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Weekly Prompt
This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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 |Grandia OC| Rekka (w.i.p.)

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PostSubject: |Grandia OC| Rekka (w.i.p.)   Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:21 pm

||Basic Information||




Usable Weapons
Sword, chakram, or staff

Special Skills

Magic Skills
Fire: Burn, Burnflame, Burnflare, Burnstrike
Wind: Howl, Runner, Howlnado
Lightning: Zap!, Dragonzap


Hair Color and Style
Rekka’s hair is a soft pink color, which is wavy in nature. She typically leaves it down and has it cut in layers. Her bangs are quite long, reaching her chin and framing her face, it’s not uncommon to see her pushing them out of her face.

Brown in color.

Skin Tone and Complexion
With fair skin it doesn’t take long for Rekka to tan if she’s outside long enough. Because of this she can end up with a farmer’s tan more often than not in the warmer months.

A rather petite woman, Rekka just passes 5’4”. She’s stronger than she looks though it’s not uncommon for people to worry that she’s taking on too much due to her size and scrawny appearance.

Clothing Style
Clothes that are easy to move in but look relatively fashionable in Rekka’s eyes are typically what she gravitates towards. Due to this she won’t often wear very tight-fitting clothes, finding them hindering to movement and often spending time fussing with them anxiously. Warm colors, especially reds, and deep colors are her favorites to wear. She seems to run about barefooted or in boots if she has to.



Rekka is a stubborn, rather feisty individual to those she knows and is close to. Warming up to others can be a short or long affair, depending on her overall first impression of the person in question. If they actively annoy or anger her she is less likely to joke about and act naturally when around him or her. If she warms up to someone she can prove to be a rather friendly individual who only wants to have a good time and hanging out.

She tends to wear her heart on her sleeve and can be quite easy to read, assuming one is able to read others at all in the first place. This can sometimes be a point of frustration to her when she does not wish to share what bothers her at the time being. Rekka may even struggle to come to term with new feelings for others, having little original desire to date or to think about settling down in the future. Growing confused about what she feels is a foreign thing for her and can leave her frustrated, as she isn’t sure what to do about it or how to act upon them properly, if at all.

A good-natured person, she tends to give what she can to her loved ones if she’s able to, sometimes putting herself in a worse position because of it. Nonetheless she tries not to let this show or to complain about it, if only for the other party’s peace of mind.

She tends to fuss with her hair, toying with it on occasion. Likewise, if she’s wearing a necklace she’ll do the same, especially so when conflicted about something or other.

Drawing and tattooing are things that call to her though the latter is not exactly something she knows how to do at all. It’s a rather common sight to see her with her nose in a sketchpad as the world passes her by. Traveling and seeing new things can also be quite enticing to Rekka, drawing her from her usual antics if invited along. Music is also something Rekka quite enjoys and she’ll give any genre a try if she’s able to.

Rekka intensely dislikes anything sticky on her and tends to get fussy if this happens. Cold weather isn’t an agreeable thing for her, as skinny as she is. She doesn’t quite like her personal space being invaded if she doesn’t know someone very well, which can make her a little snappish if it occurs.

Stubbornness is something very prevalent in Rekka though it can be so strong that she may resist asking for help in order to do things on her own. This can often means she may well burn herself out by overtaxing herself in the long run. She doesn’t wish to be the one being protected, but to do the protecting and can often grow frustrated when others take on her share of the work or burden despite her insistence that she can do it too. This can happen if she’s got a burning desire and plan in mind that requires much work over a period of weeks or even months.

Because she wants to be recognized for her work and accomplishes Rekka can sometimes grow sullen or jealous if others overshadow her. Especially so if it means she appears weaker or less talented than she really is. This can often lead to her pushing herself harder and wearing herself out faster in order to make up for it.

Rekka has a tendency to speak before she thinks and so can come across as insensitive, ditzy or even just dumb. This can tend to land her in some trouble from time to time.


Rapp, Nicky

n/a as of this moment

Love Interest

||Background Information||


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|Grandia OC| Rekka (w.i.p.)
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