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 Yura [ Shaming King ] OC Sheet

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PostSubject: Yura [ Shaming King ] OC Sheet   Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:18 pm

-- Basic Information --

Name ;; Yura

Age ;; 16

Sexuality ;; Heterosexual

Occupation ;; Shaman

Weapon In Combat ;; Rapier

-- Spirit Ally Information --

Name ;; Aria

Classification ;; Seirei-class (Sacred Souls)

Species ;; Elemental Sprite/Spirit of Nature

Appearance ;; 

Main Specialty ;; Defense and Water-based Attacks

Personality ;; Aria is a rather caring and shy guardian spirit, rarely talking when around others. Despite her rather small size she does everything in her power to protect those closest to her. It wasn't very long ago that Aria was found in rather poor condition by Yura herself in a forest up in the north, and it was from then on that the small sprite never left the girl's side after a select incident that occurred.

However, once she grows comfortable enough with someone - whether they are spirit or human alike - she truly begins to act more outgoing and cheerful. Aria also tends to speak up more and is more comfortable with being herself more freely. Despite how Aria has her soft side towards others, and tends to get intimidated easily by certain individuals or spirits, she still fights with all she has.

-- Appearance Information --

Hair Style ;; Yura's hair is a dull shade of orange, rather messy yet soft to the touch, and separated in multiple places due to a long white bandage that completely covers her right eye - wrapped around her head rather unevenly. The reason for this unkempt hair and periodically stained bandages are unknown to all but Yura herself, and Aria.

Eyes ;; Her eye(s) are a soft purple shade which can sometimes brighten in vibrancy depending on the lighting. It's often found to be rather big, but if it's at the halfway point, it tends to portray that Yura is exhausted or something similar.

Skin Complexion ;; Yura's skin is a pale color but not to a ghostly level. When out in the summer sun she can get sunburned easily, so it will be no surprise when she arrives with a sunburn anywhere on her face.

Height, Weight, and Figure ;; Standing at 5'5" and still growing, Yura's skin is rather pale in comparison to others and she only has one eye that she is capable of seeing out of completely (proving to be a disadvantage in some stages of life). She is of a standard weight for someone of her stature, yet her feminine form - regarding a slightly curvy and steadily growing physique - is hidden under the coat she adorns.

Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings ;; The only feature that stands out to anyone when taking a look upon Yura is the nearly messily wrapped bandages wrapped around her head, covering her right eye. As this is due to an incident that occurred up in the north that has disabled sight completely from that eye, Yura tends to keep it covered up out of hiding the scar formed there.

Clothing Style ;; Yura's clothing style is a bit different from that of Pirika and Horokeu, yet she still carries a hint that she is of the Ainu tribe like them. She wears a small dress-like coat tinted a very dull shade of blue (underneath the coat a pink dress) with black stockings stretching up all the way, blue sandals adorned on her feet with the strings a vibrant shade of red.  Yura wears a number of blue necklaces with the Ainu Tribe symbols and patterns embedded onto them, receiving them as a gift from her mother.

-- Character Information --

Personality ;; If there is one common trait among those descending from the Ainu Tribe, it is that the strong prey on the weak. However, Yura doesn't always appear to enforce that ruling wherever she goes immediately. She is one to believe that everyone deserves a chance, and if they frolic about lightly with that chance, that is when Yura tends to put her foot down and strike - in a manner of speaking.

Similar to a number of those from the Ainu Tribe, Yura is a hard to read person who doesn't tend to share her emotions freely with just anyone. Behind it all, there is simply a smile while she mainly guides whatever attention that seems to find itself to her onto others that she feels needs it much more. She easily grows uncomfortable in being even a foot too close to "the spotlight", and tends to just sit back, watching whatever unfolds unless she feels she absolutely has to step in.

It is in just sitting back that Yura carefully watches over the people she dearly cares about, or even those that she feels she can freshly call her friends. Whether they are spirit or human alike, the girl is one to accept anyone as her friend provided they prove to be reasonable in the very least - and who are willing to do what is the right thing. She also tends to be averagely quiet and rather patient when it comes to arguments or accusations, just sitting by and listening until she decides it's time for her to step in. While still living in the village, her father had jokingly called her a "guardian" regarding the way she swore to protect her family, tribe, and friends in that time.

Even if Yura is hard to read at some points, she is one to mean well even if others say otherwise. The girl will even wear her heart fully on her sleeve around the people she is comfortable with, and can crack a few jokes here and there provided it is the appropriate and correct time to do so. When it comes to fighting for something dire or if her friends are in danger, Yura is not one to back down until the very end despite her own clear disadvantages. She is even more willing to lay down her life for someone she truly cares for, proving just how much she cares for those closest to her.

Habits ;; With those who have been around Yura long enough, they tend to notice that she crosses her arms a lot. They tend to stay that way no matter where she is or what the situation holds, but a trademark action of hers is that she always crosses her arms. Another habit Yura has is looking up in thought, making slightly silly faces such as narrowing her eyes while pursing her lips. When in especially deep thought, the expressions grow all the more stranger.

Likes ;; Yura tends to favor watching over people more than anything, but she absolutely adores spending time and playing with Aria. Other things that she is fond of include cold weather, listening to others and music, and a little bit of peace and quiet every once in a while along with exploring new environments.

Dislikes ;; If there is one thing that Yura dislikes more than anything, it's people taking advantage of other people. Having much experience in that field herself - the one being taken advantage of on several occasions - such an action tends to earn an immediate dislike in her book as she believes such an action is wrong no matter who they are or where they are from. Other things that can push her buttons include needless death, and hot weather.

Shortcomings ;; Despite her patience and rather unreadable front, Yura struggles with sleeping - making fighting difficult for certain periods of time because of exhaustion. Instead of asking for help or attempting to sleep any longer she instead stays up until she unknowingly falls asleep, sometimes being found in weird positions or places depending on the time and environment where she's "out like a light".

Another shortcoming of Yura is that she is incredibly clumsy, common occurrences like tripping over her own two feet or managing to simply hurt herself by stubbing her toe on the most random of objects a daily part of the day with her around. She also tends to just fall flat on her face and just usher anyone away who wants to help her out of embarrassment, as Yura does tend to grow easily embarrassed as well whenever something of this proportion happens to her.

-- Relationship Information --

Friends ;; Usui Pirika (Pilica)
Acquaintance(s) ;; ???

Enemies ;; Hao Asakura and the X-Laws

Love Interest ;; Usui Horokeu (Trey Racer)

-- Biographical Information --

History ;; Living in the Ainu Tribe for a good portion of her life, Yura was raised in a full fledged Shaman family totaling three - herself, her mother, and father. The parents didn't discover that Yura was a Shaman until she was merely three years old, having made strange noises and even playing with a spirit before their very eyes. It made them utterly proud and they encouraged Yura to even join the upcoming Shaman Tournament - one that she agreed in participating in when the day would arrive. However, before that time, Yura had to find a Guardian Ghost that she truly felt a connection with.

It wasn't long until exploring one day in the mountains that she found a small sprite glowing under portions of snow covering its tiny form. Worried on its condition, Yura had taken it back to her home and looked after it herself - her parents stepping in here and there to guide her along the way. It was eventually that the small water sprite awoke with a timid disposition at first, but as time passed on, the sprite finally shared that its name was Aria. Yura learned to be gentle with the small essence of nature and to take time in growing close to her.

After another day of exploring in the mountains, the harsh condition of the winter weather was batting at Yura in an unbelievably strange way. It was then that she encountered a rather enranged spirit, left defenseless against it as it was discovered that it was the cause of the raging storm the girl had been investigating that day. A shrill scream soon ensued from the mountains - having alerted Aria - and the timid sprite captured the parents' attention before making way to the mountain, following the sounds of what appeared to be snow crunching. It was then that Aria found Yura stumbling under her feet in the snow, covering her right eye as a horrifying color decorated both her winter garments and the snow.

The enraged spirit then reappeared again behind Yura, and Aria couldn't bare to take anymore of it all. Forming a unity with Yura, the two fended off the spirit long enough before the girl's parents arrived with a few other villagers to finish it off. Collapsing in the aftermath and waking up back in her home, Yura was just in the beginning phase to cope with the truth that she could only see out of one eye. . . But Aria stayed by her side the entire time and it was from then on that the sprite become Yura's Guardian Ghost.

Now Yura and Aria are traveling, lingering, and training after having left the comforts of home to adjust to whatever hardships may come their way to the best of their abilities for the tournament to become the next Shaman King.

 --  -- 

"Something is stirring. . . My memories are burning."

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Yura [ Shaming King ] OC Sheet
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