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 [This Means War] Cersei Vance [OC]

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Snowball King
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PostSubject: [This Means War] Cersei Vance [OC]   Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:53 pm

Cersei Vance


Around 5’9” 1/2, with a small and thin build. She has a semi-chubby face, and a rather big nose. She also has sewer green eyes and brownish-blonde hair.

Small-time thief [leader], basically unemployed

Marital  Status

Cersei is fairly calm and sweet, though she can switch to a cold and cunning mindset in the blink of an eye. She is able to manipulate anyone she comes in contact with. Surprisingly, she has friends, though they are mostly small-time street thugs who give her what money they get from pawning off stolen items. When things go very sour, Cersei can adopt a very cynical attitude. However, she is very loyal to her close friends, and anyone she chooses to like romantically.

Not much is known about Cersei’s past, although she came from a loving family. She currently resides in Los Angeles, living in a crappy apartment. She gets around mostly on foot. Cersei has a knack for pick-pocketing, thievery, and can swipe just about anything she wants. Growing up, she was fascinated with horses, and still is to this day.

Horses, dogs, expensive things, winning, loud music

Authority, traitors, cheap jobs

Love  Interest
Karl Heinrich (though it’s rather unexpected)

Cersei sometimes fumbles over her words, and has a bit of social anxiety. She also believes guns are sometimes too much for a small mugging, and tries to avoid using them.

Mainly uses pocket knives to mug innocent people


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[This Means War] Cersei Vance [OC]
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