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 Undertale OC | North

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PostSubject: Undertale OC | North   Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:21 am

Name: North

Nicknames: Hipster Doe, Small Doe

Gender: Female

Age: 24 in appearance

Species: Monster - Doe

Home: Snowdin

Love Interests: TBA



This baby faced monster is outwardly friendly, only wanting to make the best of bad situations. She gives all of herself it means to make another happy. That's all she wants, is to see others smile. Even if it meant giving up the clothes on her back.

In this motherly personality, North can be a bit overbearing as well. She's a worrier and has trouble settling her mind. Because of this, North can come off as a tad annoying if someone does not want to talk about their problems. She wishes to help but does not have a filter in terms of when help is not needed.

North can be slightly humorous at times. Her humor is mostly very dry sarcasm and others sometimes have difficulty picking up on it. Due to this, she does hurt people she has no intention of hurting. North always feels very badly about this, as she would never want to hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally.

North is somewhat quiet and keeps mostly to herself. While she can speak openly to others, she often gets drained being around a group of monsters for an extended period of time, so she often spends her time alone until she wants or needs company.

Often denying her own inabilities and problems, North can be quite emotional. Ironically, she has difficulty speaking up about her own problems to others, finding herself self conscious about the entire concept of not being able to help herself. Due to this, when she's in a bad mood she can be very emotional. She migt snap at someone or burst into tears without warning. North has very little control over her emotions and often never really has much reason to put a cap on them as she believes if one was not meant to show such things, they wouldn't be able to in the first place.

The worst thing one could do to North is harm a child or harm someone she cares deeply for. In this, a person would see a rage that most would not expect from the quiet monster. It is one of her largest flaws and largest weaknesses, as she does not think clearly in those moments.


North grew up in Snowdin. Her life was normal, or as normally as a monster can. The over poplulation in the Underground is always a growing concern but North has always had little opinion on the subject. She lives as best she can in the snowy village. That's all she wishes to do.

She picked up a simple job working within the local hotel cleaning rooms. It keeps her afloat and in her small home. It's nothing terribly exciting but she finds it relaxing.

North has no idea if or when the monsters will leave the Underground. She knows the king has made his promise and holds onto some hope but rarely voices it as she does not want to be disappointed in the end of it all. She moves on with her life expecting nothing in return.

When a human child did end up in Snowdin, North was uncertain of what to do. Taking up a request from Sans, she simply left the human be. It was a startling sight but one she didn't mind. It meant change in a mundane existence. If it means guiding the human, she will do what she can simply for change and a little advanture.

North currently has no knowledge of the multiverse. However, this can change depending on a plot and if a person wants to pass on such knowledge.


HP: 100

Attack: 4

Defense: 5

In terms of her power, North isn't very strong. She's a pacifist and would rather avoid fighting than causing it. However, if she were forced to fight, the magic she taps into it normally the cold and snowy landscape around her.

North uses ice projectiles to attack anyone who might try to harm her. They can come in random patterns and attacks. She can also use this ice to create spikes that shoot up from the ground. Doing causes a frantic need to dodge carefully.

Her weakness is obviously heat. She does not care for it and does her best to avoid overly warm places. If someone could use this weakness against her, it would be very easy to take her out. However, North is more likely to flee from battle herself than anything else.

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Undertale OC | North
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