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Weekly Prompt
This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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PostSubject: OC_Ahri_DMC   Fri Oct 30, 2015 12:10 pm

✘Basic Information✘

Name: Ahri

Age: n/a looks in her early to mid 20's

Species: Angel, Fallen

———————————✘Appearance Information✘———————————

Hair Color and Style: Black hair that falls just below her shoulder blades in light waves.

Eyes: Blue. They give away her emotions very easily

Skin Tone and Complexion: fair skinned with a slight tan 


Height, Weight, Figure: 5"3 and slightly curvy she's a bit more sturdy looking than most of her kind.

Clothing Style: Ahri tends to like a somewhat edgy look. She wears a lot of blacks and dark colors. Normally they are more fitted to her body and have a more femenin look to them. 

Scars, Tattoos and Piercings: Ahri has a scar on her hip stretching up and around to the mid of her back. Also two scars one on each shoulder blade from where her wings once were. 

———————————✘Personality Information✘———————————

Ahri is very passive agressive. She doesn't take very well to confrentation though she doesn't mind dealing with it when she feels it is necesary. She is generally very quiet - it takes a lot to get her upset. Because of her shyness she has trouble dealing with people when she's had enough leaving her feeling very awkward and fumbling over her words in most situaitons even though embarrassing her isn't hard to do. She has an unsettling curiosity about her that often leads her to trouble.


Ahri is shy and it takes her a while to warm up to people. She's quiet at first, watching and listening, only speaking when something is directed at her. Often this is mistaken as a stuck up attitude, of which Ahri is very far from. This could be why she doesn't have very many close friends.

Once she is comfortable around others she dawns a very care free attitude. Laid back and not really minding much what happens, mostly just going with the flow of things  and planning as she goes.


Ahri tries to hide her feelings if she is upset and hurt. She refuses to cry infront of anyone and often fights hard to keep tears at bay. She won't admit to being hurt, even through her eyes give her away.

She has a unique kindness to her, eaisly forgiving to those who have wronged her though she isn't a fool when it comes to this. She is very compassionate towards others so when she sees someone hurting she cant help but take pitty for them, tending to their wants and needs which ultimatly leads to her downfall.


The human world is a new place for Ahri though she finds herself enjoying every thing it has to offer. Innocent of the dangers of some things at first Ahri has been very lucky not to fall into the wrong hands.



Ahri very much enjoys music in the human world. She's taken a liking to animals, particularly cats and she enjoys celebraiting the holidays of the human world. She has also taken a fondness to hot teas.


She doesn't like being ignored when she is explaining things and she doesn't enjoy dealing with confrentation. She also dislikes being ordered around and often devolops a bit of an attitude if it's something she doesn't like doing. Particularly cleaning.


Ahri seems to have a knack for reading people. Being reserved around others she is constantly watching. She also has outstanding bribing skills.


✘Relationship Information✘


- - -


Many demons. There are other angels who look down on her for her past


✘Biographical Information✘



As an angel of Heaven, Ahri had most of the characteristics one would think. Very kind and caring, almost overly so. Watching the people of the human world Ahri became curious of the thing they called love. She had even heard of angels and demons falling in love. She was more than capable of feeling the emotion herself though she felt it was more genuine between humans. Perhaps it was because humans were mortal, never knowing when their last day on earth would be and so their love was stronger.


The more she watched the more she yearned for answers and so secretly she explored the human relm. Watching, learning...loving. She fell in love with the human's world, with the idea of walking into the unknown and growing old with someone. How she wished she could expeirence the feeling of love the way humans did. Her curiosity finally lead to her fall from heaven. 
Mixing with the wrong crowd got Ahri in trouble and her punishment was to be stripped of her wings and cast into Limbo.

Note: This OC can be paired with Vergil or Dante
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