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PostSubject: AVENGERS OC   Thu Jul 14, 2016 2:35 pm

Character’s Full Name: Cameron Mathayus Tyner

Reason or Meaning of name: Because I based this OC off of me.

Character’s Nickname(s): Cam – most everyone calls him this. Thayus – His cousin Mae gave him this nickname. Scorpion King/Scorpion – Used by SHIELD.

Codename: Scorpion King, Scorpion

Reason for nickname/codename and given to by: He’s known to be like a Scorpion, predatory and venomous. Given to him by the Director of SHIELD.

Birth date & Place: January 6, 1996 Childress, TX

Weapon(s) of choice: Marine Corps Martial Arts [MCMAP] he is at the lowest belt with a tan belt unlike his cousin who is two belts higher than him (This includes hand to hand combat, knife fighting, training and fighting with an empty M-14 &/or M-16 with a bayonet on the end), loaded M-14/M-16 and 9mm. Prefers to use throwing knives of any kind dipped in a special poison that he created using Scorpions. He can use many other rifles and sharp weapons thanks to the help and training received not only with SHIELD but his older cousin. After arriving in the Avengers dimension with his older cousin they are found, recruited and trained by SHIELD.

Abilities/Power(s): Unlike his cousin he doesn’t really have any special powers but has the uncanny abilities of stealth that makes him second or perhaps fourth best in stealth compared to Hawkeye and Black Widow his cousin too is better at stealth than him. And great speed not like the Flash speed but a bit faster than the normal human not including Captain America who can still out run Cameron.


Age: 19

How old does he appear: Actually looks to be in his early twenties often mistook to be 21 which helps him on missions.

Weight: 143 pounds

Height: 5 foot 8 inches

Body Build/Shape: Muscular but not like a body builder. Pear body shape and small body frame size. 25 pounds of body fat and 118 pounds of lean mass.

Shape of face: Rectangle (if you can’t picture this go to google and type ‘actors with a rectangle shaped face male’)

Eye color and shape: Dark brown almost black (for a reference to color and shape of eyes think/look at Johnny Depp)

Glasses or contacts: N/A

Skin tone and complexion: Amara Skin Tone #4 (look at Chimera’s Skins: Skin Tone Chart on for this reference)

Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo on left shoulder, scar inside on right thigh thin and about two inches long.

Predominate features: Eye’s and broad shoulders.

Hair Color and length: Dark brown, short military cut

Physical disabilities: N/A

Usual fashion of dress: will add

Combat Outfit: will add

Outfit he arrives wearing: will add


Good traits: Loyal and Protective

Bad traits: Overprotective, loud and obnoxious at times.

Mood most in: Around others he seems serious and/or angry. With his cousin, alone and/or those he feels comfortable with fun loving and your usual teenage male.

Sense of humor: Depends on who he is around the only type he doesn’t seem to possess is witty at least not usually.

Most at ease when: When he is knows those he cares for are safe and sound.

Most ill at ease when: Those he cares for are hurt/unsafe, when in a difficult/unsafe situation.

Enraged when: Lied too, betrayed or when those he cares for are hurt/unsafe.

Depressed or sad when: Thinking of home or talking to his cousin about home.

Soft spot: His cousin, women, and children.

Are these soft spots obvious to others: Yes

Biggest regret: Pissing his mom off all the time

Minor regret: Not knowing who his dad is.

Biggest accomplishment: Graduating high school a year early.

Past failures he would be embarrassed to have people know about and why: That he nearly failed English and would have if it wasn’t for his elder cousin helping him out and he would be embarrassed if anyone but her found out because he was a straight A student.


Drives and motivations: Family, Friends and after arriving in the Avengers world his cousin and friends.


Hometown: Shamrock, TX

Type of Childhood: He was a trouble maker very much like the Weasley twins from Harry Potter except he is an only child.

Pets: N/A

First Memory: Crying in his Aunt’s arms after his grandma died.

Most important childhood memory and why: Playing with his cousin Mae because she was the only cousin he had not only close to his age but liked him and didn’t judge him.

Childhood hero: To be honest his Aunt Melody.

Dream Job: Artist

Highest form of education: High School GED

Religion: Christian (His religious beliefs were influence mainly by his Aunt and Uncle who treated him like their own child for his mother claimed no religion)


Current location: United States of America

Currently living with: No One but he is supervised by his cousin and Agent Phil Coulson

Pets: None

Religion: Christian

Occupation: Student (before arriving in the Avengers world)


Mother: Margery Carol Tyner

Relationship with her: Not so great

Father: Unknown

Siblings: N/A

Aunt: Melody Cheryl Stafford

Relationship with her: Great

Uncle: Joel Eugene Stafford Jr.

Relationship with him: Great

Cousins oldest to youngest: Joel Eugen Stafford the 3rd (Gene), Carrie Dell Stafford (Carrie), Sarah Elizabeth Pace (Sarahbeth), Margaret Cheryl Stafford (Mae)

Relationship with cousins: (Gene, Carrie, and Sarahbeth) Rocky to nonexistent, (Mae) Great


Color: Green

Least favorite color: Pink, Purple and Yellow.

Music: Rock, Metal etc.

Favorite Food: Pizza, Ramen Noodles and anything smothered in gravy

Lease Favorite Food: Most vegetables and many fruits.

Favorite Literature: Any Sci-Fi fantasy, Physics, Theoretical physics etc.

Form of entertainment: Any electronic gaming system, anything outdoors, eating with his friends or cousin Mae, movies at home and working out.

Mode of transportation: any

Most Prized Possession: Necklace given to him on his sixteenth birthday from his Aunt and Uncle.


Hobbies: Working out, anything to do with art, gaming, reading, working on his own scientific theories, hacking, Martial Arts Training and hanging out with his cousin.

Plays a musical instrument? Guitar and Trumpet

How he would spend a rainy day: Running around in the rain, gaming, reading a Sci-Fi fantasy novel, working on a piece of art or pranking Gene, Carrie, and Sarah.

Smokes: No

Drinks: No he is too young

Other drugs: N/A

What does he do too much of? Gaming

What does he do too little of? Being nice to his mom

Extremely skilled at: Knife throwing and any mathematical or scientific subject

Extremely unskilled at: English and being subtle

Nervous tics: Eye twitch, being louder than usual, and messing with the hem of his shirt straightening it out and such.


Optimist or pessimist? Bit of both usually a Pessimist

Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert

Daredevil or cautious? Depends who is around and the situation. If he wants to impress a girl he is a daredevil.

Logical or emotional? He is emotionally logical

Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat? In everything really he is disorderly and messy!

Prefers working or relaxing? Working

Confident or unsure of himself? Confident

Animal lover? Yes


How he feels about himself: He is extremely hard on himself and knows he isn’t perfect but he doesn’t let that get in his way of things.

One word he would use to describe himself: Fun

What he considers his best Personality trait? His loyalty

What he considers his worst personality trait? That he is overprotective of his Cousin

What he considers his best physical characteristic? His eyes

What he considers his worst physical characteristic?  His hair cause if it’s not in a military hair cut it gets in his ways due to the straightness of it.

How he thinks others perceive him: Angry

What would the character most like to change about himself: His hair

Opinion of other people in general: Of those he doesn’t know that some could be great friends and others great enemies.

Does he hide his true opinions and emotions from others: Most of the time yes except for his cousin Mae who he shares most everything with.

Person he most hates: He hates know one practically being raised by his aunt and uncle who taught him to hate no one.

Best Friend(s): Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, His cousin Mae, and Hawkeye/Clint Barton

Love interest(s): (Before arriving in the Avengers world) No one, (After arriving in the Avengers world) Darcy

Person he goes to for advice: Cousin Mae, and Bruce Banner

Person he feels responsible for or takes care of: Cousin Mae even though she is older and anyone he works with (the team/avengers)

Person he feels shy or awkward around: Darcy, Black Widow, really any female who isn’t family and he thinks is ‘hot’

Person he openly admires: No one openly

Most important person in his life before meeting ‘The Avengers’: His cousin

After Meeting the avengers: The team as a whole


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