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 Pokemon oc Tyrian

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PostSubject: Pokemon oc Tyrian   Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:34 am

Name: Tyrian

Age: 15

Personality: Tyrian is a very kind individual who cares deeply for her Pokemon, and the people she's gotten to know well. She was a very sickly child, and was extremely introverted until she received her first Pokemon. She's matured a lot through her journey, and is extremely glad to have such amazing friends, both Pokemon and human. She knows when a battle is lost, and will spare her Pokemon unneeded injuries and surrender when she realizes that she can't win. She also doesn't go picking fights with other trainers. She doesn't aim to be the champion, although she has collected seven badges from Kanto (only missing the one from Blue).

Looks: Tyrian wears a purple shirt with darker purple lines going along her shoulders and the seams on the sides. She also wears black shorts that go to her knees, and sometimes, if needed, a brown hat. She has a messenger-bag type backpack, and her poke-gear strapped on to a brown belt. She also wears blue shoes. Her hair is medium, a little shorter than half to her shoulder blades, and kept up in a pony tail. Her eyes are purple.

Past: Tyrian grew up in Lavender Town. Her mother was the daughter of Mr. Fuji, and her father hadn't been around for very long after she was born. He suddenly up and left, leaving the baby Tyrian completely in her mother's care. Growing up she didn't have many friends, and was often sick and forced to stay inside. What little friends she did have left on their own journeys around the age of ten or eleven. It was on her tenth birthday that she received her first Pokemon, a Cubone that had been under her grandfather's care for a long time. The two steadily grew stronger together, and by the time Tyrian was twelve, she set out on her own journey. She's since been to Joto, Hoen, and Sinoh. She plans on Traveling to Unova after she spends some time home with her mother. She has not obtained any Legendary Pokemon, although she has witnessed Suicune running across the Lake of Rage in Joto.

Love interest: Red

Hometown: Lavender Town


Cubone (Male; Level 63) Impish Nature
Moves: Bone Club, Retaliate, False Swipe, Bone Rush
(Her starter Pokemon. A few weeks before being given to Tyrian, the Cubone was under the care of Mr. Fuji, after being found injured close to the Pokemon Tower. He decided it would be beneficial to the two of them if they were to have each other. At first the two weren't very close, the Cubone was rather active and got in to trouble a lot, while Tyrian was kind of scared of the Cubone. But they wound up bonding after a while, a bond solidified with Tyrian got more sick than usual, and was bedridden for weeks. Cubone never left her side. This inspired Tyrian to try and get stronger, so she could take Cubone to see the world as payment for his kindness.)

Pigeot (Male; Level 61) Haughty Nature
Moves: Fly, Roost, Tail Wind, U-Turn
(The first Pokemon she caught. She caught him a few days in to her journey.)

Raichu (Female, Level 61) Brave Nature
Moves: Thunder, Wild Charge, Brick Break, Light Screen
(Got as a Pichu, from an egg. Her grandfather had given a Pikachu to the daycare couple, and it mated with a female Pikachu already there. But the owner didn't claim the egg. They gave it to Tyrian when she expressed interest in the egg)

Tyranitar (Male, Level 60) Modest Nature
Moves: Earthquake, Sand Storm, Hyper Beam, Stone Edge
(Caught near Mount Silver while she was heading to Joto, and decided to try and climb it. she was Thirteen and gave up shortly after capturing Larvitar. She later trained him and evolved him in to the Tyranitar she has now.)

Floatzel (Male, 60) Hasty Nature
Moves: Aqua Jet, Surf, Ice Beam, Agility
(Obtained in Trade with a friend she made in a Pokemon Center. She traded her Bellossom for it, this was about a year ago.)

Gardevoir (Female, 58) Bold Nature
Moves: Future Sight, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Psychic
(Caught in Hoen)

Pokemon Traded or back Home

Milotic (Male: 53) Mild Nature
Moves: Blizzard, Dive, Ice Beam, Aqua Ring
(Milotic was caught as a Feebas shortly after Tyrian discovered the Hoen Pokemon Contests. She trained Milotic and a few other pokemon to enter in contests, and won a few with Milotic. Milotic is now in the PC.)

Bellossom (Female, last known level 40) Rash Nature
Moves: Mega Drain, Sunny Day, Natural Gift, Solar Beam (Last known move-set)
(Traded after Tyrian got to known a trainer a bit older than herself who just entered Joto from Sinoh, after obtaining eight badges there. They talked for a while while their Pokemon rested up, and decided to trade Pokemon. And when they met again, see how strong the Pokemon became. It's been a year and she hasn't seen him since)

Lotad (Male, Level 10) Modest Nature
Moves: Astonish, Growl, Absorb, Nature Power
(After being caught at level Three, Tyrian trained him for a while, but decided to send him via storage to her mother in Lavender Town. He now lives there, and helps her mother around the house)

Maril (Female: 20) Rash nature
Moves: Water gun, defense curl, surf, tackle
(Currently with her grandfather. Tyrian caught her during her first safari zone trip, but never used her much for battle.)

Happy End

Everyone, all of us, comes together

And now there's a family of hundreds.
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Pokemon oc Tyrian
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