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 Resident Evil: Ali Reso

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Snowball King
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PostSubject: Resident Evil: Ali Reso   Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:46 pm

Name: Ali (said like “Allie”) Reso

Codename: n/a

Age: 29

Race/Nationality: Caucasian/American-Italian

Occupation: Bodyguard working under Ricardo Iriving

Love Interest: Chris Redfield

Preferred Weaponry: Jail Breaker (shotgun), H&K PSG-1 (sniper rifle), M92F (pistol), SIG 556 (machine gun)

Role: Protection

Appearance: Ali’s hair is a deep brown, with a few golden highlights. She wears her hair in a ponytail most of the time, and only lets it down on formal occasions. Her eyes are a deep blue with a bit of brown freckles in them. Her usual gear is a bit similar to Jack Krauser’s gear, but in grey and tan. Only Ali wears a tactical vest with it. The woman stands a bit taller than Irving, with a petite yet toned body type.

Personality: Ali is open to any suggestions, and sometimes she’s too agreeing, allowing people to step all over her if she is not careful. Ali can keep a level head when the going gets rough, and is able to come up with a working plan fairly quick when dealing with normal enemies. Although she hates the B.O.W.’s created by Tricell and Umbrella. She has also not had any experience with fighting larger creatures, and will often finding herself questioning the fact of how it would even be possible to win against it.

History: Not much is known about Ali’s past, but her family was going through rough times, and her parents were unable to work. It was up to her to bring in enough money to survive off of. Gaining some combat training in the process. Ali kept her head low, keeping away from any authority figures when she signed up for odd jobs.

About the time of the Uroboros-virus being tested on the population in Africa, Ali was approached by a man in a white suit. He claimed to pay her if she helped him carry out some odd jobs here and there. Before the woman knew it; she found herself working under a strange businessman known as Ricardo Irving. He also happened to be working for the infamous Albert Wesker.

Ali didn’t care what Tricell, Umbrella, or Uroboros was. As long as she was being paid, she’d follow orders. Still, the woman had a conscience, one last job for Irving before she quit being a guard for hire. Well, at least until Irving perished at the hands of the deadly virus. Ali’s not a villainous type, and has a big heart under her cold exterior.
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Resident Evil: Ali Reso
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