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 {TES} Kitima & Rizita

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PostSubject: {TES} Kitima & Rizita   Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:06 pm

Dragon Born


Kitima is rather short for a Nord, due to malnutrition at a young age, and stocky in build. Her face is covered in freckles and holds a ruddy color. Her right eye is dead after being clawed at by an opponent, she sports a scar as well. Her other eye is a deep brown and framed by a red tattoo. Her hair is a dark brown and cropped short to her head in a puff of fluff. She has thick lips and a slight hooked nose. 

Rizita is shorter than expected of a Bosmer, built much thicker as a result. The left side of her face sports a series of scar along the bridge of her nose, cheek and lips as well as small burns. Her skin is a warm brown, highlighting the silver war paint along her amber eyes and cheeks. Her hair is short and a faded red, parted behind an ear and over her scars. Her nose is pointed and lips plump.  

Ko’Monita the Wanderer, a khajiit caravan owner, raised Kitima and Rizita in Elsywer, due to their upbringing both have Khajiit names and an accent. As well as being trained in unarmed combat, stealth and speech craft. Each daughter of Ko’Monita took to different fighting styles, Kitima preferring two handed weapons and haphazardly fighting while Rizita duel wields one handed weapons and a bow, slinking into a fight. Both have a preference for light armor due to their size and pack quite a punch. 

Both girls are well educated in matters of current events, Magic and lore. Rizita has an obsession for ancient tomes and Kitima has a passion for alchemy. Neither cares much for the Nord’s war in Skyrim however both express interest in joining the Imperial Legion. 

Do to their upbringing they can be standoffish towards members of their own race, having grown up among the Khajiit and fellow wanderers on the caravans, and count themselves more kin to Khajiit then man or mer. Where one abandoned their kin, another race raised them as their own. This can lead to them being defensive and easily angered by racism from Nords towards the Khajiit. 

Kitima and Rizita came to Skyrim alongside their mothers trade caravan, which was sacked somewhere near the border. Ko’Monita was fatally injured and demanded her daughters leave before they join her. Rizita attempted to abscond with her mother while Kitima held off the bandits among her khajiit kin. An Imperial ambush broke up the scuffle; Kitima was unconscious on the scene and arrested while Rizita escaped with their mother. 

The sisters would later find one another in Whiterun, Rizita arranging their mothers funeral and Kitima with news of dragons from Helgen.

{A/N: Just a revamped bio for my Skyrim oc's}

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{TES} Kitima & Rizita
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