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Weekly Prompt
This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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 | Dark Souls | Artemis | W.I.P. |

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PostSubject: | Dark Souls | Artemis | W.I.P. |   Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:42 pm

||Basic Information||




Preferred Weaponry
Bow and arrows

Preferred Equipment


Hair Color and Style
Mousy-brown in color, her hair reaches down to the middle of her back and is rather wavy in nature. Her bangs seem to be in need of trimming, falling in the way of her eyes and framing her face.

Dark brown and rather wide, giving her a younger appearance than she actually is.

Skin Tone and Complexion
Rather pale from lack of exposure to the sun in recent years, Artemis’ complexion would be far clearer if she were to cut back on the amounts of sweets she eats and drinks.

Standing just over 5’4”, Artemis is a rather scrawny woman. Even so, her hips are wider than her chest size. Something she’s not too entirely happy about.

Clothing Style
Artemis prefers clothing that’s easy to move around in and can breath. Something that feels too heavy or constricting often leaves her high strung and frustrated until she is able to change into something more comfortable. Nonetheless Artemis attempts to look her best, choosing clothes that she thinks flatter her form as best that can be done with her scrawny frame.



When she’s first met, Artemis can be a fairly quiet individual, often left to her own devices. Despite this, with those she knows well she can become quite talkative and protective of them. Even so Artemis still finds it difficult to completely open up or to ask for help when she really needs it. This can often leave her to working on problems on her own and can leave her exhausted.

For the most part, Artemis keeps to herself if her friends are busy or else unreachable at the time. Even so, this can mean that she will grow broody and lonely if left to her own devices for too long. This is largely in part due to the fact that Artemis is not so comfortable with always putting herself out there and meeting new people unless she is largely interested in the other party. Even then she might still shy away or busy herself with other things and miss opportunities that might otherwise have been indulged in.

Nonetheless she can be rather easygoing an works just to enjoy what she has when she is able.

Having troubles getting the restful sleep she needs, it is not uncommon to find her dozing during the day when she has the chance to and no prior engagements to see to. Finding her messing and playing with her own hair too is a common sight.

Artemis has an artistic side and enjoys indulging in it when she is able and has the creative energies to do so. Stargazing and star and moon motifs are also something Artemis is quite fond of. Cuddling into a nice, soft blanket during a chilly night is also a small joy she indulges in. A good fantasy or horror book will often pique her interests as well.

Loud noises and large crowds are not a fondness she has. Artemis is prone to headaches and thus tries to avoid things that will force them to come sooner if it is avoidable. Likewise she does not enjoy being touched by those she does not particularly know well. Tight, constricting or heavy clothing also are on her list of things to avoid.

Artemis can be quite awkward when it comes to comforting other people, unsure of what to say or do. As such she may try to avoid these matters in favor of finding something else to work as a pick-me-up if she is able. Likewise, opening up and leaving herself vulnerable in terms of how she feels or thinks is also difficult for her sometimes leaving her to keep them inside and building up without a proper outlet.



n/a at this time

Love Interest
Dark Sun Gwyndolin

||Background Information||



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| Dark Souls | Artemis | W.I.P. |
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