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 Persona 4 character sheet:Yui Watanase

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PostSubject: Persona 4 character sheet:Yui Watanase   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:15 am

Name:Yui Watanase

Nicknames:Watanase-sama,Yui by those who are close to her,The knight of Yasogami high


Arcana:The Devil

Persona:Okami no yuki


Persona appearance:Okami is a woman with a wolf fur hood dropped over her coving her so her eyes aren't shown red dress with a pink sash .She carries around a bow and arrows.

Persona abilities:Is more for long distance fighting.Her arrows use red blasts upon being released from the bow.

Appearance:Brown chestnut hair in a braid and brown eyes.She wears light lip gloss.She is 5'6 and is a b cup and has a hourglass figure.

Shadow self looks:Wears a outfit like Alice in wonderland but with a wolf fur wrapped around her shoulders.She also,wears coslay grey wolf ears.She drools a lot and her cheeks are red.

Shadow place:It looks like a place from several fairy tales.

TV appearance:Yui shows up on TV after being asked about her mother a pianist.

Midnight channel:In the midnight channel she says that she is looking for a prince to come and take her away but then switches to another cosply.By taking off the one she has currently but has clothes under the ones previously.Those clothes resembling a wolf.She then states that she can become the wolf if her love desires.

Midnight Channel name:"Sexy magical Fairytale."

Some of what her Shadow self says in TV:
"Oh,I desire more and more yet I have to hold back.Who decided that though?Ah,yes everyone else because showing my desires would be gross.Everyone just wants me to do a they want.Oh,Watanase-sama help me study,oh Watanase-sama fix this,daughter dearest do that.It's so sickening.I want so much that it positively suffocating.How,I want to cuddle up with a cute boy and well,I won't say as it''ll be a secret.I desire to be strong yet I want to be overwhelmed as well."

Personality/shadow self:Yui appears to be this mature girl who is pure in every way.But in reality she is not.Yui likes boys and thinks perverted things.So she can be a pervert.Sure,she may not mean to be she does think those things.She can be a hopeless romantic as she dreams of a prince.She loves cute things as well but pretends otherwise to appear cool.(yeah,kind of like Kanji in that regard)She cares about her parents enough to pretend that she doesn't have those tempations.She wants to have friends that she can talk to about boys and things she likes.But she has this fear that her family will abandon her and she has honor.Part of her doesn't feel this way and just wants to run away.Later after seeing her true self and accepting that as her she soon becomes friends with Yuiko,Chie and later Rise.She is then able to give into her temptations a bit and be herself.

Glasses in the TV world:Yui's are purple with pink flowers on the sides.

Crush/love interest:Kanji,Yosuke,Teddie,or Daisuke Nagase

Best friends:Yuiko,Chie and Rise


Yanderes,Yangires,Murder oh my!
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Persona 4 character sheet:Yui Watanase
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