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 Digimon DATA Squad OC: Natsumi

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PostSubject: Digimon DATA Squad OC: Natsumi    Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:13 pm

Name: Natsumi Fujiwara.

Age: 14

Birthday: May 18

Hair: Long pink hair that reached her back.

Hair style: her hair is in a ponytail held by a red ribbon, but when not in school she let her hair down and has a white ribbon one on each side of her hair and straight in the back.

Eye color: Blue eyes.

Outfit: wear a brown skirt that reach her knees and a strap white top with a white ribbon on both side of her hair. Inside of school, she wear the school uniform.

Digimon partner: Renamon

Digivice color: violet and white

DATA uniform color: violet and white (once she decided to join them)

~Relationship info~

Family: Mika Fujiwara (mother, alive. Age: 38)

Yamato Fujiwara (father, alive. Age: 39)

Yuki and Yuji Fujiwara (twin little brother, alive. Age: 11)

Friends: Renamon, Marcus, Thomas, Yoshi, and the people who work for the Data Squad.

Enemies: anyone who use digimon for their evil misdeed.

Crush: Marcus or Thomas.

Renamon and Natsumi relationship: Renamon is thankful for Natsumi's kindness of helping Renamon out instead of being afraid instead. She doesn't like when anyone make her upset or hurts her, she will fight any digimon that tried to harm Natsumi. Their relationship is great now as they both help fight the Digimon without the DATA team knowing who they are.

~Personal Information ~

Personality: She may look like a sweet girl, but she can actually have a tough side when someone tries to mess with her. She clever and sneaky when it's need at a time she has to use it. She has a kind heart for both people and digimon that needs her help. She's quiet at school sometimes when she's deep thinking. She know her manners when she need to act on her best behavior. Natsumi has tomboy side to her since she not into the the whole girly girl things.

Like: Sweet, animal, kids, digimon, flowers, baking, cooking, riding her bike, running, and singing.

Dislike: spicy food, jerks, Spiders, bananas, pervert, show off, bullies, and bitter food.

Hobbies: Bike riding, Running, singing, and baking.

Fact: She hasn't told Marcus about Renamon or anyone else as she work behind the scene in the digimon battle yet. No one know she's there hiding at the battle scene.

Past: Natsumi is the first born and only daughters of the Yagami family and the older sister of her two twins little brother. Her family lived next door to Marcus's family since she was four years old, they moved when her mother found out she was having another baby coming along the way and needed a bigger home. At first Natsumi was worried she wasn't going to make any friends until a ball came into the back yard and saw a boy from next door climbing over the wall to retrieve his ball back, Natsumi hand him the ball and was about to go inside until he invited to play with him, from then on they became close friends outside of school and inside of school. She would alway be there when he get hurt in a fight, she would be the one to bandage his cut up or try to make sure he doesn't start a fight with anyone, but then one day she notice that Marcus has been going out somewhere from time to time and seen strange people coming to his home or he leave with them. Then one day after school she followed after him to see where he goes too, once she found him and what came to her as a surprise she saw a yellow small lizard talking to Marcus about being hungry. She slowly and quietly left without him or anyone knowing as she runs back home, once home she ran up to her room and lay on her bed and wonder why he never told her about that little monster he has, she wonder if that the reason why he never tell her where he goes too and thought maybe it was none other business and would keep quiet about it. Few days after that discovery Marcus's secret, she was walking home from the store that night as she heard a noise in the Alleyway and thought it was a cat until she saw it was bigger then a cat and saw it was monster like Marcus has except bigger, taller and not a lizard, but a fox like monster Instead and looked hurt. She looked around as she helped the thing from the alleyway to get her to the park. Once at the park she bandage up the poor fox, as she was about done she saw an elderly man holding a fishing pole in his hand as he saw what she done and could see that cared for the poor digimon and explained to her what the fox monster is and where it came from. As she listen she figure the monster Marcus has is a digimon as well like Renamon, she didn't know what to do with Renamon, but the elderly man gave a Digivice to put Renamon in to keep her safe. She use it and it visualize Renamon inside, Natsumi was about to thanks him but saw he was gone. She didn't know that her and Renamon will get in a lot of advantage.

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Digimon DATA Squad OC: Natsumi
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