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 Kingdom Hearts oc: Reika

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PostSubject: Kingdom Hearts oc: Reika   Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:57 am

Name: Reika

Birthday: October 17

Hometown: Radiant Garden

Weapon: Katana

Sub weapon: whip

Age: 16 (kingdom hearts)
17 (kingdom hearts 2)
Race: human
Hair color: Purple
Hair length and style: it reached to her back, but goes in a ponytail with a white ribbon.
Eye color: brown
Clothes: in kingdom heart, she wore a blue jeans and a black t shirt with a blue jacket unzip. In Kingdom Heart 2, she's wearing a blue skirt that reach her knees, and a purple strap top with the same blue jacket, but shorter. She wears a ruby necklace belong to her late mother.

Friends: Sora, Donald, Goofy, Cloud, Yuffie, Kairi, King Mickey, and Aerith.

Enemies: organization XIII, heartless and Dusk.

Crush: Axel, Riku, Saix, or Leon

Family: Henry (father; deceased. How he died: house fire)
Maya (mother; deceased. How she died: house fire)
Kai (brother; alive. Age:19)
Cid (Uncle; alive. From what side of the family: mother side)

Do the father has any close friend: Cid.
Did the father had a close before: Braig (Xigbar).
What happen: Drifted apart over the years after Henry gotten married.
Did Braig knew Henry has a family?: yes, he knew about the son, but not about the daughter until he saw her at her parent's funeral.

~personal information~

Personality: Reika has a sort of a tomboy like personality when she goes out exploring or doing scouting in town. She has a tough side as she doesn't want her brother or Cid to worry about her since she was sick in the hospital half her childhood. She has a sweet side when it comes to taking care of kids or animals. She can get very quiet and shy around new people and can't find the words to say to them until someone else speak first. She's not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to telling someone they're wrong.

Like: pastry, spicy food, animals, kids, singing, reading, and star gazing.

Dislike: bitter food, heartless, bullies, jerks, and the darkness.

Hobby: singing, baking and reading.

Skill: use magic in battle.

Special skills: acrobatic tricks.

Health issue in the past?: yes.
What was it?: heart problem.
Is she cured?: yes.

Past: in Radiant Garden, her father Henry and Maya married and had their first born son. Then three years later, Reika is born, but born with a heart problem that cause her to be in the hospital most of the time at birth. Even if she didn't have a normal childhood, her family alway made sure she still got to be a child. Her uncle Cid would visit her from time to time and brings her books to read to make the hospital a little less boring and get reading skill. At the age six, Reika was given a heart operation to fix the problem with her heart, she was nervous at first, but looked from her hospital bed out the Window to see kids playing and hanging out. She wanted to have friends and have fun like a child should have, with the encouragement from her family, she gone through the surgery with success. The doctor told her parents that they would be able to let her out of hospital in three day, Reika is excited that she can go home again full time and even Kai is excited for her to be home again. Henry, Maya and Cid was also happy to see the children like this. Henry then squeeze his fist as he has a bad feeling something was going to happen to them and with the Henry's gut feeling, he asked Cid to watch their kids if something happens to either of them. With Cid's words, he promise to watch them like if they're his own kids and even let Kai spend the week over at his place. Three days later, Reika waited excitedly for her parents to come and get her, she waited in bed holding her stuff rabbit in her arms. She heard footsteps coming and looked to see it's her uncle and big brother Kai, but no sign of her mother and father, she asked her uncle where her parents were at until Kai looked down to hold back the tears. Cid kneel down to her bed and told her the news that their house caught on fire last night and that they didn't survive the fire and were gone. Reika squeeze her stuff rabbit tightly crying her eyes out as she is getting out of the hospital and now learn she lost their parents in one day which made this day the worse day of her life. A week later at the funeral, close friends came to offer the children of the parents their respect and see how the children are taken the death. As Cid thanks the guests for coming, Reika looked from across the room to see a guy with an eyepatch looking at the two children before leaving the funeral, which gave Reika and Kai a cold feeling from him. As time pass, they slowly starts to get over their parents death, Kai was able to go and hang out with his friends and Reika get to experience life as a normal child, but was shy on making friends. Two years later, the heartless started to invade the town and people started to escape, Cid gotten Reika and Kai on the gummi ship with a few more kids he found and other residents before flying out of their world to another world. Cid kept flying until they landed in traverse town, Cid knew they lost their world to the heartless and couldn't go back, so they made a home here and hope they can go back home someday. Eight year old Reika and 11 year old Kai once again have to be strong for themselves and face the heartless one day. Two years later, ten year old Reika asked Leon to teach her how to use a weapon, at first he refused until, she stood her ground and beg him to teach her, which he sighed and gave in and teaching her the way of the sword since her magic wasn't going to be enough to protect her. Six years of training from Leon gotten her the skill to wield a blade and gotten her very own Katana along the way. Around that time, she met Sora, Donald and Goofy when they're searching for the king and Sora's friends, at first she didn't know how to talk to them until she heard their story and wish them luck on their journey and hope to see them again.

In kingdom hearts 2: she works along with everyone in the committee to restore Hollow Bastion to the way it was before and to get rid of the massive heartless preventing them restoring the city.

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Kingdom Hearts oc: Reika
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