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 Persona 4 character sheet:Tamori Tsukino

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PostSubject: Persona 4 character sheet:Tamori Tsukino   Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:01 am

Name:Tamori Tsukino
Nickname(s):Tamorin(by close friends),Tamo
Blood type:AB
Date of birth:June 5,1994
Voice actress:Monica Rial

Occupation:High school student
School:Yasogami high

Personality:Tamori is a friendly,outgoing girl.She does act tougher then she actually is.During the time before the others battled her shadow,she was extremely jealous of Chie and Yukiko.She loves to tease others and often says her opinion of others out loud.This can lead her in trouble.She can be indecisive at times.Tamori jokes around a lot although she does have times when she can be serious.She is more intelligent then she seems and is a good judge of character.Tamori isn't naive and knows a lot for her age.Though she normally doesn't show her serious side,she does occasionally.She is very bold,often doing whichever action she wants to.She wants love although she isn't confident in romantic situations.Tamori gets jealous easily and doesn't want to lose  those dear to her.Especially being forgotten or that person distancing themselves from her.Tamori has a habit of studying alone or reading a lot to calm herself.It is easier for her to hide how she really feels.At first she doesn't know if how she acts is really her or the act she came up for he guy she liked previously.Because he fell in love and dated a girl who was like how she acts currently.She did put on the act because she thought that she could prove that she doesn't need his friendship or him in general.

It was in the past hard for her o make friends due to the fact that she used to be shy and kept to herself often.

Shadow self:Tamori hide her jealousity to Yukiko ,Chie,and her aunt.She wants to be strong although she isn't confident that she can be strong or find love.She wants others to see her as smart as she is.She reads to calm herself and wants to have everything yet thinks that everything comes with a price.So she can't have what she wants and that fruserates her.Yet giving up on her desires is impossible.Tamori is ashamed of her past as she threw paint from a win down down onto the girlfriend of the guy she was friends with(and had feelings for.) and bullied her in secret as she didn't want o lose what friendship she had even if he'd never like her back.She also,hurt him and regrets her actions.Even more so that her parents didn't come which she believes is because they find her disgusting and are ashamed of her.Even though it has to do with wok and they thought moving may help her.

"I am so weak.How can I be strong like my aunt and Chie?How I envy Yukiko for being able to attract boys like that.She's so graceful and beautiful well,I'm so childish looking and weak.I try to be strong but inside I'm a coward.I am so smart but instead they see me as I child.I act strong and look like a child.Why?Why can't I have all I want?I'm so selfish and disgusting.They must all see through me and see that me.That must be why.I can't make friends unless I keep acting and in the end it's suffocating me.If they knew what I did they wouldn't want me."

TV appearance:At Junes

TV world:Library


Best friend(s):Chie,Rise,Yukiko

Arcana:The Moon

Persona:Tekai Matsuda
Persona looks:A woman with blue googles on her eyes,a black hat on her head,a white lab coat and pink dress with red tights.She holds a ax.

Love interest(s):Mitsuo,Naoki,Teddie,Yosuke

Yanderes,Yangires,Murder oh my!
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Persona 4 character sheet:Tamori Tsukino
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