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Gently Entangled

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 PKMN OC Re-vamp :: Shia (W.I.P)

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PostSubject: PKMN OC Re-vamp :: Shia (W.I.P)   Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:52 pm

||Basic Data||

|| Name ||


|| Date of Birth ||

March 9th

|| Age ||


|| Region of Birth ||


|| Sexual Orientation ||


|| Ailment ||


|| Ability ||

Empathic Senses

|| Personal Data ||

|| Personality ||

Shia is a quiet young woman who is often seen on her own than with others. She is blind and as such, does not want to be within large crowds. However, another ability keeps her from interacting with many. Shia is an empath. She has difficulty being around other people and even pokemon due to this fact. Their emotions are so overwhelming that it can leave her incredibly drained physically and emotionally.

Due to this, Shia is often quite lonesome. She has dealt with far too much and often can't figure out her own feelings.

Despite this, she does try to remain friendly with those she wants to be close to.

|| Backstory ||

As a child, Shia has always had the heightened ability to sense people and pokemon's emotions. Most did not believe her, writing it off as the fantasies of a lonely child. There were some, however, who took notice of her particular bond with pokemon and wanted to use it to their advantage.

She was taken from her home as a teenager, scientists of a strange group wanting to exploit her abilities. During this time, Shia has undergone physical and mental experimentation, some simple and others cruel, such as placing her alone in a room full of agitated pokemon until she passed out from exhaustion.

Years passed and Shia had little hope of actually escaping this facility. She had tried in the past, leaving her to deal with punishment. Her spirit was broken, unable to find reason to keep moving on.

It was at this time she heard alarms. Someone had entered the facility who was not meant to be there. Only when they had stopped at her cell did she know who it was. Her brother had spoken out to her, aiding in her escape. However, as they traversed the labs, her brother was struck down.

In his last moments, he shoved two pokeballs and a strange bracelet into her hands and told her to run. One contained a Haxorus, which was his pride. The Haxorus aided in her escape while the other pokemon, a Pidgeot, let her ride on his back to places unknown.

It is at this point Shia landed in another part of the region, uncertain of where she was or if she could find home again. Shia isn't even sure if home would be a good place to go back to...She is wandering the region, trying to lay low and hoping that she will not be found.

|| Occupation ||

N/A - Currently on the run.

|| Relationship Status ||


|| Hobbies ||

Her hobbies have always been simple. Connecting with pokemon and the few people she cares about is where she finds the most enjoyment.

|| Nature ||

Shia's nature is often very quiet. She listens rather than speaks. Because of this, it is often difficult to get her to speak up on her own accord.

|| Strengths ||

Her empathic ability makes it extremely easy to know a persons emotions. She can use this to her advantage when she's able. Likewise, this makes it a tad easier to form bonds with pokemon as she can feel when they are agitated or relaxed.

|| Weaknesses ||

Apart from her blindness and the exhaustion from her abilities, Shia has a very difficult time differing what emotions are hers and what emotions she's taking from others. Because of this, she can be easily agitated and outwardly snap despite her might not wanting to.

With enough time, Shia can easily be broken. She can become apathetic and even pessimistic in views because of it.

|| Fears ||

Deafness. Shia has a deep fear of losing her hearing. She relies on it completely and to lose it would plunge her into a never ending darkness.

|| Relationships ||

|| Parents ||

Mother and father are alive as far as she's aware.

|| Siblings ||

Older brother is deceased trying to rescue her. Passes along his pokemon in the process.

|| Love Interest ||

Steven Stone

|| Friends ||


|| Rivals ||


|| Appearance ||

|| Team Information ||

|| Main Team ||

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PKMN OC Re-vamp :: Shia (W.I.P)
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