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Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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 ☆Craving Role play List ☆

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PostSubject: ☆Craving Role play List ☆   Fri Jul 03, 2015 6:50 pm

Hello everyone, I'm Haruka907 and I'm happy to be on this site and hope to make friends. I'm hoping to find some people to rp with me and maybe we'll become friends even while role playing. I use to be Hinata907 on quizilla before it shut down, now I'm back to role play.


Everyone have their limits in rp and I have my own as well that I can and can't do. I don't do Rape, smut, cussing, beaslity, underage relationship, gore or blood. What I will do is Romance, lemon but it can't be all the time, I'll be flexible with Yaoi and Yuri since I have tried it before and will ease into it. I'm willing to do Au for some of the fandom.

Okay, I'm going to say this, I don't do novel length. That's way too much for me to write. I'll write up to 2-3 paragraph or match up to my partner length. I don't do one liner or scripts since they're not fun to do. My replies may be short because I may be on my phone to send the rp. I also rp in the third person since we don't want to be confused on who we're talking too.

I'm not going to get mad if you get your Grammar wrong or the spelling wrong. Nobody's perfect when it comes to writing or English is not their first language. Just try your best to fix the grammars. As long as you know your difference between a few common words { Their/There/They're, Your/You're, etc } then we'll be fine.

I'm in college at the moment, but since it's summer I'll be on around the afternoon. I have a summer class this year and will be gone for a while. I'll replied as quickly as I can. If you don't hear from me three to six days, please send a message since I might had not gotten the message from you.

Love interest 
I'm very flexible when it comes to crushing, I have multiple of crush for each of my oc, expect some of my oc only have one crush that i prefer. You play my crush and I'll play your crush. If you have request you want from your crush or plot, tell me some can work it out for the both of us. I'm also okay with love triangle since it adds more fun in the rp.

I'm not going to complain about your oc formats, but I can't tell you to change your character. It's your character, your creation, your idea. So I don't care. But, I will not roleplay with someone who's OC is much too unrealistic. For example, don't add another tail demon in Naruto since there is only nine in total.

In character 
I understand that no one can stay in character perfectly, but just try your best to keep the characters the way they are. If one of the characters is cold, please don't make them fluffy and nice, that's not who they are. For your love interest, I may change a little about them for the plot.

We can talk about the plot or if you have one in mind, then I'm happy to hear the idea and see what happens in the rp. If you have a change of mind of the plot, then just tell and we can work it out. We can work who plays what character in the rp or just pick random characters in certain point in the rp.

Stopping the rp
Please tell me if you want to stop rping with me and not just stop contacting me altogether. I have this done to me before, I send the rp and never hear from that person again. Unless the person tell me why they haven't replied in a while.

We can rp on here or we can do it on email if you feel comfortable. I'm also okay if you have a wattpad or on deviantarts. Just post on here or shoot me a message if you like.

Fandom list
Some of the Fandom I have have multiple of oc, so I won't be putting the crush on their and ask who you can play. 


Inuyasha: Sesshomaru
(Oc is finish, but may need to be edit)

Pokemon: (depend on which series in the anime or game we're doing )
(Oc is finish)

Zatch Bell: [Kiyo]
(Oc is finish, but may need to be edit)

Digimon: [2: TK or David] [5: Thomas or Marcus] [ craving this rp for season five]
(Oc is finish)

yugioh: [original: Seto] [GX: Chazz or Zane] [5Ds: Yusei or Jack] [ancient: Seto]
(Oc for the original and Gx is done, but 5Ds still being edit)

Mew Mew Power: Elliot or Dern [ craving this rp]
(Oc is finish)

Megaman NT warrior: Chaud [ craving this rp]
(Oc is finish)

Hetalia: Japan, China, Romano or France [ craving this rp]
(Oc is finish.) (Also accept Au)

Naruto: [original and Shippuden: Depend on which of my oc I use.] [High school: Sasuke or Neji] 
(Oc is finish for the Au high school, but editing the original and Shippuden )

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Roy or Jean.
(Oc is finish)

Ouran High School Host Club: Hikaru or Kaoru.
(Oc is finish)

Vampire Knight: Zero or Senri
(Oc is finish, but may need to be edit)

Fairy Tail: Gray, Lyon or Laxus
(Oc is finish)(Also accept Au)

Dragon Ball Z: Gohan [ craving this rp]
(Oc is finish)

One Piece: Zoro or Sanji
(Oc is finish)

Sword Art Online: Kirito or Klein [ craving this rp]
(Oc is finish)

~Tv Series~

Avatar the Last Airbender: Zuko or Sokka
(Oc is finish)

~Video games~

Rune Factory 4: Doug, Leon, Arthur, or Vishnal. [ craving this rp]
(Oc is finish)

Tales of Xillia (1 and 2): Gaius or Alvin.
(Oc is finish, but may need to be edit)

Tales of Graces F: Hubert or Richard [ craving this rp]
(Oc is finish)

Tales of Symphonia (1 and 2): Genis or Lloyd 
(Oc is finish, but may need to be edit)

Tales of Vesperia: Yuri or Flynn [ craving this rp]
(Oc is finish)

Kingdom Hearts (1 or 2): [1: Leon or Riku] [2: Axel or Saix] [ craving this rp]
(Oc is finish)

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility or Animal Parade: Luke, Chase, Wizard or Julius
(Oc is finish)

I hope to hear from anyone that's in the mood to rp with me. Even if you don't want to rp with me, we can talk as well if you. Have a great day and have a fun summer vacation!
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Posts : 37
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PostSubject: Re: ☆Craving Role play List ☆   Sat Dec 12, 2015 1:36 pm

New Fandom added

Persona 4 The animation (Yu or Kanji)
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☆Craving Role play List ☆
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