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Weekly Prompt
This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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PostSubject: | Shaman King | Among the Stars | Group RP |   Tue Jun 02, 2015 12:39 pm

Serena couldn't believe what had happened. She'd been with her friend at the time, nothing more than that, flipping through old manga they had grown up with. That seemed innocent enough at the time. 

A bright light had overtaken the pair suddenly. Serena barely had a chance to shout out, distress rushing through her mind, before she blacked out.

When she stirred, it was to the sound of gun shots. She didn't have a moments notice to process just what was going on. The sound was so loud, deafening, and she clambered to her feet.

That was when she noticed the ground uneven underneath her. Serena nearly feel, surprised to find that the ground beneath her was not concrete or grass as she had been used to but rather fine and sandy.

"What the hell?" she muttered, her heart pounding hard against her chest. She knew that feeling. She had to calm down before it got worse...

Another gun shot tore through the air. A yelp left her. Instinctively, she ducked as if that would have helped. If a bullet hit her out here? She wouldn't know what to do. Serena wasn't even sure what to do now!

"Cover? Do I find cover?" she asked herself, trying to stick low to the ground. There were building in the distance, not too sturdy looking but they would work. Serena tore for them, if only to get out of the way of fun fire.

The heat, the panic, the confusion. Even when she was there, covered by the buildings and shade, she couldn't keep her heart from sputtering. It beat strangely, as if it were trying to skip one or two beats at a time.

Serena's fingers tangled into her shirt as if that could stop it. She took in lung fulls of air. Nothing helped, even as she tried her hardest not to panic. How did she end up here of all places? What was she supposed to do? The added questions only worsened Serena's state...

---- [ x ] ----

A bright light. How odd. Hao had seen it from a distance, something strange radiating off it. He was still in a young body but he could easily exhaust the mana to see what that had been. After all, he was still gathering his followers. Maybe this curiosity would be another one of them.

Hao called on the Spirit of Fire, carefully hopping onto the great nature spirits back. He'd grown so accustom to such things now that it was merely second nature. Flying was such a lovely thing, especially during the night.

Covering the distance to where that light had been was easy. The spirit would land easily on the ground. This area was isolated, one of the few great forests that still existed in this country. Hao hummed, catching the hint of great spiritual power lingering here.

The area was riddled with debris as if something had landed there. In the middle of it was a girl. She was young, about his age. She lay there, still, but alive. It was quite interesting, if Hao had anything to say about it.

Hao approached her carefully. At the moment, her thoughts did not run wild. It seemed like she was unconscious. When would she stir? He figured that perhaps he might have to wake her himself.

"My, this is quite unexpected," he said to the Spirit of Fire, "Perhaps you may become water and wake her, hmm? It would be quick to do, yes?"

The Spirit of Fire obeyed the request, allowing his body to form into water. With that, he merely raised his hand, allowing it to hover over the comatose girl. A torrent of rain would pour onto her, startling her awake.

Hao chuckled as she stared at him, wide eyed. The fear was apparent on her face immediately afterward. Her mind had been blank, as if trying to catch up with the situation. Not a moment afterward, it was racing, thought after thought allowing him to peek into her world.

"Forgive me," he placated easily, "I was merely curious. After all, strange girls appearing out of bright lights is rather strange, yes?"

What was racing through her was all very curious. Was this world even her own? Interesting...he wanted to know more.

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| Shaman King | Among the Stars | Group RP |
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