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Gently Entangled

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PostSubject: bleach matchmaker form complete!   bleach matchmaker form complete! Icon_minitimeFri Jun 19, 2015 6:29 pm

Name: Nikko Matsuda

Gender: female

Sexual preference: straight


Species: soul reaper

Rank(if any?): 4th seat

Squad(Of any?): 13

Zanpatko name: Kage Tora 

Zanpatko appearance: Kage Tora's normal appearance is an elagant samurai sword. It's blade is matalic black and the handle is laced with purple ribbons. Once Kage Tora is released the blade thickens and grows a long tooth at the end followed by several smaller teeth behind it.

Zanpakto abilities/other(like about shiki chant/other): Kage Tora is able to latch onto its prey by sinking the teeth into flesh once it has penetraited skin.

Abilities(Can be fighting /other): Niko stays in the shadows, stalking her target similar to cats. She has quick and powerful blows and once Kage Tora is released it fixes her with heightned feline-like senses that allow her to be quick and light on her feet.

Talents: Nikko posses a few talents. She is most skilled at tracking and hunting. She is good at picking up on things quickly. 

Flaws: Nikko can be a bit off putting. Her shyness is often mistaken for being snotty at times though it just takes her a while to get used to those around her. Another one of her flaws is that she can seem - at times - a push over or a people pleaser.

Appearance: Nikko has a reddish brown color hair and bright blue eyes that are often said to be her best feature. Her complection is a bit pale with only a hint of a sunkissed glow. She is a bit on the short side, being just below average height. Her body is very feminin and almost seems fradgile, her breasts being a bit wider than her hips.

Personality(Be very Descriptive!): Nikko has a very laid back personality. Sheis very reserved and respectful of others. She normally likes to go with the flow and doesn't really enjoy taking the lead with things. She doesn't like confrentation and will shy away unless she deems it is really worth dealing with. She is all togeather a very kind person, compassionate for those less fortunate than her. She - like everyone else - has her days when she is agitaited but she tries to hide her emotions often.Often her eyes give her emotions away to those who know her well. She doesn't like letting others know when she is upset. 
She can be very curious about things she doesn't know or understand and once something has sparked her interest she is very persistant and hard headed once she goes after it. She is very easily trusting - oftentrying to see the good in others- and this can make her vurnerable if someone plays their cards right. When it comes to socializing, Nikko can be a bit nieve - this being that she doesn't quite pick up on certian things like when someone might be flirting with her - Nikko seems to just go with it most of the time even though she may not be meaning to flirt back.

Past/bio:Nikko doesn't remember much about her death. When she joined the Soul Society she became a Soul Reaper, hoping to find who she once was.

Likes: animals, cool and breezy days, rain and thunderstorms, sweets, night walks, people watching

Dislikes: bugs, heat, feeling sticky, being ignored, being told no

Goals: to find who she truly was before death 

Dreams: to move up in the ranks and become a Captain


What in appearance do you find attractive?

Strong features - strong jawlines, toned or muscled body, long hair is a big plus, tattoos are a favorite as well though they are not a must have and heigth. She finds it attractive when her man is taller than her.

What in appearance don't you find attractive?

overly muscled, stick figure, lots of faicial hair, short. 

What in personality do you find attractive?

strong and agressive, forcefull - enough to frighten her a little, hidden soft spot, protective,mysterious and perhaps cold and distant at times. A bit minipulating as well. Badboyish attitude is a  plus.

What in personality don't you find attractive?

not knowing when to be serious, uncaring, whiney 

What are things you find attractive /like what things can someone do to 'melt your heart'?

giving gifts, making time for her, mostly just showing he cares through a physical actions like holding her and kissing her - romantic things.

she also finds agressiveness a bit attractive as well - towards her or others she finds herself drawn to bad boys.

What do you do when embrassed/in love? 

Nikko holds her breath when she feels embarassed. She also tends to twist her hair now and then. When Nikko is in love she is a bit clumsy, she tries to pay too much attention to what she's doing and she fumbles over herself in the process if she is around her crush. She is also a bit shy and doesn't say much at first until she warms up to them. 


1)Your match is trouble this being with....getting a gift for someone.They don't say you this gift is for.But say that is important for them to give that person the right gift and ask your advice.What do you say/do/think?

Nikko stared blankly at the man for a moment, wondering who the gift could be for. Pushing the curiosity out of her mine she smiled. "Well have you asked them what they like?" She asked as she kept walking.

'I wonder who he's getting a gift for...It must be pretty important if he's putting this much thought into it...'

2)Valentine's day is near.You are thinking of giving chocolate to your match.What do you say/think/do?

'I really hope he likes the chocolates...' Nikko thought to herself as she went to find the man she admired. Smiling when she saw him she put the candies behind her back as she walked up to him. "I got something for you.." She said smiling up at him. "But you have to close your eyes first..."

3)Your match got badly injured.What do you say/think/do?

'No...please no...' Nikko thought as she ran to the man's body. She called his name a few times and tried to shake him to wake him up. "Come on, get up!" She said worried as she tried to help him up. "We have to find help..." She said desperatly trying to stop the bleeding and tending to the wounds.

4)You see a cat in the rain alone.What do you say/think/do?
'That poor thing...All alone....' Nikko watched the cat for a moment and then squated down to its level, extending her hand to it. "Come here's ok..." She reached out to it. If she was sucessful enough she would bring it home and give it some food and water and made sure it was well taken care of.

5)Your match looks troubled by something.What do you say/think/do?

Nikko walked up behind him. She knew something wasn't right. 'I hope he's ok...' she thought as she got closer. She reached out and lightly touched his shoulder as she called his name. "Are you alright? You seem troubled..."

6)Your match confesses that they love you what do you think/say/do?
Nikko blushed slightly at the man's confession. She smiled as she looked down shyly to the floor. Instinctivly her fingers found their way to her hair as she played with it. A light humm left her lips as she looked back up at him with bright eyes. Without saying a word Nikko threw her arms around the man's neck and held onto him as she put her head into his chest.
"I love you too..." She said quietly.

7)Your match kisses you for the first time what do you think/say/do?

Once again a light pink shade brushed over Nikko's cheeks. 'Did he..?' Nikko kept her eyes open for a moment until she had been convinced she wasn't dreaming. Closing her eyes she leaned into the kiss as she placed her hands on his shoulders and stood on her tippy toes.


-Questions up to 15-

1.) How does he react when he is upset or angry with her?
2.) How does he show her he loves her?

3.) Is he overprotective of her?
4.) What is his favorite memory of them?
5.) How does he react if she is in trouble or hurt?

6.) What qirks or habits does she do that makes him fall for her all over again?

7.) What is his favorite feature Nikko has?

8.) What is his favorite thing to do with her?

9.) Does he treat her differently when they are in public vs when they are alone?

10.) What were his thoughts of her the first time they met?

11.) Nikko secretly finds agressivness and controlling an attractive feature in men - if he is an agressive person is he agressive or controlling towards her? If so how so? 

12.) Nikko can be easy to minipulate at times. Has he ever taken advantage of that?

13.) Nikko can also be hard headed at times. Does he try to talk her out of something that might be dangerous for her even if he knows she can handle it?

14.) Does he worry about her when she isn't with him?

15.) What are some things he doesn't like for Nikko to do?
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bleach matchmaker form complete!
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