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Gently Entangled

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 Meringue "Meri" Parr(Fairy Tail oc)

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PostSubject: Meringue "Meri" Parr(Fairy Tail oc)   Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:02 am

Name: Meringue Parr

Nickname(s)/also known as: Meri(Usually just called this and rarely called by her full name)



Age:18 (X784)

Hair color:Purple


Appearance: like below but different outfit and doesn't have a tattoo there only her guild marking on her right arm.

Outfit: wears a white sleevless cut down the middle with lace down the cut sides and the front part exposes cleavage on the top. She wears white short shorts with frilly lace on the bottom.
Then black knee socks.White boots.


Affliration:Fairy Tail

Guild:Fairy Tail

Guild mark location:Right Arm

Guild Mark color:Pink


Previous Partner(s):


Magic: Sweet Magic(can manipulative and create sweets.)

Abilities:Strategy,Hand to Hand combat,Weapon fighting(because she can create sweets that can be used as weapons),enhanced agility


Crowlie Parr-Older Brother-left guild-previous guild member

Selena Parr-Mother

Revues Parr-deceased-previous fairy tail member 

Past:Meri became a member of Fairy tail around the time Elfman Mirajane,Elfman, and Lisanna entered the guild.  Her brother Crowlie was already a member before then. Her first friend was Lisanna and quickly made friends with Mirajane and Elf man. During her first years as a 
member of Fairy tail she was very childish,shy, and was very clumsy. The season she learned sweet magic was to make her older bother and Lisanna happy. As she thought they'd like sweets. But she never thought about getting stronger and even when she tried to use her magic to fight she messed up. Meri hated been a screw up but she thought it was okay because she could rely on others. 

Her brother Crowlie left the guild one day(as he thought that was the only way to make Merit stronger.) but no before telling her that she was weak and he couldn't call her a mage if she'd just play around. Also, that being a guild mage wasn't a game. After that she was sad and was determined to show she was truly a mage. After Lisanna surrposed  death she became Eren more determined to get stronger. After years she became a stronger Mage and doesn't rely on others.

Personality:Meri is passionate and brave. She is strong and won't back down from a challenge.  Very intelligent as she finds ways to use her sweets in various ways. If something doesn't work she'll come up with other ways to tackle the situation. Her hate of relying on someone can get her trouble. But she hates she be thought of weak. Because she doesn't want those she cares about to stop being her frien. Meri doesn't use her magic willy nilly and only if the situation calls for it. She doesn't goof around and serious often. So it is rare for her to joke.Meri is easy to tick off.She does get embrassed but she will try to hide it the best she can. Meri cares deeply for her friends and loved ones. She'll try her best to make them happy. When it comes to love she doesn't know much but would do whatever she could to make him happy.


Possible love interest(s):

Despite Meri using sweet magic she doesn't like eating sweets. Her favorites are spicy foods or bitter drinks.

Her favorite drink is coffee(black)

Her favorite food is hot spicy curry

Yanderes,Yangires,Murder oh my!
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Meringue "Meri" Parr(Fairy Tail oc)
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