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Weekly Prompt
This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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PostSubject: | AC OC | Neva   Tue Jun 30, 2015 11:06 am

----------- • Basic Information • -----------





Given she has become a misfortunes child, she often has visions of the past and things to come. Mostly, she witnesses wars, ones that are both familiar to her from history books and ones not so familiar at all.

There are times she is only within these visions shortly. Other times, it seems as if she's trapped in them, experiencing every pain that the vision can muster. She is convinced that while she is within these visions, she's trapped in someone else's body, causing her to re-live what they had before death.

----------- • Appearance Information • -----------

Hair Color and Style
Her hair color before was a dishpan blonde. When she touched the Apple of Eden, it slowly changed into a white. Due to this, she's often quite easy to pick out among a crowd and often has to wear a hood when taken somewhere else.

Apart from that, her hair used to be chopped short but has been growing since she has been relocated to Masyaf.

Her eyes, much like her hair, were a dark brown. However, they too changed upon touching the Apple, into the red eyes of a misfortunes child. She is often given a wide berth because of this.

Skin Tone and Complexion
Neva is and always has been rather pale. She burns more than she does tan and due to this, doesn't quite care for being out in the sun for long extensions of time.

Her complexion is typically fair as long as she takes care of herself.

Height, Weight, and Figure
Neva stands about 5'7" and is a little underweight for her height. She has trouble eating after 'visions', at times, extending from a few hours to a few days. Due to this, she is rather scrawny, figure a bit more like a stick.

Clothing Style
Given that she didn't care for the dress of women in this age, Neva opted out for colorful robes that still fit a woman but is rather odd to be seen on one. However, she does not mind this as it generally keeps her cool and happy.

----------- • Personality Information • -----------

Generally, she is rather friendly though a tad shy. Neva prefers relaxed environments and as such, tries to avoid everyday stresses as well as she can. Given her state, she often manages that rather easily, as many people don't tend to both her.

Neva is sarcastic when it comes to humor. Both can be just try or flat out bitter depending on the person. She's often chastising Altair with bitter sarcasm due to his belief that a misfortunes child is nothing but a prize than a person who has been cursed and can not be cured.

To those she likes and are well acquainted with, she's much softer and for good reason. At times, when she's slighted, it's difficult to earn her trust much less gain it back. Due to this, she has very few to turn to.

Neva is stubborn in some regard. Growing up in a time when women could do as they pleased, she often shuns the quieter aspects of this current life and does just as she pleases, even if it draws unwanted attention. While she doesn't do it on purpose or to cause trouble, it is often not appreciated by many.

Despite all of her confidence, she's very much a worrier and is very sensitive. She's often a victim of loneliness, which at times, puts her down. Neva often seeks things to distract her in the mean time.

Regularly toys with her hair when deep in thought or simply bored. It was something her brother used to do and in a sense of comfort, she has continued it for many years.

She gnaws on her lips when she's nervous or uncertain. Due to this, her lips sometimes look a tad chapped.

Neva shuffles her weight when she's in a stressful situation. This is normally a dead give away that she is uncomfortable.

Star gazing, learning, reading (when she can grasp the language), history, the company of others

Passive aggressiveness, shouting, yelling out of anger, aggression, unkind people, unsympathetic people

Often too sarcastic and closed off for her own good.

Tends to silently worry far too much and becomes stressed or even ill because of it.

Has a habit of bottling things up because she doesn't want to bother others with her problems.

When slighted, it's very easy to lose her trust.

----------- • Relationship Information • -----------

Kadar Al-Sayf, Malik Al-Sayf

Templers, sometimes Altair?

Love Interest
Malik Al-Sayf

----------- • Biographical Information • -----------

Neva grew up in a poor family. She was often always working to make meets end. On her way home one night, she found a strange ball on the side of the road and decided to pick it up, curious of what it was. She had no idea it change her life entirely.

She woke up in a place she didn't recognize but tried to keep calm. She started to seek help, unaware of the changes that had happened to her physically. It was only after a short travel when she was attacked by bandits did they start talking about 'red eyes' and 'legends of a misfortunes child'.

Neva had barely managed to escape these bandits, having nearly been caught by one who had pinned her down. She was lucky enough to get leverage to flip him over top her. Neva stole one of their horses and took off, aware that they had given chase.

She had only look back once after a short time, missing the people she nearly toppled over. Neva was thrown for her horse at a full gallop, hitting the ground hard and knocking the wind out of her. When she came too, she would meet the first assassins she would come to call friends, Malik and Kadar. Altair was someone who only focused on the mission and so, she did not quite care for him at first.

Neva suffered some injury but with time, healed, and has remained in Masyaf ever since.

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| AC OC | Neva
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