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Gently Entangled

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 |Dragon Age: Inquisition OC| 'Service'

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PostSubject: |Dragon Age: Inquisition OC| 'Service'   Mon Feb 22, 2016 7:14 pm

||Basic Information||


Mid-to-late twenties



Preferred Weaponry
Large mallets


Combat Skills/Habits
As small as she is, it is not rare to see her using the weight of her mallet more so than her actual muscle strength. Frequently, the weight of her chosen weapon will cause her to totter off balance for a second or two, especially after particularly wild swings.


Hair Color and Style
Mousy brown in color, her hair is typically cut just above her shoulders in choppy layers. These layers stick up at odd angles despite any attempts to tame it. Her bangs hang in her face, framing it.

Amber colored, somewhat wide and with long lashes.

Skin Tone and Complexion
She’s of fair skin though has to work to keep her complexion clear. If not she has a tendency to break out in acne around her forehead and chin.

Standing at about 5’5”, she’s a rather petite individual. Her metabolism is very active, making it hard for her to keep weight on and thus she is rather skinny, almost unhealthily so.

Clothing Style
Service prefers lighter clothes, ones easier to move around in. Likewise, she seems to prefer to either wear boot or no footwear at all, depending on the circumstances and environment she’s currently within. She seems to also have a preference for darker colors.

She has tattoos beneath both eyes, in the shape of small stars almost more akin to simple dots unless one looks closely enough. Her right earlobe has three piercings while the left hosts only two.


Usually fairly upbeat, Service is someone who can come across as rather crude and rough around the edges. This is especially so due to the fact that she can be rather impatient and tends to speak before she thinks and can be rather lippy and sarcastic. Despite these facts Service has a tough time with sharing her insecurities and intimate feelings with others, perhaps making it difficult to tell just how truly something bothers her or how deeply she cares for another. This leads her to grow frustrated at times.

Service is someone who tends to take charge, not letting others make choices for her now that she’s on her own and has grown. She has a rather soft heart however, despite her bluster and callous behavior more times than not. Service can be seen many times doing small favors for others or giving them what she can spare if they need it more than she does.

She has a tendency to bite at her lips. If her mallet is in her hands she can oft be seen twisting and twirling it this way and that, as if in anticipation for a good fight. While talking, Service is prone to crossing her arms or planting her hands on her hips if she’s not gesturing with her hands first.

Drawing and painting, stargazing, combat, traveling, fantasy novels, dragons

Loud sudden noises, being ignored or overlooked,

She can be incredibly stubborn and will strive to do whatever it is she’s put her mind to it, despite her own well-being or against the better advice of others. Because of this Service can end up biting off far more than she can chew and may even become sickly because of overworking herself. A surprisingly short temper for her petite stature has led her into hot water in more ways than one. However, this temper is usually diffused quickly enough, if she’s left alone or distracted from it sufficiently.


Iron Bull, Krem, Varric Tethras, Dorian



Love Interest
Iron Bull

||Background Information||


Born to a large family as one of the youngest, Service felt as if she had to struggle to make her talents and skills known amongst her siblings. Nonetheless, she looked up to her eldest brother, looking to be just like him in many ways. Because of this she took a large interest in combat and training despite her family’s overall disapproval of such matters for their youngest daughter.

It was from the very brother she looked up to so much that she received her favored ribbon, one she wears to this day despite the girlish nature to it. Why she was given the gift she can’t say for sure, only that her brother had given it to her and it is the only thing from her family she has left.

During the Blight that swept across Ferelden, Service’s family was caught up in the darkspawn’s attacks and only narrowly did she manage to escape with her father. The latter would not last long, forcing Service to pick up a weapon and defend herself on the road despite her young age at the time. It was during this time that she came to favor mallets, despite their large size and heftier weight.

She rallied to whatever cause would have her for a bit of coin, striving to stay alive. It was on the road in these tough times that Service honed her skill, however rashly she might wield it. Nonetheless, she made a name for herself even if her real name faded away from people’s minds to be replaced by the much stranger ‘Service’ she took upon herself.

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|Dragon Age: Inquisition OC| 'Service'
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