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 Pyria Tinesia (Legend of Zelda Character)

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PostSubject: Pyria Tinesia (Legend of Zelda Character)    Wed May 20, 2015 3:52 am

Name: Pyria Tinesia
Age: 16 (For Link) or 24 (For Ganondorf) 
Gender: Female
Race: Gerudo
Appearance: She has long, flowing red hair that goes down to her waist. She usually has it up in a bun, or in a ponytail. She also wears an orangish jewel band across her forehead, and she has silver gauntlets that somewhat match Link’s. She is of course tan, from living in the harsh Gerudo Valley. She wears a light pink lipstick, and purple eyeshadow to match her clothing. Her eyes are of a golden hue, like the rest of her people.
Because of the very harsh conditions of her living environment, she is very fit and agile. She is also very stealthy and does assist in stealing a variety of goods in order to provide for her banished peoples. She wears the normal baggy pants and crop top as her people do, along with her thick desert shoes, in order to protect her feet from the abrasive and burning sand. Unlike many of her fellow kin, her outfit is slightly different, and made of higher quality fabrics, since she serves as Nabooru’s assistant. She is also held to higher standards, and receives harsher punishments due to this.

Weapons: She utilizes two large Scimitar swords, but is also proficient with her bow. She has also been trained to use a staff and spear, but she prefers to get up close and personal if she is able to. She also has a few smoke pods in case of close captures, and carries a pouch full of deku seeds to lash out blinding flashes to her enemies.

Personality: Pyria tends to be more observant and quiet, but can also be very verbally aggressive due to her harsh upbringing. She also has a thick skin, but is actually quite sensitive inside. She has a strong need to explore and to learn more about the world, but her tribe has been outlawed for so long, she fears that harm will befall her anywhere she goes. Although she steals for her people, she often feels guilty about doing so, and would much rather better the relationship between her people and the Hylians.
She does not recognize Ganondorf as a king, even though he is supposed to lead their tribe. She feels that he only leads them to war and more resentment, and has even been punished for voicing her opinions in front of the wrong people. She has a stern sort of voice, in order to appear tougher, but around those she is comfortable with, she actually speaks very calmly and also with a friendlier attitude. She is unsure of what Love is, because she was raised in such violent conditions, but she has read about it and heard about it in her scouting missions. She is also very independent, and prefers to go out on missions alone.

History: Pyria was born to a normal Gerudo mother who had a very short relation with a Hylian man. She was able to stay in the tribe, since she was a female, and from a young age, she was taught the harsh lessons of the Gerudo Valley Desert. She was even branded with the Gerudo symbol upon her lower back, and again on her left arm at the early age of eight. She was taught how to steal and bribe, and was one of the few Gerudos to pass the trails before she was twelve.
She trained hard, and worked even harder in order to climb the ranks until she was almost equal with Nabooru. Because of this, she often has tasks assigned to her by Ganondorf, Koume, and Kotake. She often dreams of leaving her tribe, and has often set off on practice adventures to become more familiar with the lands around her.
Love Interest/Crush: Link or Ganondorf
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Pyria Tinesia (Legend of Zelda Character)
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