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 (Archer) Character Sheet: Lilith Wolff

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PostSubject: (Archer) Character Sheet: Lilith Wolff   Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:43 pm

((Author Note: I am unsure if anyone else is in the Archer fandom, but I decided to make a character anyways. ))

Name: Lilith Wolff
Age: 34
Alias/Nickname: Lily or Wolff
Birth Place: Undisclosed
Occupation: Scientist
Race/Nationality: Caucasian/ American-German
Hair Color: Lilith has natural blonde hair. It is a very light shade, almost platinum. Her hair style is very choppy, almost scene like. It is down to the middle of her back, and her bangs are usually swept over to the left side.
Eye Color: She has bright emerald green eyes.
Clothing Style: She dresses in business attire. She tends to stick to pastel colors, and dresses up even on her days off. Her typical outfit includes a button up shirt, a blazer, nice dress slacks or pencil skirts, and high heels. At work she wears protective goggles around her neck (when they are not in use) and also wears a lab coat. While in the lab, she is usually wearing gloves, which she frequently changes.
 Height, Weight, and Figure: Lilith is of average height, standing at about five feet five inches tall. She has a strict diet and exercise regime that keeps her in good shape, and keeps her at about one hundred seventy pounds. She has an attractive build, but her bust size isn’t over the top.
Skin Tone/Complexion: Her skin is a lighter shade, and is clear except for the freckles that dot over across her nose and cheeks. They are very light and seemingly unnoticeable unless you stare very closely.
Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings: Lilith has a matching tattoo on both of her frontal hip bones. They are bright red roses, and are usually unseen unless she is at the gym or swimming. They can sometimes be seen if she goes out for the night. (Such as clubbing). She has a few scars upon her hands from different experiments, and as for piercings, she has none.
Lilith has a very in your face disposition. She speaks her mind, and doesn’t really think through what she says before she says it. She is very blunt, and very honest. She doesn’t really accept the failures or disappointments of others like people normally would. She has a no nonsense type of personality, and is very apt towards leadership roles. Due to this, she has few friends, but the friends she does keep are able to take her blunt attitude and return some back.
She has a very sarcastic sense of humor, and she doesn’t take any kind of disrespect from anyone. Her rough personality was sprouted from her upbringing. From an early age her parents sent her to a very prestigious and competitive school. She had to learn to how to become very competitive and how to deal with other abrasive attitudes. She always feels like she has to prove herself, and sometimes this means giving other people the short end of the stick.
She does try to be open with people she has to work exclusively with, because she feels it will help the process move along quicker. She doesn’t do well with others that slack off at work, however, and will be very quick to tell them to get to their places. She follows procedures down to the T, and doesn’t fair well with drastic changes.
Likes: Lilith likes to go to parties in her free time, and she does enjoy dancing. She also likes to go to bars just to play pool or darts, and is fond of gambling. At work she enjoys making progress and feeling like she accomplished something with her time. She reads scientific textbooks for fun, and often starts projects. She becomes very discouraged if her projects do not come to fruition.
Dislikes: Lilith hates wasting her own time as well as the time of others. She also has a dislike of most sweets, but she has an unshakable love of butterscotch candies. She becomes very frustrated when her projects don’t go as planned, or if someone else messes with her work.
Talents: She can quickly create useful contraptions in a very tight pinch, and she works very well with different chemicals and ideas. She is also a pretty good shot, and she enjoys going to the firing range and least twice a week. She also very talented at saving money and investing in well thought out stocks.
Shortcomings: She tends to take criticism very personally, and this can sometimes affect her work. She also has a very workaholic personality trait which causes her to forgo important aspects of life, such as proper sleeping habits. She also has troubles working with others, since she has a very control freak nature.
Relationship Information
Friends: Lana Kane
Enemies: Anyone who messes with her work. She also tends to have not so favorable opinions from others about her.
Family: Father- Adrian Wolff/ Mother- Olivia Wolff
Love Interest: Doctor Krieger
Lilith didn’t have a very healthy childhood since her parents divorced and her father sent her to a type of boarding school. Her parents often used her as a bargaining chip during their divorce hearings in order to obtain more of the material goods at the end of hearings. She has a very distant relationship with her parents due to this, and their main form of communication is random cards for holidays and birthdays. The contact she does receive from her parents is often hurtful, since they hint that they feel she is a failure since she hasn’t found someone to marry and that she is “wasting” her biological clock by pursuing her scientific career.
The boarding school she grew up in was also a very harsh environment. The students would often find ways to stab each other in the back and try to get other students in trouble for better chances for the higher level classes. This built a trust issue in Lilith, and as a reaction she began to develop into a rather abrasive young woman. After graduation she spent her time earning degrees to show her parents that she is indeed worth something. Even with her high grades and achievements, they still gave her a hard time about finding a man to take care of her and for her to stop chasing such “fruitless” endeavors.
Her friendship with Lana had been an accident since they had met at a club in their early twenties. They had started off on the wrong hand with each other after Lilith made a comment that Lana had found rude. After a very heated discussion they ended up finding common ground. Although the two are close friends, they still have their intense arguments. After the research company that Lilith was working at closed down from lack of funding, Lana had discussed a possible employment opportunity with Mallory Archer.

After a bit of convincing, Lilith decided to go with Lana to the Isis headquarters to feel out this potential career offer. 
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(Archer) Character Sheet: Lilith Wolff
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