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This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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 Pokemon OC :: Autumn

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PostSubject: Pokemon OC :: Autumn   Fri Nov 27, 2015 10:40 pm

||Basic Data||

|| Name ||


|| Date of Birth ||

February 23rd

|| Age ||


|| Region of Birth ||


|| Sexual Orientation ||


|| Personal Data ||

|| Personality ||

Autumn is an outwardly cheery young woman. She's always quite friendly and open to speaking with others. Autumn has a good, lax sense of humor about her. While some might not enjoy that aspect of her personality, she's never personally bothered by their opinions.

She can be openly sarcastic when she wants to be, playing off of anothers own sense of humor or just pointing out witty things during certain situations. In some regard, this is what makes her a tad annoying when first meeting her. Most think she can't take anything seriously.

However, Autumn can and does let herself get into serious thoughts depending on the situation. Her humor is somewhat of a shield to a gentler personality, often quite sensitive to other people, especially those she's close to.

She relies on her sense of humor and cheerful attitude to deal with others, as at times, she finds people can be a tad infuriating. Autumn extends most of her patience to those she really cares for.

She is self sacrificing but often finds herself snubbed at the end of the day. Autumn is taking steps to stop this behavior as it often earns her a door slammed in her face.

|| Backstory ||

Growing up as a relatively shy young woman, Autumn spent more time looking at life through a lens of a camera than anything else. She always had a fascination with capturing images in a certain way, wanting to gain the best moments out of life and place them in a picture.

Autumn grew up striving for photography. It was a dream that she eventually came true. With her Eevee in tow, Autumn left the quiet town of Ecruteak to travel the world and take pictures of many different pokemon and places.

While she did so, she was painfully aware of leaving friends behind. Still, she wanted nothing more than to capture moments in her life. Autumn always made it a personal goal to track down and take pictures of legendary pokemon if she was ever presented the opportunity.

The years passed quickly for her and well into her twenties now, Autumn has made her way back to her home town, ready for a break. She has gathered many friends along the way - photos as well, and is genuinely happy to return to her home.

|| Occupation ||

Pokemon trainer, photographer

|| Relationship Status ||

Single and was never really interested in looking. She believes when the right one comes, she'll be ready.

|| Hobbies ||

Apart from her photography, Autumn takes the time to sketch pokemon as well as write. Her job keeps her on the move constantly, however, and her hobbies aren't often indulged in.

|| Behavior Traits ||

|| Nature ||

She's both extroverted and introverted. Autumn is cautious when meeting new people and somewhat awkward at times. However, when she knows them well enough, she is very open and can hit it off well with others.

|| Strengths ||

Autumn does her best to find the good in bad situations. Her optimism at least gives her enough hope to not be bothered by the things around her. This kind of moral has helped others in the past as well.

She's a good listener when it's needed most, often offering advice or just an ear to rant to. Autumn has been described as something of a 'rock' to people. If she is loyal to someone, she is completely loyal to them and will rarely be shaken by anything or anyone else.

|| Weaknesses ||

She is self sacrificing to a fault. Autumn gives too much to others but never pays enough mind to herself.

Autumn is sensitive, more so than she'd like to admit. If someone she is particularly close to hurts her, she'll feel that hurt for a very long time and find it difficult to let go.

|| Habits ||

She toys with her hair when she's thinking or bored. It's something of an easily noticeable habit and one she hasn't been able to break.

Autumn gnaws on her lips almost constantly. At times, she tries to force herself to stop but it's been difficult. She does it out of nervousness but also when she's not completely aware of the actions itself.

|| Fears ||

Autumn is terrified of winding up alone in life. This is one of her greatest fears and something that she has trouble getting over.

She hates dolls, especially ones that are very realistic and look like people. When in Ecruteak, it's been something of a common joke for the ghost pokemon to possess dolls and frighten her with them.

Autumn has no fondness for heights nor falling. She's terrified of both and is effected by vertigo very easily.

She is also afraid of drowning, though has no qualms with swimming. Autumn simply takes a lot of precaution before she lets herself around or into water.

|| Relationships ||

|| Parents ||

Greg - Father :: Alive
Diane - Mother :: Alive

|| Siblings ||


|| Love Interest(s) ||


|| Friends ||

Morty, Falkner

|| Rivals ||


|| Appearance ||

|| Hair Color//Style ||

Autumn's hair is always cut very short and is spiked in the back. She tends to keep it that way for lack of hassle, not one to stand long hair for a very long time. Her hair is a dishpan blonde.

|| Skin Tone ||

Autumn's skin tone is generally very fair. She burns easily out in the sun and often avoids staying out in it for long periods, especially when it's hot.

|| Eye Color//Shape ||

Her eyes are dark brown, shape being round.

|| Height ||


|| Weight ||

156 pounds

|| Clothing Style ||

Autumn normally wears very loose clothing, sporting baggy jeans and a long shirt. If her hair isn't spiked up, she sports a beanie in it's place. Autumn takes a practical route for travel as she's often in the wilderness, taking pictures of pokemon.

|| Piercings//Tattoos ||


|| Team Information ||

|| Main Team ||

(Prilla) Sylveon | Female | Fairy | Hardy Nature
(Puck) Togetic | Male | Fairy/Flying | Gentle Nature
(Shea) Granbull | Female | Fairy | Brave Nature
(Chi) Dedenne | Female | Fairy/Electric | Bashful Nature

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Pokemon OC :: Autumn
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