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Gently Entangled

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 pyscho pass character sheet:Kiyoko Manashi

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PostSubject: pyscho pass character sheet:Kiyoko Manashi   Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:32 pm

Name:Kiyoko Manashi



Birthday:April 10



Blood type:A


Alliriration:Works alongside Shogo Makishima

Psycho pass Hue:White

Crime coefficient:12.4

Personality:Kiyoko is a mature woman who is calm usually.She is philosolpicial and often very curious about a lot of things.Like Makishima she can be quite saditistic.Though she doesn't care about helping criminals and has helped people desperate to gt their dream to com true do so though only if they can help her situation and can be mamipulatived to do horrible things.She is quite smart and loves books.

Appearance:Kiyoko has short black wavy hairlHer hair is boyish short in the back but comes to the bottom of her nose in length in the front in waves.She has bright blue eyes.She is pear shaped and she is a b-cup.Kiyoko usually wears very casual clothes like simple tank dresses/dresses with straoes,shirt and skirt or anything casual that suits the weather.Her style can be quite girly though it is simple as she likes to put on things quickly.She usually wears sandals as she loves to feel air on her toes.But will wear boots if cold enough.
She doesn't wear make up at all due to the fact that she likes to get ready fast.

Early life:

Kiyoko was born in Tokyo.Her father previously  adandoning his wife well with child due to his clouded psycho pass.So her mother did raise her even though her mother worked even yards on being recognized as a author.The hard work she put in never was recognized and she ended up working hard enough to cloud her pysch pass.She never got it checked though in the end killed herself due to stress.This in fact ended with Kiyoko going o relative o relative till she was of age to leave.This perhaps being to due with how her his and come cofficent was different then others.

She ended up working for Makishima after she searched for a while.This bing because she didn't want to risk going after Sibyl without an ally.

She lives where ever Makishima is.

Emergency Contact information:

Most of her education came from books that her mother had or what other books she could find.

Work history:


*Will fill out at a later date*

Her Motto is:"Not getting caught up in a web of desire is best."
Her favorite saying is"Without words human beings are nothing."
She wears only underwear to bed.
She prefers reading books that have words that she can believe are interesting.

Her hobbies are reading,writing notes/observations,and playing chess.

Her favorite food is breaded chicken

Her favorite drink is earl grey tea

Her favorite sweet is strawberry shortcake

She has a habit of moving her legs up or in other positions when she's interested in something or thinking.

Yanderes,Yangires,Murder oh my!
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pyscho pass character sheet:Kiyoko Manashi
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