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 {Undertale OC} Vertigo

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PostSubject: {Undertale OC} Vertigo   Sat Oct 24, 2015 6:13 pm

-X- Basic Information -X-


One of those Snowdin Sisters, The Kooky One

Monster (Quad-clopes)



Junk/First Aide Merchant 

-X- Appearance Information –X-

Hair Color and Style
Vertigo has pale coral hair that seems to float around her head like a cloud and choppy bangs.

Her topmost eyes are very wide giving her a deer in the headlights look while the bottom eyes are narrow and calculating. Both pupils are slits and are usually a dark brown in color. When using magic the topmost eyes are completely pink and the bottom pupils are in the shape of an X. 

Skin Tone and Complexion
Vertigo has naturally pale orange skin and curious scarring along her jaw. Upon closer inspection, she appears to be covered in a very fine layer of fuzz, much like a peach. 

Height, Weight, and Figure
Vertigo stands at five foot four and weighs around 140, her legs are long and take up most of her body. She has a small torso, wide hips and long arms. As stated above she has four eyes, sharp teeth and pointed ears that droop past her hair. 
Clothing Style
Vertigo wears a carolina blue button up that ends a little before her knees. She rolls the sleeves up despite the temperature of Snowdin. Under she wears pattered leggings and pink knee high socks over them followed by beat up black boots. 
When at home she wears a red striped long sleeved shirt, shorts and burgundy thigh high socks. 

Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings
Vertigo has three piercings in her right ear and one in her left. She has scars along her jawline. 

-X- Personality Information –X-

Vertigo is a generally eccentric and overzealous individual, but can be unnervingly cryptic at times. It is very easy to mistake her manic behavior as ditzy but she is in tune with what goes on much more than you may think.

She appears to bounce between giddy and chipper to depressed and demure at the flick of a wrist, depending which set of eyes are more aware will indicate which mood she will be in. Although, she does have states where she will not really be in any mood, both sets of eyes fighting with the other for control, at this point she is obscure, bizarre and downright spooky. 

Not to mention a little dizzy, hence her name.
Besides her shifts in mood, Vertigo is a very caring individual that thinks very highly of those closest to her. She is always willing and able to lend a helping hand and acts as team mom on multiple occasions. 

Vertigo constantly carries a wide variety of colorful Band-Aids on her person at all times. She has a habit of coming off as overbearing and obnoxious rather than maternal and caring. She also tends to twirl her hair when she is anxious or on edge.

Pastel colors, Mettaton programs, telling stories and being prepared. Little baby children, they are just too cute, her sisters and niece and her friends! 

The unknown, dizzy spells and the nagging feeling like this has all happened before. Déjà vu and nostalgia seem to cause the dizzy spells to get worst. 

Vertigo sees herself as a kindred spirit, and is constantly looking to the past with both fondness and crippling sadness. She has no idea why and tries her hardest to be prepared for whatever might come her way. 

-X- Relationship Information –X-

Papyrus, Sans, Monster Kid, Undyne, Alphys, Velour, Vena, Pumpkin and Frisk.

Enemies? What enemies? 

Love Interest

-X- Biographical Information –X-

Vertigo was born and raised in Hotland, where her family ran a respectable Cabaret of Curiosities and milkshake bar. When she was nineteen, she moved to Snowdin with her youngest sister Velour while her eldest sister Vena took over the family business with her daughter Pumpkin. Once in Snowdin, Vertigo set up a bazaar filled with many wonders her sister was unable to sell in Hotland. 

Business was awful but the two sisters did have a few reoccurring customers, an overzealous skeleton by the name of Papyrus and his brother, Sans. While the business dwindled to a single stall junk shop, the friendship between the Snowdin sisters and the skeleton brothers grew into what it is today. Obnoxious and filled with bad puns. 

This Kooky Dame
Literally A Single Opossum In A People Suit

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{Undertale OC} Vertigo
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