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Weekly Prompt
This week's prompt is:
Gently Entangled

Next prompt set up for 6/24.

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 |InFamous | Cora

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PostSubject: |InFamous | Cora   Sun May 11, 2014 1:35 am

||Basic Information||









Conduit Power



Hair Color and Style

Blond hair cut short though not in a pixie style. It's typically side swept. Her bangs lay out of the way of her face.


Round, dark brown eyes. Typically seen wearing a pair of glasses.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Fair skin that burns easily in the sunlight when she's exposed to it too long. Normally has a clear complexion unless she is overly stressed or does not take care to wash her face regularly.


Stands 5'6" and is about 152 pounds. She's a little curvy though it's hard to tell due to wearing mostly baggy clothing and jackets.

Clothing Style

She prefers wearing blues of all kinds, complimenting the color of her hair. Her clothing is normally baggy and lazy looking. Often mistaken for a boy at times, she is no longer bothered and wears what she's comfortable in.


No tattoos or piercings. She has a large scar on her elbow from a bicycling accident.


She is a quiet individual and rarely likes to act out unless it's needed. Having been a private person, she doesn't care for interacting with people she doesn't know. However, she has opened up due to working with the public.

Cora a worrier and panics very easily when things go wrong. Always siding on the path of least resistance, she will try to find the easiest way around a situation so not to cause too much fuss.

She's a little clinging when she's uncertain and follows people like a sheep. Only when she grows comfortable with the circumstances, area, and people she's with will she venture away from them.

While Cora admits to being an optimist, it's not difficult to get her down. When she does feel depressed, she typically likes to be left alone until her mood has passed. Being moody is something that she's simply grown used to and knows how to handle on her own.

When she relaxes, she is sarcastic. Often times, her sarcasm is very dry and it takes someone who understands that humor to understand it. She has offended some in the past who thought she was being serious.


She gnaws at her lips when constantly. There is little reason as to why she does it, it's sometime a habit that formed on it's own. She also toys with her hair when she's in deep thought.


Cora adores fantasy and anything that has to do with dragons. Fond of the mythical creatures since she was a child, she feels a strong connection when seeing any kind of them.

She enjoys listening to music and looking at art. However, she has a bit of a critical eye and hates abstract.

Cora also likes vintage things and records.


She hates yelling and arguing, making her uncomfortable very easily. When unable to dismiss herself, she grows tense and simply tries to ignore quarrels until they have passed.


She has a hard time not relying on others and because of that, some have grown annoyed. She's rarely independent unless she's not in the mood to be around others.

Cora can be bull headed at times and when she thinks she's right, she'll stick by her opinion unless it's absolutely proven otherwise. Due to this, she sometimes pushes herself far too much and too hard to prove her point both physically and mentally.

She can be a tad naive and gullible. It's not hard to fool her and because of this, Cora has grown a little less trustworthy of others.






Love Interest

Delsin Rowe

||Background Information||


Cora does not remember anything of her past, not even her name. She only knows that something had happened and that she has suddenly acquired the ability to 'control' smoke. While she can't recall what happen, little things she sees, she has felt connections to. She is currently attempting to uncover her past while dealing with the conduit power she has been given.

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|InFamous | Cora
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