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 Serena [ Shaming King ] OC Sheet [Under Construction]

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PostSubject: Serena [ Shaming King ] OC Sheet [Under Construction]   Mon Jun 22, 2015 1:13 pm

-- Basic Information --

Name: Serena

Age: 21 before the events of the shaman tournament. 30 during the shaman tournament.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Occupation: Shaman

Weapon In Combat: Her two Oni voodoo dolls

-- Appearance Information --

Hair Style:

Eyes: Her eyes are round and dark brown in color. Often times, they are downcast, with a tired look to them. Bags, though not too dark in color, are sometimes noticeable due to having trouble sleeping before and after the events within the Middle East.

Skin Complexion: Serena's complexion is normally fair if she takes care. She is very pale and effected by exposure to the sun far too easily. Due to this, she does her best to stay out of the harsh sunlight as best as she can.

Height, Weight, and Figure: Serena is a little under weight for her height. She is more like a stick in figure, not holding much in terms of being curvy. She doesn't often eat well and sometimes forces herself to eat when it's most needed. Her anxieties sometimes make her so sick to her stomach that she might refuse to eat more than a few bites at any given time.

Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings: Serena has faint scars from where she was shot, once in the shoulder and several times over her body. They were left there after she died. Whether this was intentional by Hao or not, Serena still isn't sure. The scars are a constant reminder of her time spent in the Middle East.

She has no piercings or tattoos.

Clothing Style:

-- Character Information --

Personality: Serena is normally rather laid back when the situation is not stressful. She likes to relax, simply enjoying life to the best of her ability. While she has not had the best experiences in her trek into adulthood, she has tried to remain as optimist as she can be.

She tends to cope with humor and sarcasm during the hardest points in her life. She's humorous, laid back, kind, understanding but for as many strengths, Serena has just as many dark flaws.

Generalized anxiety at times puts her a near constant edge. Whether she's worried about something large or nothing at all, there are points in her life where it feels as if the weight of the world is on her shoulders.

This has led to panic attacks and trouble sleeping during the night. There have even been points when panic attacks have been so bad, she's slept through entire days and nights, her body exhausted from being so emotionally drained.

Serena has had passed issues with mental abuse and due to this, often does not care for loud noises or yelling or even anger. Often times, when trapped in the middle of such things, she merely shuts down and waits quietly for it to pass.

She also has a tendency to be moody in extreme cases. Serena has had little time to express her feelings through the years, often having difficulty or even thinking she's burdening others with her feelings as some have acted put off when she starts to talk about her problems.

She bottles things up so often that she often simply implodes on herself when things become too stressful.

As a person, she has more stresses than she has happiness, though through the years it has gotten lighter. People she has met, good people, have aided her in letting go of such stresses and anxieties in her life.

She has become a happier person because of it.

Habits: Serena has many nervous habits such as shifting her weight, chewing at her lips, and toying with her hair. She also has a habit of, when she's far too tired, dozing off without meaning to.

Likes: Star gazing. She's always found something of a comfort in watching the night sky. When she's in a place she can actually do that, staring at stars is the easiest method for her to fall asleep.

Serena is fond of quiet music to keep herself calm. She's also quite fond of when her ally later on, Peyote, plays the guitar.

Dislikes: The heat. Serena can't take the heat very often, especially that of humidity. If it's too hot, she can become physically ill.

She hates yelling and general aggression toward her as well. Due to this, she's often more of a peace keeper than an aggressor herself.

Shortcomings: Can often be moody without really meaning or wanting to be. Far too anxious for her own good. Does not handle stress well or accordingly. Bottles up her emotions far too often.

-- Relationship Information --

Friends: Mohammed, Peyote at a later time


Enemies: Any enemy of Hao's is to be an enemy of hers.

Love Interest: Mohammed

-- Biographical Information --

History: Serena was mentally and verbally abused by her step father for several years as a teenager. Due to the impressionable age and, soon after, the responsibilities of adult life falling onto her shoulders, Serena has difficulty coping with anxieties.

From the age sixteen to nineteen, she was verbally abused. When she, her mother, and sister left, Serena was placed right into work. She brought the most money home and was often looked to when it came to keeping them afloat. Forced to more or less be the responsible sibling at the age of twenty, the pressure eventually caught up and she started having massive panic attacks.

She forced herself into the hospital and was put on anti-anxiety medication as well as kept panic attack medication for when attacks came up. Through this, she was more or less able to carry on with her normal life.

A year later, she would lay in bed like any other evening, fall asleep, and expect to wake to another work day. However, when she did wake, she found herself within the wars in the Middle East.

Unfit for survival here, she relies on a mercenary named Mohammed to see her through this place safely until they can think of a better plan.

-- Spirit Ally Information --

Name: Mummy and Prince

Species: Oni/Demons

Main Specialty: Offensive though reckless, attacks

Mummy's History: Mummy was born of Serena's pent up feelings after her step father began to mentally and verbally abuse her. She had bought the tiny voodoo doll as a way to vent negative emotions, as these small dolls were made to 'watch over' those who took them.

However, she had little idea of the shaman powers that were harbored deep inside her until after her death. This allowed Mummy to wake up when she was revived and take to the world in a more physical form.

Mummy was the demon who 'spirted away' Serena, in a sense, to the Middle East simply to cause trouble for her. He feeds on negative emotions and, with her already troubling anxiety, grew stronger because of the situation he had placed her within.

Mummy's Appearance: When not harbored within Serena's voodoo doll, Mummy looks like nothing more than a black wisp, taking shape of an otherworldly being. One eye is a screw, much like that of the voodoo doll he was born from, while the other glows bright red.

He has gnashed teeth, visible when he speaks. Despite not looking like anything more than smoke, his hands are that of sharp claws.

Given Mummy's physical form, he can move like smoke and mist, often switching between his regular form and this smoky look when he's attempting to speak with someone and is constantly on the move. It often keeps their attention on him, which he quite likes.

Mummy's Personality: Between the two, Mummy is very mischievous and a trouble maker, going out of his way to cause problems with others.

Like Serena's step father, he is often times verbally abusive and says harsh things to not only Serena herself but others as well. However, if anyone were to treat her the same as he does, he would quickly put the trouble maker down, treating things as he is the only one who can bother Serena.

Mummy, despite all of his confidence and trouble making, is not often a fighter. He simply likes to cause trouble. He is more times than not rather lazy, just wanting people to pay him some mind.

Prince's History: Serena purchased a 'Prince' voodoo doll sometime after she had acquired Mummy. Prince was meant to protect and watch over those she cared about, however, a fair amount of nasty emotions were placed in him as well. Due to the constant mental abuse to her family, Prince grew quite strong, silently observing the situation.

When he woke, Prince remained quiet compared to Mummy. He is not often one to speak and when he does, his voice is often soft, much like an echo. Because of this, it actually took Serena a while before she realized that he too had become something physical.

Prince's Appearance: Much like Mummy, Prince is whispy and can move very much like his counterpart. However, he chooses not to. He has two yellow glowing eyes and, unlike Mummy, is missing a mouth. As he speaks, his tone is very quiet.

He almost as a glow to him, much like that of a star, but can dissipate into mist at will. Often harbored within the doll that was his home for years, Prince is not often seen. He prefers to be nestled away, quietly watching, until he is most needed.

Prince's Personality: Between the two, Prince is often quiet and observant. While he feeds on negative emotions, the one true purpose he has is to protect. That is what he was created for and he intends to serve as loyally as possible.

However, this makes him incredibly dangerous. Prince will harm and even kill anyone who harms Serena or someone she holds dear. He does not see reason, he merely sees and wants to protect.

Due to this, he is far more deadly and dangerous than Mummy. Because of casualties during short squabbles after Mohammed and Serena left the Middle East to live by the river, Hao must often warn others not to agitate this specific demon if they do not wish to die.

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Serena [ Shaming King ] OC Sheet [Under Construction]
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