back riding
Dislike(s): lying, taking the easy way out, cowards, stupidity
Bad Habit(s): Keeping things in, plays with her hair when she is nervous or tired
Hobbies: horse back riding
Fear(s): people she doesn't trust, being taken away, loosing the people she cares most for
Personality:She is extremely loyal, kind hearted, and respectful however she is cautious of people she doesnt know. 

Food(s): fresh veggies 
Color(s): purple
Season(s): spring
Time of Day: morning 

Hair style: long dark cherry brown that falls to her shoulder blades in light waves. She keeps it up in a high messy bun only when going on expeditions and sometimes while she is sparing. 
Hair Color: dark cherry brown (with a violet tint in the sun)
Eye Color: blue
Skin Tone: a light olive
Body Shape/Build: curvy, slightly toned
Birth Marks:none
Scar(s): one stretching from behind her back around her ribs down around to her side. 

Memory: normal
Sight: excellent
Mental: Good - at times her past haunts her (night mares, de ja vu, creeping memories) which make it hard for her to think straight in situations if something is triggered. 
Physical: great
Sleep patterns: average of 6-7 hours 

3D Maneuvering Gear: 8/10
Martial Arts:7/10
Battle Skill:9/10
Agility: 7:10
Teamwork: 10/10

Parent(s): Esmè and Gage Wrynn (deceased) 
Sibling(s): None
Other Relative(s): none
Best Friend(s): Levi Ackerman, Hangi Zoe
Friend(s): Erwin Smith, Hangi Zoe, Levi Ackerman, Mike Zacharius (like a big brother)
Enemy(ies): Nile Dok
Hero(es): Erwin Smith
Rival(s): Levi (in a good competitive way)
Love Interest: Erwin Smith

History/Life: Ashaani lived happily in Wall Sina with her mother and father who were very generous with their wealth. On a trip out to wall Maria when Ashaani was 16 her parents were robbed and Ashaani was taken to  undercity where she lived the life of a slave. She was treated harshly for a long time until her captors were arrested by the Survey Corps. It took some time but Erwin Smith was able to pull her out of the hole she was trapped in for so long and to repay her debt to him she joined the Scouting Legion under his command. Over time her feelings grew into something more for her Commander. she continues to hide her true feelings for him though nothing is louder than love. she still treats him as her superior, ready to follow his command to her death should he give the word.  

Ashaani chose to join the medic team to try to save the lives that had a chance of living. Durring her time spent in undercity Ashaani saw many other victims needlessly bruised and beaten. Knowing the pain and suffering She took to helping those in need as her compassion for the helpless played a big part.

"All that I am: anger, cruelty, vengeance - I bestow upon you, my chosen knight. I have granted you immortality so that you may herald in a new, dark age for the Scourge."

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Attack on Titan OC: Ashaani Wrynn
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