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Gently Entangled

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 | Dark Souls | Worlds Apart | 1-on-1 RP |

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PostSubject: | Dark Souls | Worlds Apart | 1-on-1 RP |   Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:16 pm

Days had slowly turned into weeks and then months since Amelia and her friend were pulled into this strange world. It had been stressful at first, uncertain of what had happened and why. No one could provide an answer, simply tried to find a place for the two humans in a world where they were not so accepted.

It took a while for Amelia to accept and adjust but eventually, every day life here became somewhat normal for her. Even her friend adjusted well enough, often wandering off to see how knights and warriors spent their days.

Amelia's days were often quieter. Here and there, she'd gain company from a curious person or two but generally, she remained on her own. Ornstein had remained something of a favorite to speak with, when he had the time to spare.

Another day would be passing soon enough. Amelia leaned against one of the railings, studying a tattoo on her forearm. It was that of a dragon, something she had never had before. Body art was always something she liked to look at but never got. So where had this come from?

It remained a mystery and she simply pulled her sleeve over it once again. The tattoo was harmless, at least that's what it seemed. As such, she tried to put it from her mind, her attention turning back to the clouds.

"At least it's been quiet lately..." she muttered to herself, well aware that Anor Londo attracted some trouble here and there. She had only witnessed it once or twice but it was enough to make her nervous.

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PostSubject: Re: | Dark Souls | Worlds Apart | 1-on-1 RP |   Sun Sep 20, 2015 12:54 am

Whispers and rumors of the half-breeds that now occupied Anor Londo were not rare nowadays. It made it easier to find the one he wished to speak to, the one that still left him a little wary on occasion. A dragon's half-breed, unheard of! And yet she was within the city, causing no troubles. Even so, Ornstein had taken it upon himself to keep an eye on her when he had the time to.

Today was much the same since this had occurred. Ornstein found himself approaching the dragon half-breed, her attention turned to the brilliant sky. A curious thing for one of dragon's blood to take interest in. Perhaps she was more akin to human than dragon...

"That it has been," Ornstein called out, catching her words. Silently, he added 'at least in concerns to trouble.'

Thankfully, so, really. So many of them, Ornstein included, had believed the pair of half-breeds that had shown up on the city's doorstep would cause much chaos and mayhem. It seemed both were rather content to be left to their devices. Even so, many were still unnerved by their presence. It might not be long before Lord Gwyn acted upon that unease...

Ornstein shook away such thoughts for the time being. "Is it wise for thou to be out and lost in thought?"


Anor Londo was a huge place, bigger than any city Rika had visited before. This strange place, so different in more ways than one to the life Rika had known. Even this body was now strange to her. She picked rather self-consciously at her arm, well aware of the wolfish features that made her so easy to pick out of a crowd. Perhaps that was why she preferred visiting Gwyndolin, away from so many prying eyes.

The place that Gwyndolin occupied most, it had a nice view of the sky and was rather isolated. Rika had never asked why he remained here or why everyone seemed to treat him akin to a princess rather than a prince. Was it by preference? If that was the case he'd never asked Rika to do the same...

Up ahead she could see him, drawing her from such musings. They weren't too important, not if they weren't offending Gwyndolin any. Rika's pace quickened, ears pricked up almost eagerly. Despite the almost stiff personality, Rika didn't mind it much.

"What's up, anything new today?" she called out by way of greeting. With how quiet it was around here, however, Gwyndolin might have already heard her footsteps.

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PokéPartner :
Posts : 2579
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Location : Hoenn Region

PostSubject: Re: | Dark Souls | Worlds Apart | 1-on-1 RP |   Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:40 pm

A flick of her tail would have startled her months ago but now, the movement did nothing but allow her to know the new limb was there. Being a...'half breed' as most were fond of calling her, was difficult to get used to.

Scales in places, horns where her eyebrows would have been, a tail. It was a little too much to deal with in her opinion, at least in the beginning. She was steadily getting used to it.

Ornstein's voice called out, catching her attention. She glanced over her shoulder, sparing something of a cheeky smile. Amelia was well aware that she shouldn't have been out and about so willingly. People didn't quite have a fond taste for the likes of her, she had found.

"Probably not," she answered easily, "I'm sorry. I get so stir crazy, put away all day. It doesn't give me much time to move about."

It was strange to know this place held giants, gods, and demi-gods, yet it was something like Amelia and Rika that put people on edge. Amelia didn't claim to know this world or it's customs entirely, however.

"I hope I'm not in trouble," she continued after a moment.

----- [ x ] -----

These days, Gywndolin found he was not often alone. True enough, there were hand maidens who were assigned to him, but most spoke in a regard of respect. This was often quite normal. To have this woman, half breed really, come by day after day, speaking in an of handed way had surprised him at first. Steadily, he had grown used to such things.

He watched her pick at her arm rather self consciously. No doubt, the stares she received would get to most. This was simply the life of those deemed odd by others. Gywndolin could at least understand this.

"Here again, I see," he pointed out easily, "Thou has nothing better to do with their time?"

It did not come out in an annoyed manner, merely curious. He had heard whispers that most days, Rika and the other half breed accompanying her were hidden away. That was how it was meant to remain until his father found something to do with them.

"Thou is rather fond of visiting us," he continued after a moment, starting forward. No doubt, she would trail along afterward. Finally, he continued, "The day has been quiet, a relief to many. These times seem troubling, you see."

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PostSubject: Re: | Dark Souls | Worlds Apart | 1-on-1 RP |   

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| Dark Souls | Worlds Apart | 1-on-1 RP |
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