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 [X-Men] Beastly [OC]

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PostSubject: [X-Men] Beastly [OC]   Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:39 am

I hope this OC makes a lick of sense and doesn't seem too overpowered. uwu

Elisabeth (sometimes spelled with a ‘Z’) McCarthy

Elisa/Eliza, Beth, Bethy (only close friends)



|Mutant Codename|



Elisabeth has enhanced stamina, speed, bodily regeneration, and can leap good distances and heights. However, her mutation causes her to grow out large, greyish-blue bat-like wings through her own arms that have three long fingers, tipped with sharp claws. Elisabeth is able to grip various objects or a person in them tightly. Her feet also change into claws that work as hands, making her able to land on objects and perch there like a bird. She had a habit of hanging upside down in her lab, often prompting a few of the mutants to make fun of her.

She also gains a greyish-blue tail similar to Nightcrawler’s, though the end connected to her is thicker, and lacks a point at the end. Her face remains human for the most part, though when angered her teeth become sharper.

Elisabeth does her best to control her mutation by willpower, though she fears if she is aggravated enough: she may fully change into something terrible. Elisabeth has researched her mutation, assuming its full form would have her standing about 7 feet tall, with a lupine-like face possessing powerful jaws containing rows of sharp teeth.

|Other Abilities|
Elisabeth proves to be incredibly smart and fairly good with numbers; she enjoys studying fellow mutants to see their secrets. She is good at hiding her mutation, making her appear as a normal human to most of the students at the school.

She has the ability to fly, but Elisabeth is actually scared of heights. Her mutation will sometimes cause her to block out her fears, making her nearly feral and a danger to those who try to calm her. She is slower running on two legs, and can actually move faster on four, using her tail as balance like a cat. As weird as it looks to one, if fully mutated she would most likely be standing on all fours. Elisabeth also cares too deeply about her friends, often letting it get in the way of making important decisions.

Elisabeth stands at about 5’9” ½, and keeps her brownish-blonde hair cut to the middle of her neck. Her face is slightly chubby, and she has a fairly big nose. She is rather thin, though her mutation makes her inhumanly strong.

|Distinguishing Features|
She seems to be able to changer her natural eye-color from a sewer-green to an icy-blue.

Elisabeth would rather fly than fight, though she is afraid of heights. Science and technology has been her place to hide from the world in, it keeps her calm and always thinking. When not fiddling around with someone or something of scientific interest, Elisabeth appears somewhat shy and reserved.

She does her best to stay calm, not wishing to use her mutation for good or evil. She wants to do good, though she knows humans would still be afraid or laugh at her. Over the years she has developed a distrust of law enforcement.

Elisabeth was destined to have a normal childhood, though her biological mother was found to be a mutant when she died.

Elisabeth was too young to know then, and her human father remarried a normal woman. She loved Elisabeth as her own, and even when Elisabeth started showing signs of being different at age 10. Her step-mother still loved her and was willing to protect her. But by 13, Elisabeth was bullied and picked on at school, for her own sake, both of her parents sent her away to live with her grandparents; who treated her mutation as something good.

Elisabeth helped around their family farm up until the time she was found by Charles Xavier and his friend Erick Lehnsherr when she turned 21. The two offered her a new place to stay that was safer for her and her ‘gift’, Elisabeth accepted their offer, and went on her way with them.

By 28-years old, Elisabeth was working at the X-Mansion as a resident professor. She is adamant on helping youngsters cope with their mutations, knowing how much they felt about them. Elisabeth is willing to help guide them through learning to use their powers to be able to control them fully.

Professor at X-Mansion/Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters


|Love Interest|
Magneto/Erick Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender version)


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[X-Men] Beastly [OC]
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