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 Tales of Vesperia OC: Nanami

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PostSubject: Tales of Vesperia OC: Nanami    Mon Jun 29, 2015 2:49 pm

Name: Nanami Tomatsu

Birthday: November 18

Age: 20

Race: human

Height: 5"7"

Weight: 150

Hair color: Blonde

Hair length: reached to her back

Hair style: her hair is straight but, has a blue ribbon hairband on the top of her head .

Eye color: Brown

Clothes: wears a light blue skirt dress that reach her knees with a small white pouch around her waist to hold her tarot cards inside. The buttons are white and a pendant which holds her Blastia is around her neck.

Hometown: Halure

Weapon: Magic staff/ Fans

Sub Weapon: Tarot Cards.

Magic: Elements magic (mostly wind).

Family: Hana Tomatsu (mother; alive, age: 45)
Chazz Tomatsu (father; deceased)
Kyou Tomatsu (older brother; alive, age: 25)

Friends: Yuri, Flynn, Rita, Raven, Karol, Judith, Estelle, and Repede

Enemies: Zagi, Ragou, Cumore, Alexei, and Sodia.

Crush: Yuri or Flynn.

~Personal information~

Personality: Nanami is sweet to certain people, but not sweet to some of the Knights that cross her. She's very serious on certain things and will focus hard on it. She has a mother side to herself because she help her mother out at the home. She doesn't like to be told what to do unless she agrees with it or unless it's her big brother. She a bit of a tomboy when it comes to exploring or fighting. She can be very quiet when upset or has something on her mind and trying to remember it.

Like: Reading, baking, swimming, sweet food, kids, animals, fruits, flowers.

Dislike: spicy food, monsters, jerks, high class society, fangirls, and perverts.

Hobby: singing, dancing, baking, cooking, and fighting.

Special skill: Reading tarot cards. (She can actually do predictions for real and not fake)

Past: Nanami grew up in the small town of Halure along with her family at birth, she loved to play with her big brother Kyou and loved going to the Halure's tree to catch the flowers petals fall. She was very close to her mother as a small child, her mother would teach her how to use tarot cards to see the future has in store for them even if it was just for fun. But when Nanami was nine years old, she predicted in the cards that their would be someone stolen apple gels from the item shop, an hour after the predictions, it actually came true when the items shop owner has been rob of his apple gels. Nanami thought it was a flunk until she made a few more predictions and each one of them came true to the very detail. Her parents was shock by this, but kept it to themselves for safety reason. Around the age of 11 years old, her father gone out to work to help fix the roof the weapon shop roof as his job, the family wishes him good luck on the work, Nanami had a sad feeling that he wasn't going to come back and those feeling were correct when the weapon shop owner came to their home with sad new that their father had pass away from a heart attack due to stress. The family grieves over his death, which encourage Kyou to be a doctor for his late father. Their mother kept her family together after his death, she open up a small bakery in Halure and name it "Cherry Blossoms Bakery". Nanami helps her mother out and improve on her magic skill along with her predictions with tarot cards, she wants to be able to protect her family from harm. By the age of 18, she has improve her skill very well and even gotten her own weapon as well and Kyou is able to learn how to use healing artes to become a doctor. At age 20 years old, Nanami spotted Yuri's and his group to when the tree started to die and started to follows them when she has a feeling their journey was going to be long and full of adventures and excitement. Her mother and Kyou helps pack her supplies and wishes her good luck and be careful along the way and come back home to visit.

When she help the group out (not fully join into the group): when they had to find the location of the Rhybgaro for the golden horn, she show them where it's at before disappearing. Then again in Heliord, when she told Estelle about Rita going to get hurt in an accident in the middle of town before disappearing again.

When she was fully joined the group: Before they left the city Heliord, Nanami had s prediction again and this time it was about a monster coming at Karol. She threw her fans to take down the monster to finish it off and go back into hiding until Rita blew her cover.

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Tales of Vesperia OC: Nanami
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