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 Yu Yu Hakusho character sheet: Nendo Ningyo

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PostSubject: Yu Yu Hakusho character sheet: Nendo Ningyo   Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:44 am

Name(last,first):Nendo Ningyo

Name meaning:Clay Doll



Species:Clay Demon


Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual

 Birthday:February 12

Life story:Nendo's first memory was being left in a snowy field.She didn't have a name and anything to idenitifiy herself with.So she wandered around and with her ability took the faces of others as she didn't have one of her own.She accidently met Koenma and he did give her name. So to thank him she serves him quite loyalty.

After working with him she eventually does get lips.Although, after Yusuke defeats the three kings.She does go thorough a change to develops her own face.As she meets with her mother who does in fact help her in this and with her own training.

Personality:Nendo is the type to always pay people back.She is very kind and passionate.A very determined demon and doesn't really like to creep people out though she can do that.Or rather she did so more before she got her own face.Nendo is quite mature though she doesn't enjoy being made fun of.Neither does she likes those she care of being made fun of.She rarely raises her voice as she is very mature.She has always wanted an identity and has experienced many different things to test herself.Nendo can be too helpful and less likely to turn anyone done although this is only with those she cares deeply for like Koenma.She is logical and levelheaded.Nendo is forced to take child form when she loses a lot of clay.In this form she does hate being called a child.She does get irritated when she is called one especially by yusuke.She isn't so good at telling jokes and is dense.Also,she is the type to be okay with her feelings for someone never reaching them or being loved back.Nendo is a strong woman and is good with strategy. She isn't innocent completely and can think of some perverted things.

Good habit(s):Does check over those she cares about,helps when asked

Bad habit(s)doesn't think of her own feelings that much,Does whatever the person she cares about asks her to

Like(s):Being told she did a good job,Sweets,Green tea,Chess,Cats,cute things

Dislike(s):Being called a child,being made fun of or someone she cares about,Carrots,anyone hurting anyone she cares about

Hobbies:Cooking,Sewing/knitting,playing Chess

Fear(s):Losing her memories and/or everyone she holds dear,becoming like before and having noway to return,being alone

Strength(s):Loyalty,her helpfulness,kindness,determination,levelheaded

Weakness(es):Her feelings for others(also her strength),She does whatever the person she cares about wants,her fears

Special powers/abilities:Nendo used to be able to make herself look like anyone.Now,she can't change her appearance the much.The best she can do is change her hair color and length.Also,her breast cup size and things of that nature.

Nendo can also,stretch out her body like her arms and legs using them as weapons to hit her oppodents from a distance.She can control them and can harden them and make them wrap around her oppoden.Although when cut they stay in their current form unless she absorbs them.She can use this to make herself more flexible to use a barrage of attacks or other attack patterns.Also,she can change the form of her body parts into weapons.She can use these limits when connected to her or not as weapons.She can use them as swords or spears if she wants.

Extras:Her face only changes in a childlike one simular to her own when she becomes a child because of not having enough clay.

It can take her a week or more to change back normally.But if she eats clay she can decrease the amount of time.

Dreams and talents:To live a happy life.Also,to pay back Koenma.

Ambition/life long dream:Previous stated above

Occupation/job:Works for Koenma

Best Class(es):N/A

Worst Class(es):N/A

Parent(s):Her mother's name is Shiki they met when she was looking for answers and a way to better herself.Her father's name is Umi and they haven't met.




Best Friend(s):Koenma,Ogre,Hiei,Kurama

Friend(s):Keiko,Kuwabara's sister



Enemies:Anyone against Team Urameshi

Which world do you live in?:Spirit world


If you're a demon,what kind of demon are you?:Clay demon

Demon Class/Ranking:S Class

Are you a fighter or a healer?:A fighter

Are you part of Team Urameishi?:Yes,she is.

Weapon(s):Her own body

Body type:Tall being 5'6, and she is pear shaped however she can change this if she wanted.

Blood type:A



Outfit(s):In the beginig she wears a white kimoto.However,she changes to white kimoto top and kimoto pants(puffy like sesshomaru from Inuyasha.)


Makeup:light lip gloss


Hairsyle(s):In the beginig she wears it down although she changes it when she gets her face to better fight.She wears it in a ponytail afterwards.Her hair long down to her waist.

Scars,Tattoos,Jewelry and or Piercings:N/A

Theme song /Quote:"Identity is given to us by every memory we get."

Favorite food(s):Fried Chicken,Strawberry shortcake,Katsu Curry,Pork cutlet

Favorite drink(s):Green tea,Earl grey tea,Hot chocolate,Melon Soda

Favorite color(s):White and blue

Favorite Number(s):8 and 7

Favorite season(s):Spring and Winter

Favorite Holiday(s):Valentine's day,White day and Christmas

Favorite time of day:Afternoon


Yanderes,Yangires,Murder oh my!
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Yu Yu Hakusho character sheet: Nendo Ningyo
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